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The Ethics Toolkit Helping to Make Ethical Decisions.

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1 The Ethics Toolkit Helping to Make Ethical Decisions

2 The Central Question How can we encourage ethical thinking in our community and equip our students with the skills to make difficult decisions?

3 Project Overview Australian Government Quality Teaching Program Grant from the Association of Independent Schools The Pymble Team -- Science, Maths, English, History, PDHPE and Pastoral A work in progress and we would like your help

4 Today’s Think In Today we will: - Look a the model as a whole group - Work in small groups to apply the model to a few ethical dilemmas - Work in small groups to write new ethical dilemmas - Share your ethical dilemmas with the group - Consider how we can improve this model

5 The Ethical Dilemma An undefeated Girls School Senior 1st Basketball side has just won their semi-final match to put them through to the final. This is the first time that a team from the school has made the final. When the girls go into the change room following the match, one of the girls takes a bottle of champagne and plastic glasses from her bag and says to the team: “Let’s celebrate”. She insists that every team member have a glass. As the girls are raising their glasses to toast their win a teacher walks in. The teacher says “What are you girls doing, you could be expelled for this?” The teacher reports this incident to the Principal. What should the Principal do?

6 What is? Defining the problem: What is the question? What do you think you might do? Does the problem it fit into one or more of these categories?

7 What is? The categories: Justice vs Compassion Laws and rules versus showing mercy and empathy Short term vs Long term Immediate outcomes versus future outcomes Individual vs community One person’s needs versus the needs of a larger group Truth vs Loyalty Being honest versus maintaining an existing relationship

8 What Else? What do I know? What do I need to consider? Are there laws that are involved? Who is affected? What might others think of this issue? Where can I get trustworthy information? What might influence my decision? Do I know enough to make a decision?

9 What If? Brainstorm all the possible actions you could take Choose 3 different actions to consider further.

10 What if? Consequences Do what's best for the greatest number of people Does it cause the most good and the least harm for the most number of people? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? What are the consequences? Who would be hurt? Who would be helped? What might I have to give up? What might be compromised? Can I be sure about the consequences?

11 What if? Rule Follow the highest sense of principle If everyone in the world followed the same rule would that be ok? What are your principles that come into play? What are the rules? Am I/Is someone breaking the law? Would I be happy with my principles being universal? Are the circumstances extreme enough to warrant an exception? Is there a way that I can deal with the situation without breaking the rule/law?

12 What if? Care Do what you would want others to do to you What if I was in the shoes of the others in the situation? If I was in this situation, would I want the other person to be compassionate? Will the other people involved be happy? Would I be happy if I was in their shoes?

13 What Now? For each of the 3 actions give a tick or cross based on what you have considered. Possible action ConsequencesRulesCare

14 What Now? Is there one possible action that is clearly the best option? Is there actually a solution or are there just options? Do I need to consider more possible actions? Which are you most comfortable with? Can I justify this option? What’s your choice?

15 Why? Would I be comfortable if this was made public? For example if somehow it ended up on facebook? Why did I choose the action I have? Why have I not chosen the other 2 actions? Can I live with and defend this decision?

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