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Preparing for the Final Project Planning, Composing, and Refining Spring 2009.

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1 Preparing for the Final Project Planning, Composing, and Refining Spring 2009

2 Purpose The final project should be: An opportunity for members of the class to demonstrate their ability to integrate course content into an actual plan-of- action OR a chance to explore issues in greater depth (term paper). In other words…practical, applicable, timely, well grounded in theory, and formative.

3 Identifying a Topic What is relevant to you and your goals? What is a EDAD 526 topic that interests you? What is practical? Which format best fits my topic? Is the topic too narrow or too broad for this assignment? What do you already know about the topic? What do others know? (literature review)‏ What do I expect to learn?

4 Plan-of-Action or Term Paper? How will this impact current practices? (knowledge or planned activity)‏ Who are the players or constituents? What is the historical context OR what is the timeline for the plan? How does this relate to our class? (very important!)‏ How does this relate to my school and how might I initiate change or share this info?

5 Quality How will I assess whether my plan has an impact? OR How much research is necessary for my term paper so that I may (and the reader may) draw firm conclusions? The instructor assumes that the plan or information in the term paper will be used later. Have you provided a coherent overview that may easily be translated to action?

6 Intervention/Literature Review Both final project formats (plan-of-action and term paper) must contain a review of the literature. The literature review should... contain information/references from course readings, discussions, and OUTSIDE SOURCES.

7 Documentation Because this assignment should be are expected to include resources that will either assist with implementing your plan...or help you lift and apply content from your term paper to a real- life setting. Therefore... Include a section or appendix that contains graphs, data, announcements, invitations, other...anything that you can do now that may help you later...even if what you produce is a draft.

8 Conclusions How would these actions (or new information) make life better? What would I try/investigate next? What did you find? How will changes in myself, my students, and my situation, resulting from this action or research, foster equality and community? What might I try out after the first phase of my study? Or if I were to pursue additional information on this topic…which direction would I move next?


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