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The Beauty of Polymer Clay

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1 The Beauty of Polymer Clay
Xperimania II Meriliis Kuuslap (form 10) Margred Kõima (form 10) Indrek Virro (form 11) Tartu Karlova Gymnasium Estonia 2009

2 The Idea of the Project The idea was formed after we had made some ornaments, having used polymer clay (“Fimo”). What do we know about the properties and composition of “Fimo”? How is it possible to apply that material? These were the respective questions.

3 What is “Fimo”? “Fimo” is a name for a brand of polymer clay made by Eberhard Faber. According to information by Eberhard Faber, “Fimo” contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. It can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, the most widely-used phthalates.

4 Testing Polymer Clay’s Properties I Demo-experiment: pyrolysis of PVC-based polymer clay (“Fimo“)
To see what happens when “Fimo” is overheated, it is necessary to do an experiment. When pyrolysing polymer clay “Fimo”, among the products might be unsaturated hydrocarbons and hydrochloric acid.

5 Materials Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) Potassium permanganate (KMnO4)
Universalindicator Polymer clay “Fimo”

6 Laboratory Equipment Burner Pipette Stand Test tubes Corks Rubber hose

7 Testing unsaturated hydrocarbons
On the left photo pink KMnO4 solution. On the right photo decoloured KMnO4 solution. KMnO4 oxidizes alkenes, the reaction decolourises the solution.

8 Solid Products of Pyrolysis

9 Testing hydrochloric acid
Universal indicator has changed its colour The product is very acidic: pH 1,0

10 The Conclusion By pyrolysing polymer clay we identified the products: unsaturated hydrocarbons, char and hydrochloric acid. If “Fimo” is overheated there may appear irritating or toxic products

11 Testing Polymer Clay’s Properties II: Hands-on Acitvity
When we were making the ornaments we acknowledged several properties of “Fimo” We chose cornflower for Xperimania experiment because it is the national flower of Estonia

12 Polymer Clay Cornflower
In the warmth of human hand, the polymer clay changes into soft and plastic material.

13 “Fimo” is Easily-modelled

14 Designing cornflower…

15 “Fimo” is absolutely cuttable.

16 Baking in an oven, at 110° C for ~20 min., “Fimo” hardens.

17 So the ornaments with cornflower were formed

18 The Beauty of Polymer Clay

19 Interaction of polymer clay with different surfaces
Timber Ceramic Glass Metal

20 In the course of the project “Fimo” obtained a new meaning for us:
F – find & I - investigate M - materials’ O - originality

21 Thank you for your attention. 

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