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MSU/Bush Partnership Professional Conversation #1 WELCOME !!

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1 MSU/Bush Partnership Professional Conversation #1 WELCOME !!

2 Facilitators Today  Lori Bird  Carrie Chapman  Daria Dona  Kitty Foord  Jim Grabowska  Jeff Pribyl  Walter Roberts  Jerry Robicheau  Marsha Traynor  Teri Wallace  Carol Werhan  Ginger Zierdt

3 Table Introductions Please take time to share your name and role in the development of effective teachers, leaders, and support personnel in the P-16 system.

4 AGENDA AM - Agenda 1.Surveys, Information from Dean Miller, and Conversation #1 2.Information on the Initiative and Conversation #2 3.Assessing Capacity and Commitment – Conversation #3 4.Lunch PM - Agenda 5.Survey and Introduction to Co- Teaching 6.Panel discussion by Co-Teachers From Area Schools 7.Starting the Co- Teaching Conversation 8.Reflections and Wrap- Up

5 Shaping our Future Through Conversations that Matter

6 Overview of World Café Conversations  The World Café Conversations refers to both a vision and a method of dialogue. The World Café  It evolved out of conversations and experimentation one day at the home of consultants/authors Juanita Brown and David Isaacs.

7 Purpose of the Conversations  To learn by being engaged in dialogues with your colleagues,  To ask questions that you have wanted to ask,  To gain an understanding of each other’s perceptions and perspectives,  To begin to understand how you personally and how your department fit into the initiative.

8 Research  You are invited to participate in research.  Assist design team and all of us in understanding how the innovation intersects with attitudes, beliefs, and practices related to our work.  Voluntary participation in surveys with your consent.  Anonymity protected through tracking numbers.  Complete 3 surveys now, one this afternoon, and periodically during our professional development opportunities during the next year.  Documents during professional development activities are important feedback and anonymous.

9 Table Tent Discussion Questions  What is the big picture and what are the elements involved in the overall initiative?  What are the possible opportunities that this innovation might provide for K-12 students and teachers, MSU students and faculty, others?  How might this impact student learning?  In what ways might this fit with our ideas about effective learning and effective teachers?

10 What Do We Know and Want to Know? Using the KWL chart in your folder, privately record what you know already and what you would like to know about the initiative in relation to the discussion questions. KWL

11 Message from Dean Miller During the message, you are invited to record information on your KWL that you learned as well as additional areas/questions that arise for you during the message. Following the message you will engage in a discussion using the table tent questions and your KWL chart ideas.

12 Conversation #1  Using the table tent questions and your KWL charts, discuss each question to develop your awareness and share information/questions.  Record your group’s ideas on the large sheet of paper on your table marked with K/W/L. Indicate what you already knew as a group, what you want to know more about, and what you already learned as it relates to the discussion questions. You will be posting your groups ideas for others to see in 15 minutes.

13 Quick Share/Stretch  Find someone with a dot on their name tag that is another color from your dot in the upper left corner.  In 5 minutes tell each other 1-2 things you just learned or that you hope to yet learn.  Return to your table.

14 Digging Deeper  Using documents that have been crafted during the development of the partnership proposal, we invite you to explore your understanding related to the discussion questions.  Each document will be briefly explained.  Please use your personal KWL to record ideas or questions during the presentation.

15 Conversation #2  Your group will continue your discussion of the table tent discussion questions for 30 minutes and record new understandings and areas for further information on your large KWL chart.  This chart should be posted on the walls by the end of the 30 minutes.

16 Walk About & Break Please take a break, help yourself to additional refreshments, and view several KWL charts posted in the room for similarities and differences to the ideas raised in your group’s discussion during the next 10 minutes.

17 After the Break Following the break, please move to the table with the table tent color that matches the color of the dot on the right side of your name tag by your last name to share perspectives with additional colleagues.

18 Table Tent Discussion Questions  What might be the assets, challenges, opportunities, or barriers that are connected with this initiative?  How does this initiative support the work of the COE, content area departments, COE departments, our school partnerships?  What parts of the initiative square with my thinking? What parts of the initiative interest or intrigue me? What might I contribute?  What roles or responsibilities might be connected to my involvement in the initiative?

19 Conversation #3  Please introduce yourself to your new group.  During this conversation you will explore the existing and future assets, challenges, opportunities, and barriers that we may experience in our work on this initiative.  To assure that many ideas are generated in each category, please assign a facilitator, time-keeper, and recorder for your group.  During the next 20 minutes, spend about 5 minutes on each quadrant recording your ideas.

20 Assets

21 Challenges Barriers

22 Opportunities Challenges

23 Barriers Opportunities

24 How Does This Initiative Support Our Work?

25 Post and Share  Post four square and web information on walls.  Walk about for 10 minutes to increase perspective and understanding of implications of the initiative.  Return to your table.

26 Personal Reflection Anonymously record reflections  What squares with my thinking?  What interests/intrigues me?  What might I contribute?  What questions come to mind as you envision your work in the initiative?  What additional learning might you desire to assist you in your work on the initiative?

27 Shared Reflections  Choose 1 or 2 reflections/questions/ide as to share at your table.  Place reflections face down in the center of your table for your facilitator to collect.

28 LUNCH!!!  12:00 to 12:30  Make your own croissant sandwich and other great food  Form two lines  Eat lunch with a friend or a new friend, your choice  Following lunch you may sit with whomever you choose

29 Welcome to Co-Teaching

30 Research on Co-Teaching  If you agreed to participate in the research associated with the initiative and gave consent this morning, please complete the survey in your folder on the right hand side.  Please record your code number from this AM on your survey and turn the survey into the facilitator collecting the survey

31 Introduction to Co-Teaching Q and A: Carrie Chapman and Jeff Pribyl

32 Break - 1:10 to 1:15

33 Panel Discussion  Welcome to our Panelists:  During the panel discussion record strengths, challenges, and specific applications that you note in panelists’ approaches to co-teaching.

34 Thank you Panelists! Break – 1:55 – 2:05

35 Starting the Co-Teaching Conversation  Find a partner whom you do not know well  Using the form provided, take 30 minutes to explore each other’s thoughts about the topic you might teach and how these might influence your collective plan. TopicMy Thoughts Partner’s Thoughts Collective Plan

36 Transition to Department Affiliated Table Groups  EEC  KSP  SPED  EDLD  CSP  A & H Departments  STEM Departments

37 Personal Reflections Anonymously record reflections  What squares with my thinking?  What interests/intrigues me?  What might I contribute?  What questions come to mind as you envision your work in the initiative?  What additional learning might you desire to assist you in your work on the initiative?

38 Shared Reflections  As a department share your reflections on the day to compile a department document to take back for further discussion.  One person should record some of the department ideas to bring to upcoming discussions in the department.  Place individual, anonymous reflections face down on the table to be collected by facilitators.

39 Wrap Up, Thank You, See Next Time!!!

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