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20 Questions: U.S. Government Resources. Using this Software Microphone Raising your hand Green  / Red X Laughing / Clapping Stepping out Text chat Audio.

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1 20 Questions: U.S. Government Resources

2 Using this Software Microphone Raising your hand Green  / Red X Laughing / Clapping Stepping out Text chat Audio Full Screen Exiting

3 Resource List stions_US

4 Question One Question: “What is the gross domestic product of Hungary?” Resource: CIA The World Factbook -world-factbook/

5 Question Two Question: “How many libraries are there in Kansas?” Resource: The National Center for Education Statistics

6 Question Three Question: “I’m thinking of becoming a librarian. What are the long-term job prospects for me? how much money can I expect to make?” Resource: The Occupational Outlook Handbook

7 Question Four Question: “I’m very interested in weather patterns and satellite imagery. Where can I find more information and images?” NOAA-National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration

8 Question Five “I’m interested in the political contributions made by Hollywood celebrities. Can I find that information online?” Federal Election Commission, Disclosure Data Search osure_data_search.shtml

9 Question Six “I’m doing in depth research on the effects of radiation, particularly radiation generated by nuclear weapons, on humans. I have one reference to an article that has the following number--DOE/EH—0460—how do I get my hands on it? How do I find more information? U.S. Department of Energy, OPENNET Database

10 Question Seven Question: “My wife and I are thinking of starting a business in our community. We’d like to offer low-cost services to the senior population, but want to know if there are enough potential customers of retirement age to make our venture successful.” Resource: U.S. Census/American Factfinder County Business Patterns

11 Question Eight Question: “I’m an Arkansas native, and I heard that during World War II, there were Japanese internment camps in Arkansas. What information can I find on that?” Search general questions in or… Google U.S. Government Search

12 Question Nine Question: “I’d love to have a map of the area I live in with a whole lot of detail to it. Can I find one on the computer to print or will I have to order one and pay for it?” Resource: USGS

13 Question 10 Question: “I’ve been a migraine headache sufferer for 22 years. I’ve tried tons of doctors, and now they are suggesting I find a clinical trial. How do I find a clinical trial, and how do I know they need people to study?” Resource: National Institutes of Health, Clinical Trials Database—

14 Question 11 Question: “I sell paint at my hardware store, and I’m just curious, nation wide, is more or less paint being sold this year vs. last year?” Resource: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Industrial Reports

15 Question 12 Question: “I’m thinking of moving to Wyoming. I don’t know much about the economy there. Where can I go to see some general information?” Resource: The Bureau of Labor Statistics

16 Question 13 “I know the ‘Iraq Study Group Report’ was published. The copy you have is checked out. Is there any way I can still get it?” Google U.S. Government Search

17 Question 14 “I would love to be able to see a large collection of historical newspapers online. Are there any sources for this?” Library of Congress, “Chronicling America” National Digital Newspaper Program

18 Question 15 “I’m considering travel to Burkina Faso. While I’m there, I might decide to adopt a child. Oh, and what vaccinations do I need before I leave?” United States Department of State, Country Specific Information

19 Question 16 “I’m writing a paper on lyme disease for my BIO 101 class. Where can I just get some general information? I think I’d also like to see some pictures of it.” The Centers for Disease Control

20 Question 17 “I heard there was an ongoing controversy between shoe companies about a patent for ‘intelligent footwear systems.’ Where can I find more information about this invention, specifically drawing of what it might look like?” U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Database

21 Question 18 Question: “If I wanted to see documents related to Delta Airlines merging with Northwest, where might I find information?” Resource: The Securities and Exchange Commission, Edgar Database

22 Question 19 Question: “My primary area of research is the space program. For quite some time, I studied NASA’s response to the Challenger disaster. Some of the documents I accessed previously are no longer available on the web. Is there any chance of finding them?” Resource: University of North Texas, CyberCemetery

23 Question 20 Question: “I want to be able to track legislation that is going on in congress right now. I’m particularly interested in bills sponsored or co-sponsored by my senators/representatives.” Resource: Thomas, the Library of Congress

24 Bonus! Obscurities Rummaging in the Government Attic

25 Thank You for Attending! Questions? Professional Development 1.800.999.8558 Web: Email:

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