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Individual Professional Development Plan Fall School Improvement Conference December 2, 2009.

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1 Individual Professional Development Plan Fall School Improvement Conference December 2, 2009

2 Agenda Welcome Setting the Michigan Context Short Video Overview of IPDP Online Tool and Process IPDP and Phases Closing 5/3/2015 2

3 Setting the Michigan Context Section 1526: Mentor Individual Professional Development Plan 15 days of PD across first 3 years 5/3/2015 3

4 Setting the Michigan Context Michigan Standards for Ensuring Excellent Educators Vision and Standards for Professional Development Professional Learning Strategic Plan

5 IPDP Aligns with: School Improvement Plan Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers Content Expectations Registry of Educational Personnel

6 IPDP Focus Data-based Decisions Student Achievement Attention to Content AND Pedagogy Evidence of Improvement Reflective Improvement Implementation of Educational Technology (On-line Tool)

7 How Did We Get Here? Input of Stakeholder Groups Support of Great Lakes East Reactions of Focus Groups 5/3/2015 7

8 IPDP & PD Reflection Cycle 5/3/2015 8

9 Video 5/3/2015 9

10 IPDP Overview 5/3/2015 10

11 “Wizard” Approach 5/3/2015 11

12 User-Friendly 5/3/2015 12

13 Identifying Student Needs 5/3/2015 13

14 Identifying Student Needs 5/3/2015 14

15 Tips, Tools & Checklists 5/3/2015 15

16 Identifying Professional Needs 5/3/2015 16

17 5/3/2015 17 Identifying Professional Needs

18 5/3/2015 18 Identifying Student and Professional Needs In groups… Discuss what Mr. Kimball’s students might need and what data sources might be helpful. Brainstorm what Mr. Kimball’s professional needs might be. Name other content needs may connect to the GLCEs. Neighbor Nudge.

19 Developing Professional Goals 5/3/2015 19

20 Developing Professional Goals 5/3/2015 20

21 5/3/2015 21 Developing Professional Goals In groups… Discuss some potential goals and measurable objectives for Mr. Kimball that align with his student and professional learning needs. Relate content goals to specific GLCEs in your content area. Share with the group.

22 Planning Learning Activities 5/3/2015 22

23 Planning Learning Activities 5/3/2015 23

24 5/3/2015 24 IPDP and Phases ©Foundations in Mentoring. New Teacher Center @ University of California, Santa Cruz

25 Reflecting After Activities 5/3/2015 25

26 Reflecting After Activities 5/3/2015 26

27 Collecting Evidence of Student Change 5/3/2015 27

28 5/3/2015 28 Collecting Evidence In groups… Discuss how Mr. Kimball might collect data to assess his learning AND his students’ learning in relation to his professional development activities and goals. Share with the group.

29 Adjusting as Needed 5/3/2015 29

30 Completing Annual Reflection 5/3/2015 30

31 Completing Annual Reflection 5/3/2015 31 How well did I meet my goal(s) and measurable objective(s)? What evidence do I have? Which professional learning activities most helped me move toward my goal(s)? How? What changes did I make to the plan throughout the year and why? What went right? What went wrong? What would I do differently next time? Did my plan work as expected? Why or why not? What does my work on this plan contribute (or not) to my plan for next year? Based on this experience, what goal(s) might I consider for next year?

32 Where Are We Now? Regional Field Test Sites Online tool used by novice teachers and mentors Field Test through June Feedback via survey and interviews Improved based on feedback Roll out Fall 2010

33 Questions & Answers 5/3/2015 33

34 Contact Information Karen Hairston – Donna Hamilton – –517.241.4546 Bonnie Rockafellow – –517.373.7861 5/3/2015 34

35 Closing 5/3/2015 35

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