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Industrial Placements

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1 Industrial Placements

2 Industrial Placement Team Professor Jonathan Percy (IP Chairperson) Professor Rein Uljin (IP Co-ordinator) Dr. Mark Spicer (IP Co-ordinator) Dr. Ed Cussens (IP Co-ordinator) Mrs. Helen Paton (IP Secretary)

3 Industrial Placements What are Industrial Placements? Why have an Industrial Placement? Where? When? Who participates?

4 Industrial Placements /cont. Who arranges the Placements? What’s at stake? What type of work will be available? Unplaced students? Do YOU have any questions?

5 What is an Industrial Placement? Meaningful work experience in industry (enhance your ability to obtain employment, broaden your outlook on chemistry, improve your personal and inter-personal skills, discover how the courses we teach knit together in the real world.) WORK IN A U.K. COMPANY (>95 %) WORK IN A EUROPEAN COMPANY OR ABROAD (< 5 %) You will be an employee on a fixed-term contact You will be PAID A SALARY! WORK IN A EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY (Unpaid)

6 SECURING AN INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT IS ESSENTIAL FOR MSci STUDENTS – A COURSE REQUIREMENT. It is YOUR responsibility to secure a suitable placement. The IP team will also assist you where possible. (Nb! You must remember to apply for half fees whilst on placement).

7 Whilst on Placement… –YOU will be accountable/responsible to both the Company and the University whilst on Placement –YOU will be responsible for the quality of your work within the Company –YOU will have an Industrial Supervisor – the Boss –YOU will have an Academic Supervisor Extensive details of the above can be found in the Industrial Placement Handbook - READ IT THOROUGHLY AS IT ANSWERS MANY SIMPLE QUESTIONS!

8 What’s the Benefit for Me? Your future career A window on the real world of chemistry Professional development –Knowledge, technical skills, experience, etc. Personal development –Independence, team-working, time-management, etc. Money in your pocket! Enjoy It!

9 Where Might I Gain This Work Experience? Anywhere in the World! –U.K. (> 95 % of our opportunities exist here!) –Mainland Europe, North America, South America, Far-East Australia –Forensic Laboratories (3-4 placements a year!!)

10 Who Gets a Placement? Be under no illusions – this is a competitive process (within the University and beyond). Some companies insist on 1 st or 2-1 academic marks. The IP team will have some knowledge about you all i.e., attendance at lectures, professional approach during lectures (e.g., constantly late, always talking etc. etc.) lab marks). This detail will be used to write the all important REFERENCE!

11 Who Gets a Placement? (ctd.) Students who have 2 fails or more in their January diet of examinations in 3 rd year will not be considered further by the IP team. Students who fail to secure an IP will be offered the opportunity to attain the same number of credits by study (NOT AN IDEAL SITUATION AT ALL!!).

12 When do I go on Placement and For What Duration? Anytime between June and September, i.e., for a period of between 9 and 15 months (normally 12). One student has spent 22 months with one company and taken voluntary suspension in order to do so WE ARE VERY FLEXIBLE – JUST ASK

13 What Sort of Work Might I Do? Analytical Characterisation and Measurement Forensic Production, and Synthesis

14 Can You Give Me Examples of Placement Organisations? Any organisation using chemistry (see website). Multi-nationals –e.g., GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Huntsman, P&G, Organon, P&G, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants, Syngenta, Hoffman La-Roche, BayerCropScience, –Ineous Smaller, specialist companies –e.g., Cytec, DuPont Teijin Films, Almac Sciences, Systgenix, Exova

15 Can You Give Me Examples of Placement Organisations? (ctd.) Research establishments –e.g., DSTL, HOSDB. Foreign companies and Universities.

16 Who Directs and Supervises My Work? You will normally be trained by working alongside a scientist, who may also be your INDUSTRIAL SUPERVISOR. You will normally be part of a team You will have an ACADEMIC SUPERVISOR (who may or may not be your IP tutor). He/She will be responsible for the assessment of your placement – and is always on call to sort out any problems should they arise.

17 What Will I Have to Do? Be a fully supported employee, working alongside your colleagues. Respond to work requests from your industrial supervisor. (Writing reports, giving presentations, visits to contractors) CONFIDENTIALITY!

18 What Else Will I Have to Do? Distance Learning Programme Dr Willison will comment on this set of tasks later. For the University (see handbook) –Literature Review –Final Report –Talk, in your Final Year, to the new 3 rd Year

19 Other Common Questions? Where will I live? –Often in the private sector (the Company often helps to arrange this) How much will I be paid? –Depends upon the Company and the location –~£14k-£18k typical Any other benefits? –Canteens, recreation and social facilities, new friends, experiences and places to go, etc.

20 Who Arranges the Placements? May I find my own Placement? –Yes, you will be actively encouraged to do so! The Industrial Placement Team via contacts in industry and elsewhere –Dr. Lorraine Gibson, Dr. Richard Whewell, Dr. Ian Dunkin, Dr. Mark Spicer, Prof. Jonathan Percy & Mrs. Helen Paton Helen Paton is the Industrial Placement Secretary and is a key player - be especially nice to Helen!

21 Getting started? You should complete the Preference Form (see p 8 – 10) –Be flexible with your preferences By the last Friday in S2, please provide Helen with –1 hard copy versions of your C.V. (and electronically) –1 passport-sized photographs (with your name on the back) –A covering letter stating why you should gain a placement - electronically –Your completed Preference Form –Your summer address, telephone number and e-mail address

22 What do I put into my C.V.? Now is the time to reflect on the information gathered for your PDP portfolio in 1 st year. - what have you achieved since then (experiences/knowledge gained, coursework, transferable skills etc.) Career’s service – ATTENDANCE AT INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT LECTURES IS COMPULSORY

23 What Happens Next? Start looking for opportunities. We may send your C.V. and a reference to a Company. In addition, you may be asked to complete a standard application form, on-line application form and/or a psychometric test You will often find yourself in competition with other students (from Strathclyde as well as from elsewhere) Subject to a satisfactory application, you will then be interviewed by the company. This is conducted on-site or at the University.

24 What Happens Next? If you impress during your interview, you will be made an offer subject to –Satisfactory academic performance (written examinations and practical laboratories) –Satisfactory references –Security Clearance –Satisfactory medical (on occasion) –Drugs test (on occasion) THIS IS A 3 WAY AGREEMENT: STUDENT, UNIVERSITY, EMPLOYER

25 What About Travel and Interview Arrangements? Department monitors all correspondence Helen organises travel Expenses are generally paid for by the Company (University may pay initially) –Receipts are required to reclaim expenses Keep a close eye on the T.V. monitor in the foyer of the Thomas Graham and e-mail (CHECK DAILY TO AVOID MISSED OPP.) Once offered an interview, keep Helen and your IP Co- ordinator informed of the details

26 What Problems Might Arise? You may not be able to secure your 1 st choice of Placement You may find that you have to apply for more than one Placement –IP Co-ordinators work as a TEAM Placement may be subject to Company budgets and you may have to wait months for the Company to act All of the above are perfectly normal, so don’t worry! Typically, only 75% of Placements are filled by 1 st April

27 What Happens if I am not Placed? The process will be reviewed after your January diet of Exams. Students with a high number of resits (> 2) will be invited for an interview with one of the Industrial Placement Team. You will be informed that it is unlikely you the IP team will continue to seek placement opportunities for you. The second review will take place in Sept. Any student who has not successfully secured a placement will be invited to attain the credits by additional coursework.

28 What Happens if I Have Resits? Depends upon which exams If you have already been offered a Placement by this time, we will inform the Company. As all offers are subject to performance this may result in withdrawal of the offer by the Company Your chances of obtaining a Placement after the resits in August are virtually nil DON’T FAIL! - YOUR CAREER MAY DEPEND UPON SECURING AN INDUSTRIAL PLACEMENT

29 NOW… Submit your C.V., covering letter, photographs and preference form to Helen. Be aware of what is happening on your behalf w.r.t. placements Keep in close contact with all IP Co-ordinators Keep your family informed ENJOY YOUR PLACEMENT!


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