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1 Teori Gestalt Pertemuan 8 Matakuliah: U0062/Strategi Manajemen Persuasi Tahun: 2006.

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1 1 Teori Gestalt Pertemuan 8 Matakuliah: U0062/Strategi Manajemen Persuasi Tahun: 2006

2 2 Gestalt Theory Gestalt Theory is a theory of mind and brain that proposes that the operational principle of the brain is holistic, parallel, and analog, with self-organizing tendencies. This is in contrast to the "atomistic" principle of operation of the digital computer, where every computation is broken down into a sequence of simple steps, each of which is computed independently of the problem as a whole. *sumber:

3 3 Gestalt Theory The Gestalt effect refers to the form- forming capability of our senses, particularly with respect to the visual recognition of figures and whole forms instead of just a collection of simple lines and curves. The most basic rule of gestalt is the law of prägnanz. This law says that we try to experience things in as good a gestalt way as possible. In this sense, "good" can mean several things, such as regular, orderly, simplistic, symmetrical, etc. The other gestalt laws are:

4 4 Gestalt Theory Law of Closure - Our mind adds missing elements to complete a figure. Law of Similarity - Our mind groups similar elements to an entity. The similarity depends on form, color, size and brightness of the elements. Law of Similarity Law of Closure

5 5 Gestalt Theory Law of Proximity - Regional or chronological closeness of elements are grouped by our mind and seen as belonging together. Law of Symmetry - Symmetrical images are seen as belonging together regardless of their distance. Law of Proximity

6 6 Gestalt Theory Law of Continuity - The mind continues a pattern, even after it stops. Law of Common Fate - Elements with the same moving direction are seen as a unit. Figure-ground minds have an innate tendency to perceive one aspect of an event as the figure or foreground and the other as the ground or the background. Under the gestalt theory, these laws not only apply to images, but to thought processes, memories, and our understanding of time.

7 7 Gestalt Theory Examples of the Gestalt experience include the perception of an incomplete circle as a whole or a pattern of dots as a shape - the mind completes the missing pieces through extrapolation. Studies also indicate that simple elements/compositions where the meaning is directly perceived do not offer as much a challenge to the mind as complex ones and hence the latter are preferred over the former.

8 8 Gestalt Theory Hukum-hukum Gestalt : Hukum Kedekatan (law of proximity): hal-hal yang saling berdekatan dalam waktu atau tempat cenderung dianggap sebagai suatu totalitas. Hukum Ketertutupan (law of closure): hal-hal yang cenderung menutup akan membentuk kesan totalitas tersendiri. Hukum Kesamaan (law of equivalence): hal-hal yang mirip satu sama lain, cenderung kita persepsikan sebagai suatu kelompok atau suatu totalitas.

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