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3 ENVIROMENTAL STATEMENT As a two year old child my grandfather and I planted a little oak tree, One hundred years later I passed away and that very tree was not big enough to harvest one pallet! As a nation we are cutting down 300 to 500 year old trees to make pallets. 61 % of our nations hardwood or 840 million pallets are made each year.With a savings in export pallets we could take the wasted BTU’s from heat treating and heat all homes in the Midwest. We use post consumer waste and are 100% recyclable, with no waste. No landfill cost or environmental impact. Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-86002 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

4 We are a group with family values, that is concerned for the environment, and the sustainability of our planet. We bring to you a product is second to none in quality and performance. With a durability level that gives our pallet a life span longer then any other. This pallet gives a multi use option to any industry with export capabilities. Reduces users cost, with no heat treating or Methyl Bromide, to comply with ISPM15. We produce an incredible savings in LTL, with less weight per pallet space in a truckload. More product per truck equals less trucks on the road, saving fuel and increasing productivity. We at Amerigreen care about your company, our community, and this great nation. We want our national resources to be around for generations to come! Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-86003

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7 HISTORY OF CORRUGATED 950 BC Egyptians produce the first writing material 1690 First paper mill in America 1856 Corrugated material was patented in England for use in tall hats 1903 Corrugated was approved as a shipping material for shipping cereal Today AmeriGreen Worldwide produces a lightweight, 100% recyclable, and durable pallet that can compete with traditional wooden pallets and help lower the deforestation of our Nations Hardwood Forests. Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-86006 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-7285387

8 Product Easily customizable Size (any size and shape) Strength (1,500 lbs – 18,000) Design (Custom Logos to complete our package) Superior design to “traditional” corrugated pallets Specials Narrow (26”to36”) Oversized (60+) Half pallets Quarter pallets Display pallets Durable Our pallets are built to last made from the best workmanship and materials. Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-86007 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

9 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-86008

10 Product Continued 9 cores or rails for maximum strength Standard pallet tested over 18,000 lbs load OSHA-Compliant Meets all safety regulations Reduces injury claims ISPM-15 Compliant Meets all international shipping regulations No treatment costs to export Environment friendly Accessible Can be lifted by fork lift, pallet jack, or by hand 4-way, 2-way, any way you want Reduced product bruising/damage Freight efficiency Improved air circulation and shelf life Water Resistant Treatment Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-86009 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

11 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860010

12 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860011

13 Corrugated Construction Definition Corrugated fiberboard is a paper-based construction material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards Arch An arch is a curved structure capable of spanning a space while supporting significant weight The arches are the same curve installed in the corrugated material known as flutes When boards of corrugated material are stacked, columns form that can support a great deal of weight The space between the flutes act as a protective cushion for products Information gathered from Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860012 Flutes Columns AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

14 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860013

15 OSHA SAFETY Our Pallets Eliminate all Wood Bolts Nuts Nails Reduced weight from 70 lbs to 9.8 lbs Eliminates wooden pallet injuries to employees Significantly reduces damage to store fixtures and shipping instruments Floors Truck damage Product Easy to maneuver and handle Safer for everyone to use Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860014 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

16 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860015

17 ISPM - 15 Meets all international shipping standards Does not have to be treated with Methyl Bromide or Heat treatments Methyl Bromide known to contribute to destruction of ozone layer Heat treatment produces enough BTU’s per 600 pallets treated to heat a 2,500 square foot house for a month Does not provide habitat for wood boring insects and other parasites Accepted in countries that normally don’t accept wood pallets Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860016 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

18 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860017

19 Water Resistant We Offer a 100% recyclable water resistant application. That is applied on customers request All natural. FDA approved for direct food contact. *NOT A WAX COATING* Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860018 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

20 Recyclable Made from post consumer material. 100 % recyclable. No environmental harmful chemical treatments. Recyclable and disposable at Profit not loss. Every year, estimated 840 million wooden pallets are produced using 61% of all hardwood lumbered in America. 60% of all wooden pallets produced are made for one time use. 23.4 million BTU’s are saved annually by using a recyclable corrugated pallets rather than heat treated wooden pallets. Removes pallet space in our already crowded landfills. Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860019 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

21 The Pallet Market Wood Pallet market in U.S. $5 billion 840 Million pallet Manufactured a year. 4.6 Billion Pallets are in circulation in the United States, at any giving time. 94%+ wood based New Rebuilt Leased Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860020 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

22 Benefits Light Weight Employee safe Fuel/freight efficient Environment Made from 70% post consumer waste 100% recyclable Recyclable and disposable at Profit Product Friendly Absorbs shock and vibration No weight in double stack loads Flexible Solutions Easy to incorporate recyclable packaging materials Unlock significant packaging improvements Extends useful life of material handling systems Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860021 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

23 USES In-store displays Dry storage Professional or personal moving Export and domestic shipping Industrial manufacturing Grocery and trade displays Company shipping warehousing Lower logistics costs Safer Production (No Workman's Comp) Storage units Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860022 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

24 Standard pallet landfill costs chart (standard GMA) Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860023 Environment Landfill cost Recyclable Regulations New Federal Laws on disposal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act New Federal laws on International Shipping ISPM 15 Fuel costs Air Rail Ship Truck Safety Product Damage Merchandise Equipment damage Store fixture damage Floor and wall displays Transportation equipment damage Cost of unloading trailer WoodCorrugatedAdvantage Cost$10.00 Based on National Average $9.50 average- $.50 Recycled Gain0$1.20 Tipping Fee Based on National Average 2005 - $.92 per pallet0+ $.92 Unloading Fee- At landfill $1.43 per pallet 0+$1.43 Workers Comp.-$ 0.96 per pallet0+ $0.96 Trailer Damage- $0.430+$0.43 Store Fixture floors walls - $1.450+$1.45 Reship due to claims -$0.600+$0.60 Total-$15.79-$8.30+$8.69 per AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

25 Ground Transportation Ground Transportation (Dry)  83% lighter than a typical GMA wood pallet  90 % lighter than a leased wood pallet Example of savings: A 53 ft. high cube trailer can hold approximately 48,000 lbs of product and 30 wood pallets that weight 2,100 lbs or 70lbs a piece. The difference in weight between a 9.3 lbs corrugated pallet and a 70 lbs wood pallet in a truck load is 1,821 lbs. Which is a equivalent of a free shipment of product per every 27 truckloads. If the pallets are double stacked for a rack in a warehouse or store, the weight of wood pallets becomes 4,200 lbs with 60 pallets. Corrugated pallets, when double stacked, only reach 558 lbs of weight, the shipper gets a free truck load every 12 instead of 27. Plus you don’t have a ton of weight on your product. Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860024 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

26 Ground Transportation Continued Ground Transportation (refrigerated) Example of savings: A 53 foot refrigerated truck can hold approximately 43,000 lbs of product and carries roughly 28 wood pallets weighing an average of 70 lbs each. That adds up to 1,960 lbs of unprofitable weight per truck. Corrugated pallets weigh only a fraction of that weight at 9.8 lbs each. That adds up to 274.4 lbs. The difference between wood and corrugated pallets per truck is 1,700 lbs. That is a savings of one free truckload for the shipper per every 26 truckloads. Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860025 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

27 Less Than Truckload Load Shipments LTL (Less than Loads). The shipper is paying for a portion of a truck rather than the full truck itself. Most LTL shipments are charged per pound rather than bulk. Average costs for LTL shipments are $1.50per pound without contract and $0.90 to $1.10 per pound with a contracted LTL carrier. The difference in weight adds up to big savings for the shipper who is using AmeriGreen Worldwide’ remarkable pallets. Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860026 WoodCorrugated Saving Standard Rate @$1.50 per lb $105.00 per space $15.00-$90.00 Contract Rate @.90 per lb $63.00 per space $9.00-$54.00 *no affiliation AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

28 Export Based on the ever growing cost of Transportation, In- Country/Export, the need of a low cost, durable and Multi-purpose pallet, has been brought to light. Driven by environmental problems (ISPM 15) and jump in fuel cost, this New Export Pallet should meet all company export needs; structurally and most of all environmentally. Available in; Double Deck Applications Triple Deck Applications Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860027 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

29 Future of the Pallet Market Rapidly growing corrugated pallet market Environmental demands for an Earth friendly pallet An increasing number of suppliers The introduction of additional viable designs Custom designs for the consumer Easy changes to meet demands Custom logos and colors Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860028 AMERIGREENINDUSTRIES.COM 479-366-2910 888-728-5387

30 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860029

31 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860030

32 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860031

33 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860032

34 Copyright 2007-2011 Ph 417-389-860033

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