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Interactive Vocabulary By Mrs. Everette’s 4 th Grade Class.

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2 Interactive Vocabulary By Mrs. Everette’s 4 th Grade Class

3 Aficionado-is a fan or admirer who knows a great deal about something Synonyms Fan admirer revolutionary Jasmine is a movie aficionado who sees movies three days a week.

4 Mismatch To match badly or unsuitably. Dissemblance Disproportion Unevenness Imbalance A Red sox fan and a Yankees fan is a mismatch.

5 Antarctica-icy region in south pole Cold region Frozen land Very cold place Antarctica has many glaciers.

6 Bonanza-a source of money made of riches Synonyms top prize prize roll-over prize The collection of a rare stamp in the basement proved to be a Bonanza.

7 Boomerang-when something comes back to the person who started it. Synonyms ricochet return rebound The baseball star’s rudeness boomeranged, and soon fans began to dislike him.

8 Bouquet- a bunch of flowers often tied together. Synonyms bunch lot garland Mr. Kennan brought a bouquet of roses to her dinner hosts.

9 Braille-An alphabet for blind people made by using raised dots. Synonyms Raised dots writing alphabet My friend is blind and uses Braille to read.

10 Cuisine- style of cooking Synonyms gastronomy cookery cooking The chef loves to cook Italian cuisine.

11 Fahrenheit-the name of a temperature scale Synonyms temperature scale Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 212 degrees.

12 Jumbo-means very large. Synonym extra-large gigantic massive Summer enjoyed watching videos on the jumbo TV screen.

13 Maverick-is an independent-minded person; a rebel Synonym one of a kind odd one out rebel The senator is a maverick politician who follows his own beliefs.

14 Misbehave- to misbehave is to act or behave badly. Misbehave Act up Be bad Behave badly The principal will talk to students who misbehave during the assembly.

15 Pasteurization is a process of killing bacteria by heating a liquid Synonyms process Heating We use pasteurization to get rid of bacteria in milk.

16 Preteen-a preteen is a person between nine and twelve years old. Synonyms Preadolescent premature I am going to be a preteen tomorrow

17 Preview-showing something before the main theme. Syllables trailer clips The preview was very interesting.

18 Reluctant-not wanting to do something Synonyms unwilling hesitant averse The boy was reluctant to get on the big rollercoaster.

19 Saxophone- is a wind instrument played by mouth Synonym Instrument The saxophone was very shiny.

20 Tote- to carry something Synonyms Carry haul transport We had to tote boxes up stairs

21 Tycoon- a person who is very successful in business Synonyms- business person mogul industrialist The tycoon was going to a meeting.

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