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Book Talk: Franklin in the Dark Narrated by Kellie Wallen.

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2 Book Talk: Franklin in the Dark Narrated by Kellie Wallen

3 Book Information Franklin in the Dark -by Pauline Bourgeois, Illustrated by Brenda Clark Written in 1986 Is the first in a large series of books about Franklin the turtle. Bourgeois, Paulette, and Brenda Clark. Franklin in the Dark. Niagara Falls, NY: Kids Can Press Ltd., 1986. Print.

4 Franklin in the Dark-Overview Story of a young turtle boy who is afraid of the dark. Told in third person and is set mostly outside, near a pond. Representational art, double page spreads. Some personification, such as animals wearing clothing, interacting and behaving as humans.

5 Franklin in the Dark - Theme Main theme is fears Sends the message that everyone has fears, there is no shame to hold for having fears, but facing fears can be beneficial. The book is easily relatable to children and adults of all ages, especially children who are afraid of the dark. Fear of darkness is a common fear for young children. Reading about it might help them better deal with the fear. Fear of darkness makes Franklin more relatable to certain readers.

6 Franklin in the Dark - Storyline Franklin’s fear of darkness made him afraid to crawl into his small, dark shell; So he dragged his shell behind him everywhere he went. His mother tried to convince him that there was nothing to be fearful about the dark, but Franklin was convinced that frightening things lived inside the darkness of his shell.

7 Franklin in the Dark – Storyline Franklin went around asking his peers for help on getting over his fear. The book follows Franklin as he encounters other animals including a duck, lion, bird, and even a polar bear. While none of them can directly help Franklin overcome his fear, they each reveal their own unique fears. Franklin also learns that even his own mother has fears sometimes. This realization comforts Franklin and teaches him that it is okay to have fears in life-and that everyone has their own fears!

8 Franklin in the Dark - Storyline Still, Franklin’s fear of the dark remains. Will Franklin EVER be able to face his fear of darkness and climb into his shell, or will he be forced to drag his shell around behind him for his whole life?  Pick up a copy of “Franklin in the Dark” to find out!

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