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2009-2010 Booster Board Steve Chase & Tony Weir –President Jerry & Laurie Alosi –Vice President Mary Chase –Treasurer Secretary –Vacant.

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1 2009-2010 Booster Board Steve Chase & Tony Weir –President Jerry & Laurie Alosi –Vice President Mary Chase –Treasurer Secretary –Vacant

2 Enrollment Over 140 students –45 +/- at Maze –90 +/- at Rancho Advanced Band –6 th 7 th & 8 th grade students »Local Parades, Competition, School Performances, County Music Festival 6 th Grade Band –Incoming 6 th grade students »School Performances, County Music Festival

3 Band Programs 6 th Grade band Advanced band –Some 6 th grade students have been selected based on recommendation from Ms. Silveria Marching Band –Commitment to the team –Many extra hours Jazz Band –Additional commitment –Even more hours Percussion Squad –Additional commitment –And yes, Even MORE hours!!

4 Band Boosters Logistical support and fundraising –Volunteer organization 501(c)(3) non-profit organization –Funds used for: »Transportation »Instrument repair »Uniform purchase »Misc. program support Volunteer logistical support –In class and at all extra curricular events Major Purchases –Trailer, Chimes, etc Our goal is the success of the music program!

5 Email and the Web Site Join our email list to get the latest information –Sign up at the booster meeting Our web site has all the information, forms and pictures too! –Go to the web site for the latest information.

6 JOB OPENINGS! Uniform assistant(s) –Help coordinate uniform sizing for the band members –Help coordinate the cleaning rotation –Help keep track of who has what and who needs what!! Craft fair coordinator(s) –Plan and coordinate the annual Craft Fair and possibly a parking lot flea market

7 JOB OPENINGS! Fundraising coordinator(s) –Help coordinate the candy sale and holiday concert fundraisers. –Develop new ideas for fundraising –Help reduce student out-of-pocket costs as much as possible Photographer(s) –Take photos at the band functions for publication on the website

8 Uniform Requirements All band members (6 th, 7 th & 8 th grade) - Purchased –Black tuxedo pants ($30) –Black shoes ($25) –White tuxedo shirt ($20) –Blue bow tie & cummerbund ($15) You can exchange pieces if you’ve outgrown yours Some used pieces are available –Sizing starting soon through October 24 Available in time for Lights-On Pay when picked up Marching band members – Rented from the Band –Burgundy Marching Jacket ($15) –Black Cummerbund (Included) (in addition to above) Jazz Band - Purchased –Blue Dress shirt ($20) Percussion - Purchased –TBA

9 Uniform Requirements All Advanced band members –White band or guard logo sweatshirt ($26) Color Guard –Guard uniform and warm up –Do not need marching or concert uniform if you are in Guard Optional (for all band members) –White band or guard logo T-shirt ($13) Optional for Parents/Volunteers –Gray band volunteer logo T-Shirt ($13) –White band logo sweatshirt ($26) Logo clothing order deadline is WEDNESDAY Sept 30! Order form is available on the web site

10 Finances - Expenses Operating costs – What it takes to run the program –Transportation $14,400 –Uniforms $10,500 –Competitions (entry fees) $1,200 –Music purchase & Instrument repair $1,500 –Color Guard $5,000 –Other (food, awards, postage, supplies) $1,800

11 Finances - Income Fundraising – Where does all that money come from? –CD Sales $700 –Donations $500 - $750 –Student fees (transportation, uniforms & cleaning) Approximately $325 per new student and $235 per returning student –Candy Sales –Raffle –Craft Fair –??????? –School Improvement Plan (SIP) funds from the schools $? (not likely this year)

12 2009-2010 Program Funding General program expenses are covered by: –Holiday Music CD sales (approximately $700) –Craft Fair (Varies) –E-scrip Nob Hill, Safeway, Save Mart –SIP Funds (has been $5000-$7000, but unknown this year) –Donations Grants?

13 2009-2010 Program costs ItemCost Transportation to all 4 competition events $220.00* Complete uniform (assuming new student) $90.00 Marching uniform rental fee$15.00 Approximate Total Cost$325.00 *Families with two or more band members pay one transportation fee

14 TRANSPORTATION BREAKDOWN West ValleyQuality Assurance Pacific Monarch San Jose - 12/6/08$ 2698.00$ 3091.00$ 2800.00 Fairfield - 5/1/10$ 3418.00$ 3889.00$ 4000.00 Vallejo - 5/8/10$ 3418.00$ 3889.00$ 4000.00 Alameda - 5/15/10$ 3360.00$ 3889.00$ 4000.00 Tips$ 600.00 $75 per driver per trip Hotel Rooms$ 600.00 $200 each for Fairfield, Vallejo & Alameda Gas to pull trailer$ 240.00 $80 per trip x 3 trips TOTAL$ 14,324.00$ 16,198.00$ 16,240.00 TOTAL PER STUDENT $ 220.37$ 249.20$ 249.85 Assuming65 students

15 Fundraising Opportunities Individual student account balances are offset by : –Candle sale 50% profit –Candy sales 50% profit –Holiday Raffle 100% profit –Ideas???

16 We Need Your Help! During class –Classroom supervision and support –Administrative support –Uniform fitting (prior to competition) Saturday practice sessions –Traffic control –Marching instruction assistance –Security

17 We Need Your Help Behind the Scenes –Fundraising coordination –Transportation coordination –Creation and duplication of flyers and other classroom materials –Equipment adjustment & repair –Other duties as needed

18 We Need Your Help! Local performances & Parades –Equipment transportation –Equipment set-up & tear down –Security (students & equipment) –Water (drink & mist) for band members –Carry heavy equipment after the performance

19 We Need Your Help! Band competition –Bus chaperones –Group leaders –Equipment transportation (trailer) –Water (drink & mist) for band members –Security (students & equipment) –Equipment set-up & tear down –Chair set-up for concert performance

20 We Need Your Help! Band competition –Hair and make up –Locker room chaperones –Uniform inspection and detailing –Operations base set up & clean up –Photographer

21 COME ON AND JOIN US….! Come join us in the support of the program, jump in and get involved, you’ll have a great time and you’ll see immediate fruits of your labor!

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