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Research/analysis into influential genre examples for your film Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus.

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1 Research/analysis into influential genre examples for your film Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

2 Research into influential Genre As a group we have chosen the genre “Gangster Crime”. Gangster Crime has an archetypical storyline specific to the genre. It consists of the general conventions always used such as bloodshed, money, cars, gangs, drugs, big cities and crime. This is true. The genre is always about impatience, a typical gangster in the film wants it and he wants it now. As we’ve seen the genre become more modernized we thought that this would be the best genre for us to pitch for. More modern films have a new twist to it the gangster is destroyed by betrayal of a group member, no longer the police or the FBI. We then took all of this to mind and researched into gangster crime films. In this PowerPoint presentation we will inform you about the influential genre examples we used to help produce our plot. Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

3 Analysis into influential genre examples As a group we spent one lesson dedicated to the general conventions of a gangster crime film. To do this we used the internet and some of the background knowledge we already knew. With all the information we gathered we wrote it on a piece of paper and came up with the following: iconography of guns meetings in warehouses Car Parks A typical gangster in the film wants it and he wants it now. Takes place in a big city, backstreet locations. Starts of with a view of a skyline-bespeaking a city location. The gangster can only gain power by taking it. Money Briefcases Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

4 Analysis into influential genre examples It is survival of the fittest flashy cars, expensive clothes, and mansions. Women The police and the FBI Mafia Doing this helped our group immediately. We knew all the pros and cons of gangster films and knew exactly what we wanted to bespeak when making our Gangster crime trailer, but also making it original in our own kind of way. From the list we took the ideas of guns, big city, backstreet locations, women and the idea of a typical gangster wanting what he wants and most importantly Mafia; having that family based kind of plot. This wasn't the only research we did, the research continued and we went into depths of it. Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

5 Influential films We decided to look at some of the most popular films throughout Gangster crime history the god father, American Gangster and watched a mini movie music video produced by Chris brown which was related to the genre of gangster crime. The GodFather Don" Vito Corleone, the head of a New York Mafia "family", His beloved son Michael has just come home from the war, but does not intend to become part of his father's business. Michael returned for World War 1 and Michael’s entire family are involved in the mafia but Michael just wants to live a normal life. Don turns down a drug offer and turns and was shot down by hit men. The Don barely survives, which leads his son Michael to begin a violent mob war against Sollozzo and tears the Corleone family apart. Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

6 Influential Films The godfather is listed as one of the greatest films ever made and was voted the greatest film of all time, so this influenced us a lot. Just by watching the trailer and having watched some of the film our plot came together. We decided that we were doing the gangster crime genre in the style of “old gangster time” modern day: gangster is stereotyped as youths with hoods, drugs, gang fights and gang chases. These days you wouldn’t expect a gangster crime with suits or you hardly ever hear the word mafia. We have subverted from modern day gangster and related ourselves with Godfather type gangsters which aren’t your everyday gangsters. We also want the young man and his father to have a strong loving relationship. The godfather kisses his companion on the cheek during the trailer which shows his compassion towards his fellow members, which goes well with what we are trying to incorporate between the father and the son, that benevolent relationship they have. The young man was part of the mafia, however was driven away by his girlfriend and the father wants to bring him back in. Similar to the dialogue used in the film “ just when i thought i was out they brought me back in” Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

7 Influential Films Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus American Gangster We looked at American gangster the second most popular gangster film and took from it the use of drugs and added it to our film. The dialogue in the trailer is taken from the film and Richie Roberts says “Frank Lucas is the most dangerous man walking the streets of our city” We want the family to be the most dangerous family in town. Frank also says they tried to kill his wife. In our trailer the wife gets killed so the guy is trying to save the last memories he has of his girl, that why we called it past redemption. These are the only two gangster crime films we watched but the godfather was the most influential film. We took a lot of the ideas out and made it our own by adding our own twist to it.

8 Influential music video/ Pictures We watched Chris browns mini movie music video and wanted to reinforce clips from his mini movie such as: Chris Brown being chased by the car and two other men on each side if possible). We might also use a black mask for the protagonist and flower carnations to compliment the suit. Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

9 Our Plot After serious thought we have decided to name our film past redemption. We have given it this name because the young man is trying to save the memories he has of his wife who got him out of the mafia. Basic Plot synopsis: A young man who finds himself in a family predicament as the protagonist goes to kill his father who had killed his son’s wife, who is morally against the use of drugs. This had happened because his father wanted him to follow his footsteps but was lead away from crime by his wife. In return the young man seeks revenge attempting to kill everyone involved in the murder of his wife, trying to save the memories he has of her; past redemption. Adwoa, Gerard and Jesus

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