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Unit 1: Welcome/Introduction Disaster History Kansas USAR Resources.

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1 Unit 1: Welcome/Introduction Disaster History Kansas USAR Resources

2 Course Logistics  Instructors – contact information  Nameplate  Facility Orientation Shelter Evacuation rally point  Restrooms  Handouts Electronic materials

3 Ground Rules  Sign In Sheet  Lunch and Breaks  Attendance  Electronic Devices  Participation

4 Participant Introductions  Name and agency  TF position (s)  Disaster/deployment experience

5 Seminar Goal Upon completion of this seminar, participants should have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities associated with managing a regional search & rescue task force. The course includes lecture, group discussions and activities, all of which are intended to reinforce critical learning points. However, it is up to each of you to continue your ongoing learning and professional development.

6 Objectives  Review the roles and responsibilities of Task Force management personnel.  Practice skills associated with TF management activities, specifically the use of required forms and other resources.  Describe the task force organizational structure and the function of each component.  Review the interface between incident management components such as an IST, IMT, or IC and the task force.

7 Objectives (cont)  Review mobilization and demobilization activities and considerations.  Review issues related to task force safety and security.  Discuss tactical considerations for task force operations.  Review brief history of recent disasters in Kansas.  Review other USAR resources in Kansas.


9 Greensburg Tornado (13) May 2007

10 Other significant state and regional events have continued to emphasize the importance of a coordinated response system. SE Kansas Floods – June 2007 Chapman (1)/Manhattan/Soldier (1) Tornadoes – June 2008

11 Reading Tornado (1) May 2011 Ft. Leavenworth Building Collapse August 2011

12 Harveyville Tornado (1) February 2012 Wichita Tornado April 2012

13 Grain Elevators Russell (2) June 2010 Atchison (6) – October 2011

14 Joplin Tornado (161) May 2011

15 Moore Tornado (24) May 2013 Plaza Towers Elementary (7)

16 Other Resources in Kansas  Kansas National Guard 73 rd Civil Support Team (CST) ○ Forbes Field, Topeka, KS Immediate Response Force (IRF) IC Information & Fact Sheet


18 Crisis City Assets  2 DRASH Tents  Backhoe & Skid Loader  ATVs  Gooseneck Trailer with assorted equipment & tools – Salina FD  Paratech Lt. USAR Kit

19 Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute (KFRTI)  BRT – “Big Red Toolbox” Fully Equipped with a Type 3 Heavy USAR cache Deployable through KFRTI from Lawrence, Kansas Water rescue trailer

20 Other Available Assets  KDOT Communications on Wheels (COW)  GIS Public Info / Geospatial (PIGI)  Regional IMT Trailers  County Incident Mgt. Trailers & Tents  Comfort Trailer – NE Region

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