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NASTO Region Matthew Hedge. What is new or proposed for the states of the NASTO region?

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1 NASTO Region Matthew Hedge

2 What is new or proposed for the states of the NASTO region?

3 Connecticut Connecticut now allows weekend travel on Saturday and Sundays from daylight until noon Connecticut is in the process of changing the oversize/overweight vehicle permit regulations and should be completed by the end of the year.

4 Maryland -State & Baltimore city one stop shop -Mobile technology added to our Permitting system -Updating COMAR (regulations pertaining to hauling permits) -511 system added sections/ functionality for commercial vehicles -Testing LPR’s to add to Virtual Weigh Stations (this will tie into permit system for verification) -Direct access to and from the Port of Baltimore (back gate & loop around) -Ext & revisions are allowed before permit starts -Investigating allowing additional travel days and extensions of time - Night Movement allowed for permitted loads Not Exceeding 75’Long, 14’6”High, 12’Wide and 120k lbs. Bay Bridge and Harbor Tunnel not included.

5 New York - A Request for Proposal was issued for a permit issuance system to replace the current NYSDOT system. - Discussions have began with the New York State Thruway Authority regarding an integrated permit application. - Discussions are taking place with the Port Authority of NYNJ and NYCDOT regarding permit requirements and a possible integrated permit application.

6 New Jersey New auto login process whereby carriers and permit service companies can set up their own accounts and passwords. New Login and Password retrieval process when username/password is forgotten. Insurance Verification will now ask for Insurance Company name, Policy # and expiration date. System will check to ensure insurance is still valid when applying for permits. SWT*** prefix will no longer be valid for Code 23 permits. Applicant will be asked to put in actual trailer plate number and system will verify that the trailer is registered with MVC under Code 23. Applicants will be given the option to enter in up to 12 different trailer plate numbers with the same number of axles and axle configuration--for use when the actual trailer to be used for the permit is unknown at the time of application.

7 New Jersey Cont’ New emergency permit types will be added to cover loads transported under emergency conditions. NJDOT is working on a major update to its roadway network that is used in Superload. The network will be finer grained and will go down to the county route level. Phase 1 will be an enhanced state network, followed by Phase II which will add the county road network to the routing system. This new network should make permit routing much easier for the carrier and permit services to use.

8 Delaware Revised the DelDOT Policy and Procedures Manual and subjected it to the Delaware Register of Regulations process which included Public Comment periods. Manual approved by DelDOT Secretary and became Administrative Code (Regulation) effective January 1, 2014. DelDOT IT section coded software changes which went into production on January 30, 2014, incorporating Policy changes and AASHTO Phase I and II items: Phase I Escort Requirements, Warning Flags, Warning Lights, Warning Signs consistent with AASHTO Draft proposal. Days and Hours of Operation are Monday – Sunday sunrise to sunset unless specified otherwise on the permit.

9 Delaware Continued Phase II Permit Duration – changed to 5 days for single trip Authorize movement, with prior approval, of a vehicle/load not exceeding 75 feet in Length, 12 feet in Width, 14 feet 6 inches in Height, and GVW of 120,000 lbs. between 9PM to 5AM Monday through Friday Extended permit duration up to 3 days past Expiration Date for breakdown. Previous policy was next Business day after Exp Date Created a standardized Route Survey form to process Superloads within DelDOT sections Future Gathering information to enhance DelDOT Permit System with Auto- Routing and Risk Management modules. Received demonstrations from 2 software vendors and in process of writing RFP.

10 Pennsylvania Transportation Funding Bill passed Travel allowed 7 days a week sunrise to sunset Fee increases effective July 1, 2014 Provides money for roads and Bridges Postings can be removed RFP for new automated system is due to be released to public in June 2014 Removable parts no longer need to be declared Statewide Freight movement plan is being developed to comply with MAP 21 Developed Thematic Maps to help planners avoid project conflicts that caused significant bottlenecks Departmental Regulations are being opened up Make compliant with Statute Changing application stipulations

11 Place Holder

12 NASTO is working as a team with AASHTO and the other regions to move forward with the harmonization efforts of Phase I and Phase II. Working to identify which states will need to make changes to conform with Phase I. Outreaching to obtain data from the states for Phase II.

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