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9 Cal 25 MORE INFO/SUGGESTIONS  Randy Semmler   313-408-3117

10 Sailing & Seamanship Program (Age 15 – 19) Est. 1973

11 Cal 25 Join Sailing and Seamanship to become the most desired sailor at Bayview! These Seven Thursday evenings of sailing will prepare you to be the sailor you desire and to step onto any boat as a valuable, contributing member of the crew. We guarantee you will graduate on August 14 th with the skills, confidence, and connections you need for any boat. Cost : $300 Schedule: June 19, 26 July 3, 24, 31 August 7, 14

12 Cal 25 Sign up now at the JR SAILING table! Gear Swap tonight at 5pm Visit the CREW EXCHANGE table & join the contact list!


14 Detroit Sailing Opening Day and Fitting Out Party May, 3 rd 2014

15 Cal 25 200 + Active District Boats Biggest Race Day: Sunday Morning‘s Season consists of : Spring-Summer-Fall Sunday series Traveler Series Bacardi Cup Crew to sail: 1-2 Crew to Race: 2 Average annual Insurance: $150 Average purchase price: $3000 - 5K Full suit of Sails: $3500 Best Reasons to Buy: FUN FAST TRAILERABLE 14 fleets in the Great Lakes 4 th District Competitive racing across Continental US Active, Expert, International Class Association Jib, Main & Whisker Pole – no large crew list! LOA: 22.70' Beam: 5.70' Sail Area: 285 ft 2 Draft (max.) 3.30' Disp.1479 lbs. Ballast 900 lbs. SA/Disp.: 35.20 Designer: Francis Sweisguth Construct: Wood or FG First Built: 1911 STAR SPECS: Association Web Site: Local Fleet Contact: George Macon Terry Gibney

16 Race Schedule District 4 Traveller Series Tulip Tuneup (5/17) Michigan State Champs/BoD (5/31-6/1) 59 th Mission Regatta(6/21) Loraine One Design Regatta (7/12) Al Henning Memorial Regatta (8/9) 2014 Districts Championships (8/15) Verve Cup (8/23) Paw Paw Lake Open (9/6) J Holt Thomas Regatta (9/27) Ice Breaker Regatta/Rolland Vortriede Memorial(10/4) Local Club Racing: Season Sunday Morning Races thru the Ice Breaker Larry Klein Memorial Regatta Crescent Regatta GPYC Blue Nose

17 Cal 25 Boats for Sale

18 The New Trailerable One-Design Speedster

19 - Large comfortable cockpit with open transom. - Deck-stepped carbon mast with single spreaders. - Three sail inventory with masthead A-Sail. - Vertical lifting bulb keel. - Small cabin for storage and personal privacy. - Easy to trailer and ramp launch LOA 22.75 ft LWL 20.47 ft Beam 7.38 ft Draft 4.75 ft Displacement 1,750 lbs Ballast 630 lbs Features and Specs

20 - J Boats – the most respected one-design organizer in the world - The J70 is the fastest growing one-design fleet in the country - Already 500+ boats in 16+ countries worldwide (And this boat was only introduced in March 2012!) - Easy to sail - Incredible performance, comfort and stability - Ramp launchable keelboat - Over a dozen fleets in the US - Plain and simple: The J70 is the future of one-design sailing. Why the J70

21 Available Boats 4 – 2014 J70s available for delivery early July 1 – 2015 J70 available for delivery late July Additional 2015 models available late August These hull reservations are going fast reserve a boat today and receive a complimentary ProStart. ($600 value)

22 Contact Contact:Chuck Bayer cbayer7@comcast.netLOA22'9" Beam7'5" Draft4'8" Weight1750 lbs Sail Area226 sq/ft

23 Detroit Sailing Opening Day and Fitting Out Party May, 3 rd 2014 27 Estblished 1986 Express 27s Class on Lake St. Clair

24 Cal 25 Highlights 7 Active Boats on Lake St. Clair Biggest Race Day: Saturday DRYA Crew to Race: 4-5 Sleeps 4 Comfortably Ability to race competitively and cruise comfortably Able to Trailer 8 feet wide Average purchase price: app $15K Association Web Site Local Fleet Contact: Ralph Deeds Search for “Express 27” on LOA27' 3" LWL23' 9" Beam8' Draft4'6" (fin) Displacement2450 lbs Ballast1100 lbs Sail Area276 sq. Ft (100%) 27

25 Currently there are 11 Express 27s on Lake St. Clair Racing includes DRYA one design on Saturdays May to Sepember BYC BOD one design GPSC PHRF Tuesday Evening Races Bayview Thruday night of the dock Races CSYC Monday Evening Double-handed July & August Grosse Pointe Farms Boat Club Thursday evening BYC North Channel Race—1st weekend in October Also, Express 27s have done the BYC and Chicago Mackinac Races. Detroit PHRF RATING—138 DRYA One Design, 153 DRYA JAM

26 The E27 has had a one design start on the DRYA C Course since the Detroit fleet was founded in 1986. The largest one design fleet is in San Francisco Bay where there are more than 30 boats. There is a small fleet also in Oregon. The rest of the boats are scattered around the U.S. and Canada. The National Championship is usually held in San Francisco. Detroit has hosted the event three times. Wally Cross won the national championship when the regatta was held in Detroit in 1987, Other luminaries who have won the nationals include John Kostecki, Jeff Madrigali and Dave Hodges of Santa Cruz Sails.E27s were among the first ultralight sport boats when production started at Alsberg Bros. Boatworks in 1982. The Carl Schumaker design caught on quickly on the West Coast where the boat is concentrated. Several boats do the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii and the Coastal Cup every year. The boat was designed and built to Lloyd’s ocean racing standards. Also, it meets the Chicago YC stability standard for the Chicago Mac.

27 LIGHTNING Contact:Trey Rose Arthur_Rose@Golder.comLOA19'0" Beam6'6" Draft4'11" Weight700 lb

28 CAL 25 Contact:Dave Simon dls@toggled.comLOA25'0" Beam8'0" Draft4'0 Weight4000 lbs Sail Area286 sq/ft

29 WAYFAIRER Contact:Nick Seraphinoff nseraphinoff@comcast.netLOA15'9" Beam6'1" Draft3'10" Weight373 lbs Sail Area130 sq/ft

30 MELGES 24 Contact:Greg Semack gsemack@hotmail.comLOA24'0" Beam8'2" Draft5'0" Weight1783 lbs Sail Area380 sq/ft

31 MELGES 20 Contact : Lance Smotherman lancesmotherman@comcast.netLOA20'0" Marc HollerbachBeam7'0" mhollerbach@armgmt.comDraft4'6" Weight1146 lbs Sail Area260 sq/ft

32 CATALINA 27 Contact:Jim Cooley LOA26'10" Beam8'10" Draft4'0" Weight7300 lbs Sail Area340 sq/ft


34 Detroit Sailing Opening Day and Fitting Out Party May, 3 rd 2014 One Design C&C 35 Mark-I Est. 1973

35 Cal 25 20+ Active Boats Biggest Race Day: Wednesday Night (11 Boats) Largest One-Design Class for Mackinac Season consists of 3 series Lake St. Clair Lake St. Clair – Lake Huron Wednesday Nights Crew to sail: 2 Crew to Race: 6-8 Sleeps 6 Comfortably Average annual cost to operate: $6-8K Average purchase price: $18-30K Best Reasons to Buy: Competitive racing Class Camaraderie Active, knowledgeable, and dynamic class association Cost controls on sail materials and purchase frequency Ability to race and cruise competitively and comfortably on a budget Association Web Site: Local Fleet Contact: David R. Keys Hull Type: Fin w/spade rudderRig Type: Masthead LOA: 34.58'LWL: 27.50' Beam: 10.58'Listed SA: 576 ft 2 Draft (max.) 5.25'Bal Type Lead Disp. 11000 lbs.Ballast: 5000 lbs. SA/Disp.: 19.29 Bal./Disp.: 47.62% Designer: Cuthbertson & Cassian Builder: Hinterhoeller Ltd. / C&C Construct.: FG # Built 205 First Built: 1969Last Built: 1973

36 Annual Events Race Schedule - Counters St. Clair Series – 6 Races DYC Memorial (5/24) WYC Overnight (6/13) DBC/GPC Race (6/21) EBC Race (8/15) DYC Sweepstakes(9/13) GPYC Bluenose (9/20) Overall Series – 6 Races BYC Mackinac Race (7/12) EBC Race (8/15) S.O.D.I. Regatta (8/16) Sarnia Leukemia/Friendship (8/30-8/31) GPYC Bluenose (9/20) Wednesday Night Series Spring: 5/14 – 6/25 Fall: 8/13-9/24 Other Races: - Non Counters DRYA Series Bayview One-Design TYC Mills Race BYC North Channel Race WYC Chimo Race Social Events: January: Season Awards Banquet February: Curling Bonspiel (Windsor) April: Spring Class Meeting July: Mackinac Island Porch Party (Island house) August: Summer One-Design Invitational Regatta September: Sarnia Rendezvous September: Featherbowling (Cadieux Cafe) October: Fall Class Meeting

37 Cal 25 Sample Boats for Sale YearPriceLocation YearPriceLocation 1973$19,900 City Island, NY 1973$25,000 New Rochelle, NY 1971$27,000 Sarnia, On 1970$42,000 Staten Island, NY

38 Detroit Sailing Opening Day and Fitting Out Party May, 3 rd 2014 One Design Established 1998Great Lakes

39 Cal 25 Highlights 9 Active Boats on Lake St. Clair, 6 that race outside of Detroit Biggest Race Day: Wednesday Night (9 Boats) Biggest One-Design Large Boat Class for Mackinacs since 1998 Crew to sail: 2 - Double Hand Class in Bermuda Race Crew to Race: 6-8 Sleeps 8 Comfortably Ability to race competitively and cruise comfortably Sprit Pole Operation, Much Simpler than a Spin Pole Roller Furler Headsail Class still growing – 4 Detroit J/120’s added in the last 2 years Average purchase price: app $145K – some can be had for less Facebook Page: Great Lakes J/120’s Association Web Site: Local Fleet Contact: Frank Kern - Hull Type: Fin with bulb & Spade Rudder Rig Type: Fractional Sloop LOA: 40.00’LWL: 34.50’ Beam: 12.00' Listed SA: 780 ft 2 Draft (max.) 7.00’ Disp. 15000 lbs.Ballast: 6000 lbs SA/Disp.: 21.67Bal./Disp 43.17%Disp/Len 151.1 Designer: Rod Johnstone Builder: J Boats (France) & Tillotson Pearson (USA) Construct.: FiberglassKeel type: Lead First Built: 1994Last Built: 2006# Built: 230 AUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.) Make: Yanmar Type: DieselHP: 38 TANKS Water: 75 gals.Fuel: 27 gals.

40 Race Schedule Great Lakes Championship – 4 Races BOD Lake Huron International (7/4) Bayview Mackinac (7/12) Chicago Mackinac (7/19) Windsor YC Wednesday Night Series Spring: 5/14 – 6/25 Fall: 8/13-9/24 Other Races DRYA Series class championship WYC Chimo Race Social Events : April: Spring Class Meeting May thru October: J Dock Wednesday Race Night Social June: BOD Party December: J/120 Solstice Party

41 Why a J/120? Maintains Resale Value - Scrimp construction means much less deck rot Sprit Pole Operation, Much Simpler than a Spin Pole A Sailors’s Yacht – Wide Deck, Nice Accommodations, and a Joy to Sail Carbon Mast – Less people required on rail Competitive one design racing and pro sailor limitation Class Camaraderie A serious class that also like to have fun Active, knowledgeable, and dynamic class association Cost controls on sails – Limit of 2 purchases a year Sail Limitation – 155% and 105% Headsails, 3 Spinnakers (Short Course) - Roller furling headsail used for all races Ability to race on Lake St. Clair or any offshore regatta New Wider J Dock - 8 J/120’s docked at Bayview

42 Cal 25 Sample Boats for Sale

43 Detroit Sailing Opening Day and Fitting Out Party May, 3 rd 2014 Etchells

44 Cal 25 Number of active boats in area 15 Largest Local Regatta BYC BOD Largest National Regatta 100 Boats Number of crew to sail 1 Number of crew to race 3 or 4 Tuesday Evening Racing Thursday Evening BYC Off the Dock Best Reason to Buy: Beautiful boats with classic lines. Easy to sail, easy to race with only 3 or 4people. Easy to trailer to out of town events. Strong national and international class. National Events Etchells World Championship Newport RI, 100 + Boats Etchells North American Championship Chicago IL, 50+ Boats Jaguar Winter Series Miami FL, 70+ Boats Association Web Site: Local Fleet Contact: Jim Best Etchells specifications LOA: 30' 6" LOW: 22' Beam: 6' 11" Draft: 4' 6" Displacement: 3,700 lbs. Sail area: 310 sq. ft.

45 Cal 25 2014 Fleet 7 Race Schedule May 17,18 Great Lakes Championship May 30,31,June 1 BOD Aug 3 Sunday Racing Aug 17 Sunday Racing Sept 14 Sunday Racing

46 T -10 Sailing An easy to sail or race 33 foot boat, for a very reasonable price. Nine and a half feet of cockpit seating and very user friendly deck layout for sailing Simple to sail and low cost sail plan for all skill levels A fun, friendly and helpful association ready and willing to help you get to your desired sailing level Strong National One-Design Fleet National Championships regularly have 30 - 40 boats participating Very competitive Handicap rating if you are not interested in one-design racing Bayview Mackinac Race PHRF Finishes: 2013 2 nd place 2012 1 st and 3 rd place 2011 2 nd place

47 Class: Tartan Ten One Design (LOA): 10m [33'1.75"] (LWL): 8.2m [27'] Beam: 2.8m [9'3"] Draft: 1.8m [5'10.5"] Ballast: 3,340 lbs. Mast: 46xft from deck, Hull: Balsa-cored fiberglass 7/8th fractional rig, Main = 267.7 ft^2 #3 Jib ~ 210 ft^2 Crew: Racing 4-8, Cruising 2-3 PHRF Rating: 126 9’6” cockpit seats Sleeps 6 people: V Berth, 2 in main cabin, 2 in aft quarter


49 Additional Information Class web site: Rules Fleet information Education / Tuning guides Upcoming Events and Races North American Championship in Chicago on 8/7 -8/10 Photos / Videos Classifieds Boats range from $5,000 - $35,000 Local Fleet Captain Sean Murphy - (Double Jeopardy)

50 BENETEAU 36.7 Contact:Rod Spearin rspea67606@aol.comLOA36'1" Beam11'4" Draft7'2" Weight12795 lbs Sail Area655 sq/ft

51 PHRF Sailing Any boat can race!

52 PHRF Sailing  PHRF = Performance Handicap Racing Fleet  PHRF Allows Dissimilar Boats to Race Together  Develop Handicap Ratings Based on Potential Performance  Allows for people to race whatever they have.  Don’t need to buy a One Design to race.  Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race and other major “big boat” races use PHRF for mixed fleets.

53 PHRF Racing  PHRF lets all of these boats can race one another on a level playing field.

54 Detroit Sailing Opening Day and Fitting Out Party May, 3 rd 2014 Race Committee Volunteer Opportunities

55 Cal 25 RC is responsible for: Sailing instructions & elements of skippers meeting Course setting Start and Finishing of racing Safety decisions RC is important for: Quality of racing Overall event plan and execution Safety of all people on the water Reputation of the Club

56 Cal 25 RC Team is Composed of: Principal Race Officer Driver Signals Timer Recorder On the Water: Mark Set Boat Pin Boat Off the Water: Registration Scoring Awards

57 Cal 25 Skills of the RC Team: Responsible Communicator Courteous Observant Eager to Learn Patient

58 Cal 25 Where Race Committee Can Take You It’s a Great Way To: learn a new sport be on the water, even if you don’t sail or race, or have a boat make existing racers better stay in the sport if you don’t want to (or can’t) race It Can Lead To: Regional, national, international events Judging, Umpiring

59 Next Steps: Race Committee Orientation Meeting 5/13, Sign Up! BOD ride alongs available Off the Dock Racing DRYA race ride alongs

60 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Get Involved – It’s Fun & Rewarding

61 Volunteer Database  Bayview is in the process of developing a web based volunteer database to maintain a centralized list of contacts.  This will assist Bayview to:  Schedule & coordinate volunteer work  Match volunteer skills with opportunities  Improve communication  Recognize the efforts of volunteers

62 Volunteer Opportunities  Bayview volunteer opportunities include:  Race Committee – both on the water & on shore activities  Race Management  Social activities  Special projects (BYC archives)  BYC Committees (house & grounds, publications, Junior Sailing, adult sailing/club boats, etc)

63 Cal 25 Get Involved – We Need You!  Volunteering can be fun, rewarding and a great way to meet people sharing the same interests.  Sign up today so we can get your contact information.  If any questions, contact Peter Griffin via email at

64 CREW EXCHANGE Find Your Match Get On The Water

65 Crew Exchange  Excellent chance for boat owners to find crew and provide opportunities for new sailors. - Never find your self short of crew on race day. - Discover new talent to train before your competitors.  Great way for sailors to find new opportunities to crew. -Experience sailing on a variety of types of boats. - Perfect chance for Junior Sailors, Adult Learn to Sail Students, and other new sailors.

66 Crew Exchange Database  Bayview is working to develop a new dynamic Crew Exchange Database to replace current static bulletin board style crew exchanges:  Build user profile for crew or boats  Identify needs, skills, and availability  Run automatic query to match crew and boats  Trigger automatic notifications when matches are found

67 Cal 25 How Do I Sign Up?  Sign up today at the Crew Exchange table so we can get your contact information.  You will be notified once the database is live.  If any questions, contact Ryan Farrell via email at

68 Start Your Adventure! Adult Learn to Sail

69 Session I & II OrientationSession III & IV Orientation Tuesday, May 6Thursday, July 24 Session I – MondaysSession III - Mondays May 12, 19 & June 2, 9, 16 & 23July 28, August, 4, 11, 18, 25 & September 8 Session II – WednesdaysSession IV - Wednesdays May 14, 21 & June 4, 11, 18, 25July 30, August 6, 13, 20, 27 & September10

70 Classes are taught by experienced instructors on Ultimate 20’s -- a very stable, yet responsive sailboat. 3:1 ratio of student sailors to instructor All novice, intermediate, or advanced students are welcome, whether you are a Bayview Member or not Non Bayview Members will also enjoy BYC Member privileges while attending classes including use of the restaurant and club house facilities. To start your adventure, all you need is to show up with a life jacket, light soled shoes or non-marking shoes, and an open mind

71 Registration forms are available: under the “Learn to Sail ” link Register with the office - 313.822.1853 Registration information and forms at the Open House Booth Program Coordinator is Daniel Klaasen: 313-719-0041



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