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QLT M10 WUXI VARIANTS & OPTIONS Portable Energy Division March, 2014.

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1 QLT M10 WUXI VARIANTS & OPTIONS Portable Energy Division March, 2014

2 COMMITTED TO SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTIVITY We stand by our responsibilities towards our customers, towards the environment and the people around us. We make performance stand the test of time. This is what we call – Sustainable Productivity.

3 QLT M10 BASIC SPECIFICATION  Engine: Kubota D1105-E2BG  Dedicated alternator for Light Tower  4 x Metal Halide Lamps (4 x 1000W)  Manual Mast: >9 meters high  Long fuel autonomy: hours (114L fuel tank)  Superior serviceability (side and top open panel)  4 lamp switches, 1 main circuit breaker  Galvanized powder coating canopy  Four point leveling system Wuxi Light Tower

4 QLT M10 VARIANTS & OPTIONS  Voltage and Frequency –50Hz 220VAC –60Hz 220VAC  Sockets Options –No socket as default, 1 socket option for 50Hz and 2 socket options for 60Hz Weipu SocketWeipu SocketDuplex Socket 220VAC 50Hz220VAC 50Hz2x110VAC 60Hz Wuxi Light Tower Option PNDescription QLT M10 KD 50Hz Trailer QLT M10 KD 60Hz Trailer QLT M10 KD 50Hz Racked QLT M10 KD 60Hz Racked PN: PN: PN: Full assembled, 8 units /40” container Racked partial assembled, 16/18 units /40” container

5 QLT M10 VARIANTS & OPTIONS  Trailer light system –Become optional because some markets do NOT required  Towing Eye Options: COMBO EYEBall Coupling 2”Ring EYE (Ball Coupling + Ring Eye) Wuxi Light Tower PN: PN: PN:

6 QLT M10 VARIANTS & OPTIONS  ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) option –To protect people and equipment Wuxi Light Tower Standard Circuit Breaker Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ELCB without Socket 50Hz ELCB without Socket 60Hz ELCB with 220V50Hz Socket ELCB with 220V60Hz Socket CLCB with 2x110V60HZ DUPLEX Socket

7 QLT M10 VARIANTS & OPTIONS  Additional Fuel/Water separator –Recommended for low fuel quality regions  Cold Start -25 ℃ –Initial filling with 5W40 engine oil and -35 ℃ fuel –Engine glue plugs as standard Wuxi Light Tower PN: PN:

8 QLT M10 VARIANTS & OPTIONS  Special dataplate –Separate dataplate to show “made in China” –Advantage: removable to countries sensitive to “made in China” after custom clearance Wuxi Light Tower PN:

9 QLT M10 VARIANTS & OPTIONS  Product Connect is ready to configure PNs  Product Company Contacts: –Customer Contact:Lucy –Product Support:Hong Jun –Product Manager:Henry Wuxi Light Tower QLT M10 WUX



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