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Aim: How did Jews respond to discrimination and the Holocaust? Title: Recounting stories of Resistance from the Holocaust Do Now: 1.Please hand in your.

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1 Aim: How did Jews respond to discrimination and the Holocaust? Title: Recounting stories of Resistance from the Holocaust Do Now: 1.Please hand in your HW 2.Describe a time when you spoke out against an injustice – what inspired you to act? 3.Now, describe a time when you did not speak out against an injustice – what happened? Why didn’t you act? Need a few volunteers to speak out: Think carefully prior to responding

2 OBJECTIVE I 1. As soon as everyone has taken a seat, muted themselves, and are attentive, we will proceed ahead with a movie trailer surrounding Jewish resistance throughout WWII. Please pay close attention. So, are you ready? Are you? Hmmm!

3 Please read and then respond to the listed questions In January 2009, based on the recommendation of one my old professors & friend at St. Francis College, I went to see this movie called, Defiance. Now, while working on this particular lesson, I thought that it might be a good idea to show the movie trailer, which relates to this particular plan. - Now, that being said, why do you think this movie was called, Defiance? - How does the trailer illustrate said title of defiance/ resistance? = In plain & simple English, how did (some) Jews resist/respond to the Holocaust/Nazism? Explain with specific examples (bulleted points are fine).

4 OBJECTIVE II: Dona Dona 1. Pay close attention to the Overhead Transparency 4.3A: Dona Dona. As soon as students are quietly seated, I will Play CD Track 6. Discussion: What is the meaning of Dona Dona? - What is the mood of the song? Proof? - What do you think is the message of the song?

5 OBJECTIVE I: Holocaust? What is a Holocaust? While we often associate the word, Holocaust with what happened at the latter part of WWII surrounding Hitler’s “Final Solution” for Jews, handicap individuals, homosexuals, and basically ALL non-Aryans, what does the word truly mean? - In accordance to the definition of the word, Holocaust & the HW, if any, bring forth your findings of “other” Holocausts around the globe throughout the ages. Might there be more than one “Holocaust”? Explain.

6 According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Two Greek/Latin words: Holos = “whole” + kaustos = “burned”/use of flames holocaust (noun): Greek/Latin word meaning “sacrifice by fire” The Holocaust (proper noun): The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state- sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews (& millions of “others”) by the Nazi regime and its collaborators.

7 According to the OED: Genocide originates from two Greek words: Genos (blood, race, ethnic lineage) + cide (to kill) = To systemically kill a race/group, etc. Relates to Pogrom &/or ethnic cleansing. Genocide (noun): The crime of destroying a group of people because of their ethnic, national, racial, or religious identity Nazi target groups: Ethnicities: Jews & Gypsies (Roma), Nationalities: Slavs (Poles & Russians) “Degenerates”: homosexuals, the mentally & physically disabled Political rivals: communists & socialists Religions: Jehovah Witnesses & Jews Asocials: Anybody else who opposed the Nazis

8 Taken from: The American Heritage College Dictionary (4 th ed. )

9 Genocide was NOT the first step! That did not come until what will be coined as the, “Final Solution” = COMPLETE EXTERNMINATION OF ALL NON-ARYANS. Concentration Camp: Upon their ascent to power on January 30, 1933, the Nazis established concentration camps for the imprisonment of all “enemies” of their regime. Sentences could be a few months or a few years.

10 Persecution The Nazi plan for dealing with the “Jewish Question” evolved in three steps: 1. Expulsion: Get them out of Germany 2. Containment: Put them all together in one place – namely ghettos 3. “Final Solution”: annihilation

11 They came for the Communists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Communist; They came for the Socialists, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Socialist; They came for the labour leaders, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a labour leader; They came for the Jews, and I didn't object - For I wasn't a Jew; Then they came for me -And there was no one left to object. My quirky interpretation of this famous quote: In other words, don’t sit on your hands or stand there looking on, help out your fellow man/woman in any which way possible. Stand up! Stand tall for what’s “RIGHT”. End your selfish mannerisms. Martin Niemoller, (1892-1984 ) German Protestant Pastor, & Nazi Political Prisoner from 1937 to 1945.

12 OBJECTIVE III: Problem Solving Group work Group IGroup IIGroup IIIGroup IVGroup VGroup VI 1. Sarah1. Isaiah1. Tenzin1. Dylan1. Tabassum1. Javier 2. Saurav2. Anmari2. Julissa2. Larissa2. Victor2. Taine 3. Stephanie3. Michael3. Devin3. Richard3. Amanda3. Mahidi 4. Carlos4. Karen4. Ayana4. Cassius4. Hashim4. Jamira 5. Nicholas5. Michelle5. Daniel5.

13 OBJECTIVE III 1.Actively read the handout (QUIETLY PLEASE!) 2.Afterwards, we will cover any confusion students may have (Clarifying questions &/or comments).

14 (Quick Overview): Problem Solving Group work Today, we will be focusing on looking at different stages of the Holocaust – the boycott of Jewish business, the Nuremburg Laws, Kristallnacht, Jewish ghettos, camps, deportation throughout Europe, and the final solution. Throughout this particular lesson, we will be using dramatization, dialogue, visuals, freeze frames, and narratives to bring alive this ugly stain in world history. Keep in mind, although the history of the Holocaust is characterized by tragedy, there are also instances of Jewish resistance. With that said, this activity is designed to dispel the notion that the Jews were passively led to slaughter and to show you that acts of resistance were many and varied.

15 Introduction to the different stages of the Holocaust. First of, I will project Transparency Master 4.3B, which outlines the different stages of the Holocaust. Afterwards, I will pass out Student Handout 4.3C to each Group. Then, I will project Transparency Master 4.3D. Here, as a class, we will review the guidelines for preparing a story on resistance. Adequate time will be allocated (given/ distributed) for preparation. Utilizing Student Handout 4.3E, individual students will be responsible for recording (writing) key pieces of information in all of the boxes as groups present (That means you MUST pay close attention to students’ presentations).

16 Wrap–up! After all of the presentations have been made, each student will be given an unlined, blank piece of paper. Here, ALL are welcomed to respond to this question: What should be remembered most about the what was learned about the Holocaust in this particular activity? Use words, visuals [drawings/symbols], quotes, or abstractions to respond to the above listed questions. Please note: students have the liberty to respond in any way he/she deem appropriate. In all honesty, the objective here is not for student to guess the “right” response; rather, is for you to react HONESTYLY and freely to this history and how it touches you.

17 Lastly, when all are done with their response, myself/Ellie will place a sign saying “Holocaust Wall of Remembrance” on the classroom wall. Students will then be asked to post their responses on the wall. Here, students are asked to come forward to view the responses of fellow classmates.

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