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Ekol Logistics 2012.

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1 Ekol Logistics 2012

2 Agenda Ekol at a Glance Solutions Technology
Case Study in Transportation Case Study in Warehousing

3 Ekol Overview Foundation : 1990 No. of Employees : 4000
2011 Turnover : 222 million Euro 2012 Planned Turnover : 301 million Euro Warehouse : ~ 400,000 m2 No. of Vehicles : ~ 1,500 Megatrailers Company established by Mr Ahmet Musul, Invest AD holds the minority share (38%) of Ekol Logistics.

4 Ekol Network Ekol Branches Partners DE 64 Heppenheim DE 51 Köln
IT Modena RO Bucarest FR Avignon ES Barcelona ( 2012 – Q4 ) UA Kiev GR Selanik & Athens TR İstanbul HQ ( 13 WH ) TR Kocaeli Gebze ( 3 WH ) TR Bursa TR Izmir TR Ankara ( 2 WH ) TR Mersin Green Carrier Green Carrier Green Carrier Green Carrier DAVIES TURNER WIM BOSMAN TOF RABEN WIM BOSMAN TRANSFORWARDING FIEGE BTG RABEN SALVAT Ekol Branches Partners RO - Bucharest sqm TR - WH sqm ( sqm-BWH) IT - Modena sqm UA - KIEV sqm (2 WH) DE - Heppenheim sqm

5 Ekol Logistics Key Figures
Established in: Core business: 3PL Capital: $ 65 million Ekol Freight Solutions Ekol Warehouse Solutions Ekol International Commerce Road Storage Customs Clearance International Bonded Import Domestic Non-Bonded Export Air Order Fulfillment Fiscal Representation Sea Handling Quota Management Rail Picking Consultancy Packing V.A.S Planning Safety Stock Purchasing Leadtime Vendor Management Fair & Event Logistics

6 Turnover Overview

7 Turnover per Business Area in 2011

8 Turnover in Sectors in 2011

9 Health & Personal Care:
References FMCG & Retail: Chemical: Health & Personal Care: Electronics:

10 Automotive Sector References

11 Textile & Retail Sector References

12 Quality Policies and Certificates
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System ISO 10002:2004 Customer Satisfaction – Complaints Handling ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems Standards (as of December 2010) 5S Continuos Improvement IFS SQAS ‘Representative Pharmaceutical Warehouse’ license (by the Ministry of Health) GMP, GDP, GSP Storage Distribution VAS Ekol is a member of ‘Global Compact’ Group.

13 Foreign Trade Solutions
Ekol managed to obtain AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certificate which allowes it to perform faster customs operations inside The EU Borders.

14 Agenda Ekol at a Glance Solutions Technology
Case Study in Transportation Case Study in Warehousing

15 Solutions - Transportation
Ekol has the biggest and most modern mega trailer fleet of Turkey Fleet : More than 1500 Mega Trailers 100 m3 Euro 5 norms Curtan Sider and Box Type Track & Trace : Based on order number Can be shared to all parties with determined authorisations Web-based access Status reports in various formats (specialized to CUSTOMER) Alternative Service Types : Standard, Express and Super Express Flexibility (time vs cost) 15

16 EDI & Master Data Management : References in Customs Clearance:
One of the most experienced custom clearance company in different sector with highest technology and system infrastructure. EDI & Master Data Management : Electronic Comunication EDI with all customs Fastening of clearance procedure References in Customs Clearance: Multiple Location: Owned offices in all well-known customs All types of products can be cleared at ones

17 Warehousing Multiple located, advanced technology supported warehousing operations Bonded & Nonbonded WHs: Over sqm closed area Owned bonded WHs acc. to different product types Experienced in X-dock operations Providing various VAS services Automated Warehousing Solutions: Customized automated solutions acc. to customer requirements Inhouse developed WMS & MFS Provides high service quality Pick to Light, Pick by Voice, RF Guided Picking

18 Distribution Ekol has own distribution network integrated to transportation & warehousing services Multiple Location: 25 different locations in TR Storage possibility providing stores to work with zero stock Maximum 3-day delivery (origin: İstanbul) Fleet: Different type of trucks (trailer, truck, van) Dock to shelf service Trucks can be covered with CUSTOMER design Track & Trace: Delivery confirmation with PDA Web based tracking and reporting opportunity Inhouse developed software “quadro domestic”

19 Agenda Ekol at a Glance Solutions Technology
Case Study in Transportation Case Study in Warehousing

20 Research & Development
“Process Orientation” Process Design & Development Information Technologies Ekol Academy R & D “Continuous Improvement” Over 50 members in “Research & Development” team...

21 System Integration Integration Enterprice Resource Planning
HR Finance PM Procurement CRM BW Portal Integration Operations Management Transportation WMS & MFS Distribution Customs Clearance quadronet

22 Interface Capability more than 50 warehousing interfaces (mono- or bileteral) with different systems over different technologies.. Quadro (inhouse developed software) is capable with VDA and EDI messages.

23 Track & Trace Web Portal(quadronet)
In-house developed & continuously improved Provides complete visibility and transparency over operations Actual status of shipments can be followed All requested kinds of reports can be published Possible to make user-based customization

24 Track & Trace List of actual shipments

25 Track & Trace Road Ro-Ro
Vehicle Detail: Plate Nr, Route Mode, Service Type Tracing Current Positions in the Map Ro-Ro Road

26 Transportation – Attached Documents
Online Proof of Delivery

27 Quadronet – Web based Reporting

28 Agenda Ekol at a Glance Solutions Technology
Case Study in Transportation Case Study in Warehousing

29 Intermodal Route - Description WSQ1WCVIC
Intermodal route has been developed as an alternative to the classical land route through Eastern European countries for trailer transportation between Europe and Turkey. In the Intermodal Route, Ekol trailers which arrive Trieste by Ro-Ro are carried to Worms by a block train dedicated to Ekol (export direction). And for the import direction (reverse), block train dedicated to Ekol transports the trailers from Worms to Trieste RoRo port. From October new block train dedicated to Ekol, transports the Ekol trailers from Worms in Germany to Arad in Romania in both directions. Istanbul : Pendik, Ambarlı İzmir: Çeşme Mersin RORO BLOCK TRAIN BLOCK TRAIN Trieste (Italy) Worms (Germany) Arad (Romania) 72 Hours 20 Hours 36 Hours

30 Intermodal Route - Description
Domestic Operation Ekol trucks transport the trailers to the U.N-RORO ports for export direction and deliver the trailers from U.N-RORO ports for the import direction. Trieste Operation For the export operation, trailers arriving by Ro-Ro is loaded to the Kombiverkehr Block Train by the site equipments in the port without use of any truck.

31 Intermodal Route - Description
Worms Operation Arriving trailers are unloaded from train and Ekol GmbH trucks deliver them to Ekol Heppenheim consolidation center or to the final destination in export operation. Import trailers are also transferred to the station by Ekol Germany fleet. Arad Operation Arriving trailers from Worms are unloaded in Arad. Then these trailers are loaded to trucks for transport to Turkey.

32 Intermodal Route - Advantages
Environmental Concern For a single Intermodal trip Ekol saves: Fuel 823 lt 2221 kg CO2 5,8 kg NOX 0,08 kg Particles by not using 2420 km of land route. Increased Reliability Traffic on border gates is avoided. Fixed Ro-Ro and block train schedule Driver-related problems are eliminated. Transporting trailers to Germany without any transit documents During the Intermodal Route Project, 22,786 trailers have been transported by intermodal route until the end of October11. (October 2008 – October 2011) trees, which is equivalent to hectare of forest, would be able to absorb these amount of CO2 emissions in one year. Assumptions A single tree absorbs annually 22 kg of CO2. 1 hectare of forest contains an average of 400 trees.

33 Our website – Environmental Savings
Total CO2 Emission and diesel fuel consumption reductions through our intermodal solution are reported monthly on our website. The counter on the home page provides the reflection of instant amount in current month calculated in proportion to the previous months. We are currently working for the verification statement for CO2 Emission calculation based on ISO

34 Reports - Customers We inform our customers monthly
about CO2 emission and diesel fuel consumption savings achieved through intermodal transportation of their freight. These reports are generated by our system based on the customer shipment data. In addition to that, our customers will be able to monitor their actual savings through our web interface Quadronet with a customer specific account.

35 Intermodal Route – Cream Project
Ekol is a member of C.R.E.A.M. (Customer-driven Rail-freight services on an European mega-corridor based on Advanced business and operating Models) Consortium since The C.R.E.A.M. Project is a research and development project co-financed by the European Commission in the 6th framework programme. Its intention is to develop further the rail freight and intermodal transports on the corridors to/from Turkey. Ekol Logistics is also awarded as one of the Best Practices of C.R.E.A.M. Project.

36 Agenda Ekol at a Glance Solutions Technology
Case Study in Transportation Case Study in Warehousing

37 WMS & MFS WMS & MFS ASRS Sorter Pick by Voice Conveyor Systems
Inhouse developed software works as a brain over all automation systems..

38 Lilium WH General Information : Location : Şekerpınar / Gebze
Construction Date : July 2007 Number of Docks : 21 Investment Value : ~30 Million EUR with ASRS&Paternsoter Systems Ground Area : sqm Total Closed Area : 47,950 sqm Height (net usable) : 16 mt

39 Lilium Warehouse – adidas Project
Standard use of Paternosters: Mostly used in automotive, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, as a storage equipment for small valueable goods. The use of Paternosters in our Project: In retail sector, as a solution for order picking. To manage the order preperation: appr SKU Detailed (item) picking 3,5 million items picked & packed per season Seosanal high peak volumes

40 FMCG Logistics - Henkel
Location: Hasanoğlan / Ankara Investment Value: ~ 20 Million Euro (including all systems and equipment) Ground Area: m2 Total Covered Area: m2 Storage Capacity: pp (ASRS), pp (Conventional) Operation Commencement Date: April 2008 FMCG Logistics - Henkel 40

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