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2 India is going to witness a great football league for the very first time. The Hero Indian Super league is going to be the biggest football event in India. The platform that has been created for the game contains a great exposure, from the learning point of view and the promotional aspects as well.

3 The officials have launched a promotional launched trailer adding to the spirit of the league. launched trailer The 100-second promotional teaser is a lively video, wonderfully portraying the spirit of the game.

4 With the message of ‘C’mon India, Lets Football’ in the promo, the buzz has been created all across the country of around 1.2 billion people. The trailer has been showing the people of all the regions playing football with a great energy.

5 Whether it be a person walking on the road, fishermen, the village women, all are shown playing football. The hopes are high that this is would be the fruitful step taken towards making India a footballing country.

6 This trailer was first been launched at the T-20 match, as cricket receives a great buzz in India. Therefore, it could not have been a better platform, than a T-20 match to promote the event on a great extent.

7 The trailer was shown twice during that match, once in the beginning and second at the end of the match this page.this page The benefit gained by doing so, that all the channels that had been broadcasting that match, viewed the promo as well.

8 Great efforts are been made by the officials of the league as well as the team owners to make the event as big as possible. The promotional partner of the event, the IMG- Reliance is also playing its role very well. All the teams have tried its best to have the great overseas

9 and the national players and even the training staff. The result is that the league is has a great players and India being a country with a great population, the exposure would even be very high.

10 To make India a country known in the football world as well, great efforts has to be made to learn the sport and also a big platform should be provided to the players. ISL is covering all these aspects. The national players have a ton of lessons to learn from the foreign players. In all, the Indian Super League would be the first revolutionary step towards the bright future of the sport of football in India.

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