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MOBILE EVENT TRAILER Arthur Cradock – Saskatoon Ultimate Discsport Society.

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1 MOBILE EVENT TRAILER Arthur Cradock – Saskatoon Ultimate Discsport Society

2 Money…where the project began Saskatoon Ultimate The Need Budget and Funding Equipment Trailer Pics Outcome Other Uses Don’t Forget… And Finally

3 Money…where the project began Jack Adilman Prominent business man in Saskatoon and a huge advocate for amateur sport Inducted in the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame in 1991 for his contribution to amateur sport Through his estate he created a fund to help Amateur Sports Organizations The Jack Adilman Fund Managed by the City of Saskatoon and four local community organizations Amateur sport To be used for: Capital Expenditures Assets Acquisition Onetime special circumstances (events)

4 SASKATOON ULTIMATE Roughly 800 members No formal clubhouse or fields Storage unit for equipment only accessible during regular hours Volunteer driven Part time GM and part time development coordinator Lots of great ideas, only so many ‘free’ hours Multiple similar events each year Dick’s 4 on 4 (New Year’s tournament) Spring Fling (5 on 5 indoor) Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game / league appreciation day Touring team fundraiser tournaments Disc Odyssey

5 THE NEED What capital expenditure could give us the most benefit? Brainstorming session… not easy to spend money you aren’t planning for! Same equipment for every event Significant logistics to manage the equipment Lots of volunteer hours to do event repetitive tasks Pre- tournament Pick up equipment from a storage unit or rental company Put it in members garages Organize and check it twice Don’t forget anything! Tournament Day: Load trucks early in the morning Go to Tim’s Setup the fields and venue Run the tournament Announce the winners Drink some beers Wrangle volunteers to stay for 2 hours and help tear-down Drop off in various garages, 2 more hours Post-Tournament Return equipment to rental companies and storage units Pay the bills Take a nap, about a week later

6 PROPOSAL A Mobile Event Trailer A cargo trailer with all the gear in one place ready to go at a moments notice Organized No more rental fees Everything a TD might need… including a toolkit and a broom Of course a few extra toys would be great too… like a great big stereo Over time it will save money on rental costs A billboard for advertising…hint hint! Simplified logistics that simplify volunteer requirements

7 BUDGET AND FUNDING And how much funding did we get? Equipment Aluminum Cargo Trailer (7' x 14') $7,930.00 MARQUEE TENT 20' X 20' $4,505.87 Folding Table, XL180 (qty 20) $1,552.31 Black Folding Chair (qty 100) $1,791.31 Bullhorn (1 mile) $ 208.46 Yorkville Sound - Elite Loudspeakers $2,062.50 Miscelaneous Speaker Cables $ 296.95 LIFAN Generator $ 582.99 Portable Grill and Tank $2,451.95 Atheltic Field Striper $ 195.80 Misc Equipment and Shelving $2,000.00 Total$23,578.14 Funding Jack Adilman Grant (City of Saskatoon)$12,000.00 SUDS$11,578.14 Total$23,578.14 So how much will this cost? 5 Year payback period Based on the $12,000 SUDS invested and the cost of rentals Does not include the reduced burden on staff and volunteers

8 EQUIPMENT LIST 14ft Enclosed Cargo Trailer 20 Tables 100 Folding Chairs 20 x 20 Tent with Walls 2 - 10 x 10 Pop up tents Generator Outdoor stereo 2 Large Coolers Beer Garden Fencing – 500ft Line Marker Portable BBQ and tank Extension cords Toolkit Broom Megaphone!! Cleaning supplies Scoreboards Food bins Garden Cart Security Safe and cash box Many bins for all the random stuff…




12 OUTCOME Disc Odyssey $2000 saved on equipment rental Huge savings on volunteer hours (planning, setup, takedown) Much simpler equipment logistics (pickup, storage) Clean up was done in an hour instead of two days! A beacon for Disc Central!

13 OUTCOME Nick Flaman Tourney No need to pre-plan any equipment logistics 45min to setup 30min to take down All helpers intuitively knew where to put everything!

14 OTHER USES Local fundraising tournaments League appreciation BBQs Presence at league games Promotion and awareness at local community events Help support small town tournaments Take the party with us!

15 DON’T FORGET… Annual storage Insurance and license Need a truck Fully loaded trailer ~6500lbs Keeping it organized ~100hrs to build Usage Policy (we are not a rental company, no matter how tempting!)

16 AND FINALLY $24,000 Budget (materials only) $12,000 Grant, $12,000 SUDS 5 year pay back Storage and transport all in one Advertising billboard Huge reduction in volunteer requirements…half the event is ready!


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