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QLD CSG Industry Leadership Forum 2009 15 th of January 2009.

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1 QLD CSG Industry Leadership Forum 2009 15 th of January 2009

2 Agenda 8:45Welcome Attendees and Safety Minute – George Siokos 8:55Incident summary – July to December 2008 – Damien Fellows Arrow Incident – Damien Fellows Santos Incident – Karl Biederstadt Origin Incident – Ken Horton 9:25CSG Website – Karl Biederstadt 9:40Department of Mines and Energy Update – Stephen Matheson 10:10Morning Tea ENVIRONMENT 10:30Environment – Legislation Update – Ralph Gunness 10:50Solutions to Brine Residue – Peter Howarth 11:20Environment Discussion – Panel Members – Ralph Gunness, Peter Howarth, Mark McNamara & Matthew Ames HEALTH 11:40Rio Tinto Case Study – Ford Health 12:00Tele Dr. – Andrew Jeremijenko 12:20Health Discussion – Panel Members – Ford Health, Andrew Jeremijenko, Karl Biederstadt & Adam Wiles 12:40Safety Improvement – George Siokos 13:00General Discussion – Closing – George Siokos 13:20Lunch.

3 Aims of the CSG HSE Forum Opportunity for major industry operators and contractors to come together to:  work together to improve HSE performance in our industry  discuss HSE issues and performance improvements Work together to streamline processes to:  realise efficiencies and HSE improvements  by developing initiatives identified at the 1 st and 2 nd CSG HSE Forum Identify best practice within our organisations

4 People  (Arrow) Target Zero: zero incidents, zero injuries  (Santos) “All go home without injury or illness”  (Origin) Zero Harm

5 Fractured Shin Bone WHAT HAPPENED: A transport truck entered the yard for unloading, it was carrying 4 large rolls of poly dam liners, several pallets at its rear and a jet ski which was positioned between the liners and the pallets, the A frame section of the jet ski trailer was resting on the liners. (both pallets and jet ski where not being delivered to Arrow). The truck driver was on the trailer, as the tines came in to lift the liner, the truck driver would lift the jet ski trailer so the liners could pass underneath. As they went to lift the final roll of liner it slid off one of the tines toward the driver’s side of the trailer, as it did so it snagged under the jet ski trailer.

6 Photos

7 Factors and Actions CAUSAL FACTORS Jet Ski positioned on top of pond liner rolls no SLAM or JSA completed, Unstated (passive) acceptance of the opinion that it would be ok to remove pond liners from under the jet ski, Lifted roll 4 using tines sliding under roll without dunnage under the load, or means of preventing load movement. Truck driver moved to where roll one had been to hold up jet ski, so that roll 4 could be removed from under it. Person in charge of work not established, work method not agreed & effectively communicated to all work party members, Knowledge based (experience) decisions needs improvement CORRECTIVE ACTIONS Right to Stop Unsafe Work Policy developed. Risk Assessment procedure includes definition of when JSEA or Slam is required. A risk assessment training package has been designed (to be delivered). A mentor was assigned to the two Arrow staff to assist them to gain the necessary experience to safely operate the Manitou under a variety of circumstances. Manitou refresher training has been conducted to ensure personnel are aware of the correct methods for slinging loads using the jib and lifting using the tines. A Yard Induction has been developed which covers PPE, requirements for risk assessment and other important awareness issues for all activity in the yards. Signage directing all contract personnel entering the yard to report to the office for induction.

8 Origin


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