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Digital’s growing role in film marketing Showtime.

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1 Digital’s growing role in film marketing Showtime

2 The plot MESH Planning, 20 th Century Fox and Microsoft Advertising research Explore: Media consumption for key film launches The consumer’s reaction to different media and where digital fits The touchpoints on their Journey to View Enhance: The approach to planning for future film launches

3 Both groups: Been to cinema at least twice in past 12 months Access Internet five times per week Aged 16-45, male/female The supporting cast 628 people in the UK (inc. 209 Gamers) 563 people in France (including 215 gamers)

4 Touchpoint Return On Investment (TROI) A consumer-centric starting point Participants send a text from their mobile phone when they’re engaged TROI captures brand experiences as they happen Treating all touchpoints equally The director DIRECTOR

5 Digital: Replicates and reinforces traditional media Extends the value of the trailer capturing audience attention Enables wider engagement with key consumers such as gamers Brings the film to life through personalised content and features Digital media is increasingly important across all stages of the ‘Journey to View’ The box-office return

6 "You're basically building a brand from the bottom up... When it's done well, it is implemented with the kind of military precision that any brand could learn a lesson from” Giles Hedger, Planning Director, Leo Burnett

7 The four stages in an person’s journey to see a film… Influence reviews and discussions aid decisions of what films to see Experience bringing the film to life through trailers Word of Mouth sharing of trailers and reviews get people interested Awareness print, TV and online ads that make people aware of the film The Journey to View

8 Increasing importance of online channel to view trailer and reviews Online is the most cost-effective and efficient touchpoint Digital second only to TV and posters for audience reach The rising star…

9 Cinema has the highest attention of any touchpoint But audience positivity for the trailer is higher in the online channel: Digital is well-placed to reinforce and deliver film-launch messaging In the UK % In France % of users rated the experience as very positive Capture their imagination

10 Online is a self-select channel The user is ‘pulled’ towards content with the most interest Controlling their level of exposure to your message Interactive content will capture their attention Deeper engagement strongly influences decision-making The pull factor

11 Use digital to involve the audience and drive a longer film experience TV can drive people towards the Internet for in-depth detail Digital posters can enable them to download and share trailers on the move The Internet can make the most of interviews, reviews and exclusive content Digital enables personalisation and deeper engagement on the Journey to View Bringing the film to life

12 In-game ads are an increasingly positive touchpoint Gamers display a clear passion for film Visit the cinema more often than non-gamers And influence the opinions of their peers Paying attention to the detail… Become part of the action

13 Digital enables conversation with friends and family Increasing word of mouth coverage for your film It also allows them to share trailers, wallpapers and behind- the-scenes footage Creating exclusive engagement for your brand A shared experience…

14 “Lead the audience by the nose to the thought.” Laurence Olivier

15 Watchmen creative

16 “ all the media assets you may need for your commercial...” Watchmen creative

17 “During the past few years, film marketing has increasingly focused on media integration. We have seen more traditional and digital media platforms working in conjunction.” Chris Edwards, Head of Strategy, New Media Maze

18 The final curtain… and involves the audienceDigital immerses the perfect opportunity to positively deliver and leverage the trailer Digital offers Digital cost-efficientlyintegrates with and extends other touchpoints You dream it. We’ll deliver it. Microsoft Advertising

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