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Automatic Pressure Regulator Presented by: –Jeremy Wilson.

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1 Automatic Pressure Regulator Presented by: –Jeremy Wilson

2 Highway Safety A problem millions of people everyday deal with. If you yourself are not faced by it, loved ones will be

3 Tire Debris Debris left on the road Example of operating trailer, inside tire failed, destroying second tire.

4 Statistics: Arizona Highway DOT Study –79 auto accidents/year due to objects on road –5400+ Tractor Trailer accidents Under inflated Tractor-Trailer Tires a primary factor –Increases belt separation –Increases heat and friction stress –Increases roll-over 0.45 g reduced to 0.40 g

5 Proposed Solution Automatic Pressure Regulator –Constant monitoring of tire pressure –Automatically corrects tire pressure outside normal range –Trending of pressure correction to indicate more severe problems

6 System Proposal Driver Information Center Regulator Tire Coupling Compressor – Belt Driven from Engine Computerized Control System Press Gage

7 Pros Increased Highway Safety –Reduced number of rollovers –Less highway debris causing automobile accidents Other Benefits –Better fuel efficiency –Reduced Maintenance Cost Prevent over/under inflating of tires by Human error

8 Cons Retro fitting existing equipment Legal liability if system fails Requires buy-in from both Rig manufactures and Trailer manufactures to be successful

9 Conclusion l Significant statistics prove that under/over inflated tires negatively effect highway safety l Every highway traveler would benefit l Highway safety would improve l Increased Highway Safety is a reality with the Automatic Pressure Regulator

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