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Optimist Santa Claus Parade Welcome Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. 7:00 pm.

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1 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Welcome Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012. 7:00 pm

2 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Introductions: Our Parade Committee Bob Jackson John Ewanick Gene Shackelton David Kuchma Al HoltBob Holt Dave McCormickChuck Gratton Earl TaylorLeo Lynch Gregg PaisleyJim Wakefield Neal AmbroseBarry Bottineau Tom IntvenTerry Lanning Scott ShakirChris McConnell

3 Optimist Santa Claus Parade 2012 Theme “A Christmas Wish List”

4 Optimist Santa Claus Parade 2011 Winners Best Theme - St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital / Steelway/ and Berry Hill Best Children’s Entry -Studio Dance Point Best Commercial - Kenny Iguana's Nightclub Most Unusual -Animal Coalition Most Photogenic -Presstran Best Overall -Formet Industries

5 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Welcome to our 2012 Grand Marshal, Miss Kristen McCord, Miss Ontario Globe 2012 & Miss Canada Globe 2012 2 nd Princess

6 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Kristen will be at the marshalling area prior to the parade!

7 Optimist Santa Claus Parade

8 Parade Rules & Regulations All vehicles and floats are to be decorated and well lit, keeping with the holiday season.

9 Optimist Santa Claus Parade There will be no candy distributed at the parade. Anyone found in violation of this will not be allowed in next year's parade.

10 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Flyers or advertisements (or anything else) are not to be handed out during the parade. These sheets tend to be left behind and litter the street.

11 Optimist Santa Claus Parade A driver of the float must remain with the vehicle at all times during the staging portion of the parade.

12 Optimist Santa Claus Parade We do not want to confuse the children with more than one Santa Claus. The Optimist Club of St. Thomas will provide the one and only Santa Claus at the end of the parade.

13 Optimist Santa Claus Parade No riders are allowed on their floats during entry to the staging area.

14 Optimist Santa Claus Parade In order to have a smooth flowing parade, all vehicles must keep moving when possible. Otherwise the length of the parade is extended and gaps can occur. This results in much frustration for spectators. Please keep it moving!

15 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Any animal walking in the parade must be “diapered”. There are many people who walk the parade route – parade marshalls, parade entries, band members. They expect the street to be “manure- free”

16 Optimist Santa Claus Parade No collection of money, or solicitation of spectators is allowed.

17 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Watch for children getting too close to your float. We want everyone to stay SAFE!

18 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Boy killed by parade float PLANT CITY, Florida (AP) -- A 9-year-old boy died after being run over by a church float in a Christmas parade. Jordan Hayes was walking alongside the float, … when his foot was caught by a wheel and he fell under the float Friday night, said Police Chief Bill McDaniel. Parade watchers shouted at the driver to back up, but the pickup truck pulling the Greater Heights Family Worship Center float ran over Jordan a second time. The driver is Jordan's cousin, authorities said. Jordan, of Inverness, Florida, had been in Plant City visiting a brother.Florida "This is a tragedy that defies words," McDaniel said. "This was supposed to be a time of celebration and joy, but it has turned into a terrible tragedy." … from CNN.COM/US

19 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Christmas parade accident kills N.L. man Carbonear man, 41, run over after falling from float The Canadian Press Posted: Dec 11, 2011 7:35 PM ET Parade fatality A joyous day in eastern Newfoundland was marred by tragedy when a man was killed after being run over by a Christmas parade float, RCMP said Sunday. The incident happened after the parade had wrapped up in Carbonear, Sgt. Wayne Newell told CBC News. He said the victim, 41, was headed home on a flatbed trailer that had served as the float. The truck that was towing the trailer made a turn, causing the man — who had been sitting on a rail — to fall from the float. "He fell on the inside of the turn and actually went under the wheels, to the best of our knowledge," Newell said. "[He] suffered a very tragic death as he was dragged underneath the wheels of the transport trailer." Newell said the man was dragged a "considerable distance" and died from his injuries at the scene. His name was not immediately released. Three other people who were on the float — members of a local motorcycle club — were not hurt. The incident remains under investigation, but police said they do not suspect foul play. Newell said investigators were speaking to a handful of adults who witnessed the accident. He said it's not believed that any children saw what happened. "This is a horrific incident for these people to have seen, especially at this time of year," he said. "It's a terrible ending to what was supposed to be a happy event."

20 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Boy's death at Preeceville parade an 'extreme tragedy' Eight-year-old was run over by float at town's centennial parade CBC News Posted: Jul 9, 2012 4:20 PM CST Family members of a Prince Albert, Sask., boy who was killed by a parade float in Preeceville say they are shocked by what they call an "extreme tragedy." The eight-year-old boy died on Saturday afternoon after he jumped off the front end of the float — a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck — and was run over. The incident took place on the Preeceville School grounds, near the end of a parade to celebrate the town's 100th anniversary. "It was an extreme tragedy. I guess it affected the whole family and the community very deeply," Colin Korney, the boy's uncle, told CBC News on Monday. Korney said he will remember the child as a happy boy. RCMP did not release the deceased boy's name. Reports originally said he was seven years old, but on Monday police said he had celebrated his eighth birthday on Thursday. The boy was on the float with three adults during the parade. As the event was wrapping up, he jumped off the float as it was moving very slowly, according to police. Two nurses from a nearby float tried to help the boy. He was taken to hospital in Preeceville, where he died a short time later. RCMP say foul play is not suspected in the child's death, but officers have seized both the trailer and the truck as part of their investigation.

21 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Show video

22 Optimist Santa Claus Parade The north parking lot of Timken will be available for dropping people off. The south end, in front of Timken, is being reserved for the Marching Bands. Parents are not allowed to drive into the staging area.

23 Optimist Santa Claus Parade FLOATS Enter Here From North Staging Area Canadian Timken Canadian Tire WALMARTWALMART East Lane of First Ave to remain open Libro Gas Pumps

24 Optimist Santa Claus Parade The Optimist Food Trailer will be on-site! Hot Chocolate and French Fries will be available ~ at reasonable rates. A portable washroom will also be available on the Timken property.

25 Optimist Santa Claus Parade There will be Optimist Leo Lynch at the end of Talbot Street. They will either direct you straight through on Talbot, or signal you to turn left onto Elgin Street.

26 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Tractor Trailers and large floats will go straight on Talbot to disembark riders along Talbot St from Elgin to William St Smaller floats will turn left on Elgin to disembark riders at your pre-determined location. YOU CANNOT STOP HERE! Only Talbot is closed – the remainder of streets are open to public transportation Be prepared!

27 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Some ideas for your groups include: Wellington Street School, Old Co- Op Lumber yard, municipal parking lot behind CIBC, IGA Foodland on William, etc.

28 Optimist Santa Claus Parade If you have any digital pictures you would be willing to share with us, please email them to us through our website:

29 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Next year’s parade will be on Sat., Nov. 23, 2013, at 6:00 pm.

30 Optimist Santa Claus Parade ROGERS TELEVISION will be televising the parade live, and re-broadcasting many times. Smile, Smile, Smile, but don’t STOP MOVING! Be On Your Best Behaviour:

31 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Parade registration numbers will be distributed during this meeting. Please don’t leave without them. Registration Numbers are only for identification. “First In” does not necessarily mean “First Out”.

32 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Positioning of Registration Number Front, Top Right (Passenger Side) 135

33 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Thanks to our Sponsors:


35 Optimist Santa Claus Parade Next Year ~ Sat Nov 23, 2013 @ 6:00 pm

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