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SEA-PT LTD. Clare County Council Oil Spill Response in the Shannon Estuary. Role of Shannon Estuary Anti – Pollution Team and Duties of the Beachmaster.

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1 SEA-PT LTD. Clare County Council Oil Spill Response in the Shannon Estuary. Role of Shannon Estuary Anti – Pollution Team and Duties of the Beachmaster

2 SEA-PT Ltd. Shannon Foynes Port Company Shannon Foynes Port Company (SFPC) is responsible for all maritime activities on the Shannon Estuary. Also operates a range of value-added services (terminal operations, stevedoring, warehousing and logistics) Play active role in Estuary environment through SEAPT

3 SEA-PT Ltd. Terminals and Activities Services six terminals (Foynes, Limerick, Shannon, AAL, Money point and Tarbert Annual tonnage in excess of 11 million Ireland’s largest bulk handler Operates stevedoring at Limerick Extensive warehousing interests

4 SEA-PT Ltd. General 98% of all of Ireland’s international trade travels by sea. SFPC share of Irish non-unit port traffic: Total traffic35% Liquid bulk12% Dry bulk58% SFPC has consistently exceeded national bulk growth rates Over 40% of all of Ireland’s electricity is generated on the Shannon Estuary Estuary handles over 850 vessels per annum, including the largest into Ireland at Moneypoint (up to 200,000 GT) New Records : Largest cruise ship (38,000 GT Black Watch in August 2006) and bulk carrier ( 52,000 GT Vassiliki in 2005) calls into Foynes

5 SEA-PT Ltd. Shannon Foynes Port Company have 3 response Plans for the Estuary: –Shannon Estuary Marine Emergency Plan –Shannon Estuary Pollution Response Plan –Shannon Estuary Installation Emergency plan Thee are updated every 3 years and sent to the Irish Coast Guard and all Local Authorities to link in with their Major emergency plans

6 SEA-PT Ltd. –Shannon Estuary Anti – Pollution Team. –Formed in November 1993 to support members in pollution response. –To provide a platform for a unified response to oil spill incidents. –Stockpile and maintain pollution response equipment, and support tools (computer modeling etc.) –Committee to co-ordinate collection of annual fees, purchase of equipment, exercises and training courses.

7 SEA-PT Ltd. Members include: Aer RiantaKerry County Council Rusal Aughinish Limerick City Council Topaz Ltd. Clare County Council ESB Moneypoint Limerick County Council Endesa Tarbert Galway County Council. AFSC Shannon Foynes Port Co Texaco Ireland Inver Resources

8 SEA-PT Ltd. All members pay an annual subscription to SEA-PT What do you get in return:- Access to the stock of equipment held and maintained in a warehouse in Foynes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This stockpile is unique in that it is second only to ICG in Ireland. Training courses every year held in the Autumn. Exercises every year held in the spring – this exercise satisfies obligations under OPRC and Irish Coast Guard recommendations. Forum for discussion and information. Advice in the event of Oil Pollution Response. Joint response to any incident on Shannon Estuary and additional resources in the event of a major incident. Expert advice.

9 SEA-PT Ltd. 1 Booms SF-01-00-00 Fence booms SF-01-10-00 TroilBoom GP1100 SF-01-11-00 TroilBoom GP1100 tow ends SF-01-12-00 Solid foam boom SF-01-13-00 Curtain booms SF-01-20-00 Sea Sentinel SF-01-21-00 Sea Sentinel tow ends SF-01-22-00 Warne boom 10m SF-01-23-00 Oscar boom SF-01-24-00 Shore Sealing booms SF-01-30-00 Shoreguardian 400 SF-01-31-00 Shoreguardian 550 SF-01-32-00 Shoreguardian 550 tow ends SF-01-33-00 Response Equipment and Tools

10 SEA-PT Ltd. Response Equipment and Tools 2 Skimmers SF-02-00-00 Weir skimmers SF-02-10-00 Desmi mini max SF-02-11-00 Delta Skimmer SF-02-12-00 Mantra Ray SF-02-13-00 Disc skimmers SF-02-20-00 Ro-disc 15k SF-02-21-00 Ro-disc 20k SF-02-22-00 Komara 20K SF-02-23-00 Komara Star SF-02-24-00 Mop skimmers SF-02-30-00 Ro-mop OM240D SF-02-31-00 Vacuum skimmers SF-02-40-00 Vikoma mini vac SF-02-41-00

11 SEA-PT Ltd. Response Equipment and Tools 3 Power Packs & Hydraulic drive units SF-03-00-00 Power packs SF-03-10-00 4.5kw power pack for reel SF-03-11-00 5.2 power pack for disc skimmers SF-03-12-00 GP10-2 SF-03-13-00 GP10-2ESF-03-14-00 Hydraulic motor SF-03-20-00 Hydraulic motor for troil boom SF-03-21-00

12 SEA-PT Ltd. Response Equipment and Tools 4 Pumps& Air blowers SF-04-00-00 Water Pumps SF-04-10-00 Honda WP20X SF-04-11-00 Honda WP20XT SF-04-12-00 Suzuki VP20X SF-04-13-00 Briggs SF-04-14-00 Transfer Pumps c/w hydraulic motor SF-04-20-00 Spate pump SF-04-21-00 Transfer Pumps c/w diesel engine SF-04-30-00 Spate pump SF-04-31-00 Vikoma transfer pump SF-04-32-00 Air blowers SF-04-40-00 PB-46LN SF-04-41-00 PB-4600 SF-04-42-00 PB265ESL SF-04-43-00 PB-2100 SF-04-44-00 Hunsqvarna air blower SF-04-45-00

13 SEA-PT Ltd. Response Equipment and Tools 5 Storage units SF-05-00-00 Reels SF-05-10-00 Troil boom reel SF-05-11-00 Storage tanks SF-05-20-00 Vikoma startank SF-05-21-00 Storage bladers SF-05-30-00 Oscar storage blader SF-05-31-00 6 Trailers & ATV & Engines SF-06-00-00 Trailers SF-06-10-00 ATV Trailer SF-06-11-00 Dory Trailer SF-06-12-00 Oscar Trailer SF-06-13-00 Troil boom Trailer SF-06-14-00 ATV SF-06-20-00 Polaris 6 wheel ATV SF-06-21-00 Engines SF-06-30-00 Yamaha 60 FETO SF-06-31-00

14 SEA-PT Ltd. Response Equipment and Tools 7 Vessels SF-07-00-00 Response vessels SF-07-10-00 17ft Dory SF-07-11-00 Recovery vessels SF-07-20-00 Oscar SF-07-21-00 8 Miscellaneous SF-08-00-00 Forklift SF-08-11-00 Dibo pressure washer SF-08-21-00 80KW Power generator SF-08-31-00

15 SEA-PT Ltd. Response Equipment and Tools In addition to the equipment the following tools are also available: Hydrocarbon studies for Shannon Estuary Oil spill computer tracking model for Shannon Estuary Computer GIS model for all information to hand. Sensitivity Studies for Shannon Estuary. Shoreline protection strategy. Oil Spill response Plan for Shannon Estuary Emergency boxes for setting up office at Response Centre

16 SEA-PT Ltd.




20 SEA-PT Ltd. SEAPT and Major Emergency Framework SEAPT is NOT a blue light response. Oil pollution response is secondary to Safety of life and securing of incident site. Pollution response will activate when safe to do so. SEAPT works under different legislation – Oil Pollution Acts and OPRC.

21 SEA-PT Ltd. OPRC provides a global framework for International Co- operation in combatting major incidents or threats of marine pollution. Parties, of which Ireland is one, are required to establish measures for dealing with pollution incidents, either nationally or in co-operation with other countries. Training and exercises are a compulsory part of OPRC and courses are organised locally, nationally and internationally. These training courses set out a blueprint for setting up response centres recognised internationally and differ from response set ups formed under Local Authority emergency plans.

22 SEA-PT Ltd. On Scene Practical Management

23 SEA-PT Ltd. On Scene Practical Management To discuss how an oil spill should be managed from a practical point of view

24 SEA-PT Ltd. Phases of Response Emergency Callout Assessment Mobilisation Operations Demobilisation

25 Organisation Features Size Adaptable to response tiers Type Dedicated/ad hoc or strike teams Operational or crisis team? Team Training

26 Organisation Structure: eg ICS

27 Responsibilities Executive Command Agree strategic Clean up Plans Collate information Disseminate information up & down Handle Media and local issues

28 Responsibilities External Liasion Press Pressure Groups Community Authorities

29 Responsibilities Planning & Assessment Information Overflights Environmental Assessment Recommend Strategy

30 Responsibilities Logistics Resources Equipment Local handling Facilities Procurement & accounting Storage & Safety Maintenance Movement Issue & Distribution Demobilisation Cleaning

31 Responsibilities Operations Implement recommended Strategy Report progress regularly


33 The Planning Cycle 0600hrsreports from BM to Ops 0730hrsAssessment Meeting 0830hrsFeedback to BM Forecast, objectives, priorities 1100hrsTactical operations meeting 1500hrs Planning Meeting

34 Incident Action Plan Safety Messages Main Objectives Resources Environmental considerations Weather Communications

35 On Scene Practical Management Organisation Fit for the purpose Responsibilities Clearly Defined Communications Needed and the means Resources

36 SRC Incident Commander

37 Planning Response Strategy Public Waste Wildlife

38 Operations Implement Recommended Strategy Field Operations Shoreline Protection Shoreline Cleanup Waste Management Decontamination

39 Logistics obtaining the personnel, equipment, materials, and supplies needed to mount and sustain incident response operations Responsible for providing logistics support services necessary to ensure incident response operations are carried out in a safe and efficient fashion

40 Finance

41 SRC Layout Information centre Information Centre Planning Operations Logistics CommandFinance Situation Unit Media Unit

42 Information Centre Incident Facts Tides SR/SS Situation Map Resourse Status 2 Incident Facts Update Weather Others 1 Objectives Other 3 Organisation 1 Safety & Health considerations, Mass Balance, Sensitive Areas 2 Enroute, Assigned, Available, Out of Service 3 Operational Period, Schedule of Meetings, Medical Plan, Communications Plan

43 SEA-PT Ltd. Thank you for your attention I

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