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Account Director, media consulta International Holding AG

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1 Account Director, media consulta International Holding AG
Yasmin Love Account Director, media consulta International Holding AG Communication Campaign: Promoting the EYD2015

2 Communication Tools

3 Visual identity One common motto: Our world, our dignity, our future
Motto is available in all EU languages

4 Website Website will go live in December
featuring key campaign news stories of the week campaign toolkit online event calendar for you to upload your events key development facts and updates platform for sharing of ideas and for partners and citizens to get involved Dedicated profile pages for organisations involved in the EYD2015

5 Story of the week Based on the monthly thematic calendar
Human interest stories about people whose lives in one way or another have been touched by development cooperation. This can be beneficiaries, project managers, volunteers, people working in beneficiary countries, etc. Cultivating progress: farming in Eritrea The EU is helping transform rural agricultural communities in Eritrea

6 Event calendar Partner updates

7 Let’s use a narrative and positive tone!
Social media strategy One voice Story-telling is the chosen approach to underline human experience One image A consistent and recognizable visual identity through all channels. Let’s use a narrative and positive tone! Cooperation Co-curation Clear call to action

8 Social media channels EYD2015 social media accounts: @EYD2015 @EuropeAid #EYD2015 #Euglobalplayer, etc. Managed by mc and DEVCO and EDY2015 partners Special promotion will take place through EuropeAid accounts

9 Join the workshop session in the afternoon to find out more.
Co-Curation The official Facebook and Twitter accounts of the EYD2015 will be managed in partnership with organisations participating in the campaign. Curation - each week, a different partner will run the social media accounts Partner logos will be clearly displayed on both channels Partners will receive guidelines and topic on content and frequency of social media activity Join the workshop session in the afternoon to find out more.

10 Targeting the media Pro-active media relations activities throughout EYD2015: regular press mailings, press for key events, central media hooks and agenda setting in line with the thematic calendar, editorial media cooperations on national level (at least 2 per country), placement of op-eds in each MS engagement of ambassadors in selected MS, etc.

11 Ambassadors EYD2015 ambassadors in selected EU countries
Authentic national celebrities with public appeal Selection based on popularity and link to development topics, general recall and commitment to the EU Ambassadors utilised across as many platforms and themes as possible, e.g. presence at stakeholders’ events, interviews

12 EYD2015 audiovisual material
Production of campaign trailer and radio spots Produced and translated into all EU languages Featured on website for download Partners invited to stream on their website/ social media channels Co-branding opportunities

13 Partnership development
EYD2015 will rely heavily on partnerships with local events held throughout the year across all 28 EU MS. Partnerships with organisations from public and private sector will provide additional avenues to increase the public awareness of EYD2015. Media partnerships will be leveraged to effectively reach target groups.

14 Partnership activities
Co-branding Event co-organisation Mutual media relations and press activities Content exchange (online and offline) Co-promotion and advertising Co-curation on social media channels, etc. For further questions on partnerships, please contact:

15 EYD2015 Toolkit

16 Toolkit The EYD2015 Toolkit will contain the materials and resources necessary to engage the target audiences incl. youth Online tools will be designed to get you started and to provide everything you need to join in and run a successful and fun EYD2015 campaign. Subject to availability and resources, limited materials will also available in hard copy (e.g. print material, gadgets, etc.).

17 Campaign information and materials
EYD factsheet overview at EU and national level Key campaign events at EU and national level Country-specific development facts (infographic) EYD Eurobarometer Political messages and thematic months Infographics on thematic months

18 Visual identity Campaign visuals Adaptable promotional material
Campaign video trailer Guidelines on the use of campaign visuals Guidelines on co-branding

19 Web Online banners Widgets Electronic newsletter
Monthly interactive infographics

20 Social media EYD2015 Social media guidelines
Social media thematic calendar Top tips for Facebook Top tips for Twitter Curation guidelines

21 Access and further info
How to access the Toolkit? Toolkit will be accessible online via Where to get further information? Please contact

22 World’s Best News

23 Collaboration with World’s Best News
The World's Best News (WBN) is a Danish news campaign created by the UN, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, over hundred NGOs and corporate partners. WBN brings stories of hope and change from the developing world. Sharing the similar objectives and principles, the EYD and WBN will build synergies and collaborate on a number of activities and measures, both online and offline

24 Activities with the World’s Best News
Online and social media content sharing and infographics Online newsfeeds WBN newsletter in all EU official languages World’s Best Newsmaker online contest for young people World’s Best Newsday across Europe

25 Meeting the citizens with World’s Best News

26 Bringing stories of hope and change

27 Partnering with different media houses

28 Regular news all year round Online + print

29 In strategic partnerships

30 Close to the commuter…

31 …and close to the consumer

32 Keep in touch @EYD2015 @europeaid

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