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Business Plan Blackstaff Restorations 1906 Zust 28/45 HP Automobile Great Race 1908 - 2008.

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1 Business Plan Blackstaff Restorations 1906 Zust 28/45 HP Automobile Great Race 1908 - 2008

2 Mission Statement  Our Purpose is to restore and display the 1906 Zust automobile which was one of only three finishers of the Great Race of 1908 from New York to Paris.

3 1906 Zust 28/45 HP # 127

4 Goals  We intend to take the car to the 2008 Centenary Rerun of the Great Race and display it at each of the stops between New York and San Francisco. We also will display the car at selected Museum and Concours events during the centennial year of the race.

5 The Team  Blackstaff Restorations is operated by Harry and Jimmy Blackstaff. Mechanical services are supplied by Terry Porter (Heavy Equipment Mechanic since 1974) and media and industrial contact services are provided by Barry Patchett of Maglyn Engineering.  Blackstaff Restorations have restored many veteran automobiles, steam traction engines and steam, gasoline and diesel vintage marine engines. This work has been ongoing for over 40 years.

6 Accomplishments  Some Blackstaff Customer Restorations –1908 and 1909 Reo automobiles –1915 McLaughlin Buick automobile –1900 Locomobile steam car –1928 Packard Tourer –1912 Oakland automobile

7 Accomplishments  Blackstaff Owned Restorations and “In Progress” (Partial List) –1906 Zust Great Race car –1901 Locomobile steam automobile –1914 LaFrance Fire Engine –1918 Waterloo Steam Traction Engine –1923 Ford Model TT Depot Hack –1913 McLaughlin Buick automobile –1900 George White Portable Steam Engine

8 Opportunities  The attendance of the Zust at the start of the 2008 Centenary celebration of the Great Race will afford Advertisers an unrivalled opportunity to reach a world-wide audience of auto racing fans via media coverage of the event in major cities and en route across America.

9 Business Concept  The restoration of the 1906 Zust is already partly finished. The car is scheduled for completion in December of 2007. The car will be transported by trailer to each city of the Centenary Race and demonstrated on the street.  The trailer will display all Advertiser Logos prominently at each location. We have a tow vehicle now, a classic 1980 diesel International Cab Over (Model IHCO4070B).

10 Goals & Objectives  One-year goals –Complete the restoration to running order –Attend the 2008 Centenary Celebration of the Great Race, New York to Paris –Advertise Sponsors by media coverage in each major American City on the route.

11 Goals & Objectives  One-year goals – other possibilities –Display at the Reynolds Museum, Wetaskiwin –Display at Steamworks Concours, Vancouver –Display at Pebble Beach Concours, California

12 Financial Plan - Restoration RestorationAmount (inc 20% Overhead) Magneto and Ignition$15,000.00 Radiator 10,000.00 Chain Drive 3,000.00 Tires (6) 2,000.00 Total$30,000.00 These are the only items necessary for the complete restoration of the automobile.

13 Financial Plan - Labour Labour (including overhead and benefits) 12 months$60,000.00 The intent here is to hire one or two mechanics to ensure that the restoration process is completed on-time for the 2008 Centenary.

14 Financial Plan - Travel Transport Trailer$30,000.00 Truck Spares 6,000.00 RV (8 weeks) 8,000.00 Fuel 7,000.00 Expenses 4,000.00 Contingency 5,000.00 Total$60,000.00

15 Sponsorship Sponsor Level Logo Size Amount Primary 15'x5' $75,000.00 Major (4) 6'x2'$15,000.00 Contributing Variable <$10,000.00

16 Risks & Rewards  Risks –There is only one centenary year, 2008, so the car must be completed to attend the February start of the rerun.  Addressing risk –The car can definitely be completed with sponsorship and the four principals are committed to attending the 2008 event and demonstrating the car.  Rewards –Blackstaff Restorations does not have the expertise to estimate advertising benefits, but we expect the financial reward to Sponsors to be substantial in relation to their investment.

17 Key Issues  Near term –Key near-term issues are the completion of the ignition system and radiator/cooling system.  Long term –Key long-term issues are obtaining and outfitting a trailer and arranging logistics for the cross-America tour. –Decision postponement will result in the car missing the 2008 Centenary Race Celebration.

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