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L Q A & E PROGRAM Level II Biosecurity Lesson WELCOME TO.

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1 L Q A & E PROGRAM Level II Biosecurity Lesson WELCOME TO

2 Participants will be able to: Define biosecurity Identify major components of biosecurity Identify appropriate biosecurity management practices and procedures Develop a biosecurity plan for their 4-H Project Biosecurity Learner Outcomes

3 Lesson Outline True or false questions (dry erase or show of hands) Clearly define Biosecurity List diseases of concern – define them and how they are spread (blackboard, flipchart, etc.) The final list should include Avian Influenza, Johne’s, Pneumonia, Pseudorabies and Tuberculosis Walk through Powerpoint presentation Management Practice Card Activity Case Study Activity H1N1 Discussion (optional, ONLY if time permits)

4 Biosecurity Defined: Set of preventative measures taken to reduce the risk of disease introduction or transmission

5 Diseases of Concern

6 How Are Diseases Spread? Diseased animals Other animals and pests People Vehicles and equipment Carcasses Feedstuffs Impure water Air

7 A - RITS The Five Components of Biosecurity

8 A - ASSESSMENT What are potential points of contamination?

9 R - RESISTANCE Animal’s ability to reject or contend with an infection Nutrition Stress

10 I- ISOLATION Preventing contact, commingling

11 T – TRAFFIC CONTROL Vehicles, people, animals, wildlife, rodents, insects

12 S - SANITATION Cleaning, disinfecting, removal of organic matter

13 Management Practice Cards Cleaning out a pen between groups of animals. I (Isolation) Teaching point Isolation refers to prevention of contact between animals with in a controlled environment. Cleaning out pens is away to control the environment by having clean surroundings. Clean the livestock trailer after haling the neighbor’s cow to the veterinarian T (Traffic Control) Teaching point Trucks and trailers can harbor germs Take a few minutes to disinfect tires and the inside of your trailer between “hauls.”

14 Case Study Freddy the 4-Her takes many animals to the county fair. He shows poultry, swine and cattle. For many years the animals just came directly home from the fair and were put right back into the pens with the rest of the animals. Freddy’s dad has since realized that animals can pass diseases between themselves when they are at the fair. The animals are in contact with other animals while in the show ring, on the wash rack or in the watering areas. Freddy’s dad has since decided that they should have a plan in place to limit the possibility of passing the diseases like ringworm or warts to other animals on the farm once the fair animals return home. Using the A-RITS formula, what are some management practices Freddy could use? A - Assessment R-Resistance I-Isolation T-Traffic Control S- Sanitation

15 Biosecurity Update

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