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Chris Buckler Christina Harris Greg Strimel Elizabeth Surgeon.

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2 Chris Buckler Christina Harris Greg Strimel Elizabeth Surgeon

3  Trucks accumulate large amounts of snow and ice, causing severe safety concerns for all drivers.

4  There are an estimated 15.5 million trucks operating in the U.S., of which 2 million are tractor trailers Source: Trucking Statistics Source: Clip Art

5  Flying ice from tractor trailers has been documented to cause serious safety issues Source: Ramirez, M.

6  Benefits of removing ice and snow: ◦ Improved visibility ◦ Prevents injury or property damage ◦ Prevents laws and fines ◦ Improved fuel economy ◦ Reduce insurance claims & law suits ◦ Meet OSHA regulations for truck drivers Source: Trego, T. Source: 2522041/detail.html 2522041/detail.html

7  Removal of ice and snow accumulation from the tops of semis creates challenges  Some solutions, such as having drivers climb onto the roof and manually removing snow and ice causes serious safety issues, including falling. Other methods can be more complex, require routine maintenance, or be cost-prohibitive Source: Trego, T. Source: 10/03/21/business/srv0000007 782933.jpg

8  The build-up of snow and ice on top of a tractor trailer can significantly increase the height and weight of the truck, causing major problems  Source: Snow, ice make tractor-trailers over weight. Source: snow.jpg snow.jpg

9 Portable Drive-Thru Slanted Roof Attachment Heated Coil

10 Inflatable Lifting System Two-Man Hand Tool One-Man Hand Tool



13 Design Matrix Rating 123 Problem WorstAverageBest Trucks accumulate large amounts of snow and ice causing severe safety concerns for all drivers Criteria Ideas Cost Effectiveness Ease of Installation Height Weight Availability of Materials User Friendly Practicality Effectiveness of Snow Removal Time to Build Does not Damage Truck Appearance Safety Simplicity Durability Total Heated Coil Bubble Winch Device Heated Blanket Two Man Hand Tool Roof Shape Portable Drive Thru Hydraulic Roof Lift Conveyor Belt Hand Roof Lift

14 Best Solution IdeasMember 1Member 2Member 3Member 4Total Heated Coil283731 127 Bubble302835 128 Winch Device27312931118 Heated Blanket31343228125 Two Man32383330133 Hand Tool35 3326129 Roof Shape28302224104 Portable Drive Thru26302520101 Hydraulic Roof Lift26252824103 Conveyor Belt28342928119 Hand Roof Lift25262822101 Top 3 Ideas IdeaTotal Two Man133 Hand Tool129 Bubble128



17 Costumer RequirementsEngineering Specifications Cost effective The device needs to be designed to cost less than a fine that could be received from not removing snow in some states. Fines range from $75 to $200. The device will be cheaper than possible law suits from damages or injuries from this issue. Easy to install Trucking companies and truckers do not want to spend extra time that could be used being productive. The device must be designed to require minimal time to apply and use. The trailer should not have to be completely altered. Height to pass through tunnel The device must be designed to not add height to the truck so that it can pass through tunnels and overpasses. The device must be able to collapse with minimal effort. The minimal tunnel height on the edges is 13'10". The height of trailers are up to 13' 6". Does not add weight to truck The legal maximum weight for an eight-wheeler is 40 tons. They weigh about 30,000 lbs on average when emptied

18 Costumer RequirementsEngineering Specifications Practical Will the device actually be able to be used by trucking companies? The design should not have to change all trailers that are already out there. It must be in compliance with state laws and regulations. Effective in clearing snow The design must actually remove all snow and ice. Does not damage truck The design must not cause any damage to the truck in any way. The trailer of the truck should not have to be completely altered. Appearance The materials selected to be used for the device must be of quality to ensure a device that is wanted to be used. Safe When designing the device it must be safe for the operator and for everyone around the truck. A safety manual is a must. Durable The materials selected must be of a quality that allows long time use of the device. The materials must balance longevity and price. The material must withstand brutal winter weather.

19 Glad Hand Coupler Two Glad Hand Couplers on Trailer Lip on Top of Trailer Air Hoses Under Trailer Chris next to Trailer

20 Air Tank on Trailer Air Couplers on Cab Air Hose on Trailer PSI Pressure Gauge Air Hoses on Cab

21 Source: allock/Product-20036516546-l.jpg allock/Product-20036516546-l.jpg Source: http://cdn.nationalsafety oks/images/7/fig6-6.gif http://cdn.nationalsafety oks/images/7/fig6-6.gif

22 Surface Area of Trailer = 58752 in 2 Trailer length = 48 ft = 576 in Trailer width = 102 in Area = Length X Width = 576 in X 102 in = 58752 in 2 Specific weight of water @ 32 F = 0.04 62.42 X = 0.04 Volume of water equivalent on trailer = Surface area of trailer X Height of water = 58752 in 2 X 1.2 in = 70503 in 3 Weight of water to lift = Specific weight of water X Volume of water on trailer = 0.04 X 70503 in 3 = 2821 lb. Pressure Required = Weight of water to be lifted = = 0.05 or psi Surface area of trailer For a safety factor of 2 (designed to lift two times as much snow as we feel necessary) = 0.1psi

23 Function Form Ergonomics Durability Standardization Aesthesis Cost

24 BEST SOLUTION DESIGN CRITERIA Criteria CategoryDesign Criteria Function Inflate to beak up ice and snow Inflate to slide snow off the side of truck Inflate to a dome type shape Inflate from truck’s air supply Inflate by attaching an air hose or turning on a switch Must be able to collapse

25 BEST SOLUTION DESIGN CRITERIA Criteria Category Design Criteria Form The device must not significantly affect the height of the truck. Trailer heights are up to 13'6". Pass under minimum tunnel height at the edges of 13'10" The device must not significantly effect the weight of the truck. Maximum weight of trailer is 80,000 lbs. Weight of trailer empty is 30,000 lb Fit Trailer length 48' Fit Trailer width 102" Must inflate with a compressor of at least a filling rate at 13 cubic feet per min at 35 psi Semi-cylinder volume of device 2,353,329.358 in³ Device must be inflatable Must fit the area of trailer top 58,752 in² Device must be made of non-stick material Device must attach to the glad hand seal that connects the trailer to the cab

26 BEST SOLUTION DESIGN CRITERIA Criteria CategoryDesign Criteria Ergonomics The device must be designed to allow 2 people easily to place it on top of a trailer from a catwalk or be placed by a forklift The device must be of light weight to ensure that it can be moved by two people. The air hose and glad hand coupler are designed to allow easy attachment and detachment to air hose connection. They are created to be used with one hand with a simple turn of the wrist Air hoses and coupler devices are designed to allow easy replacement and repair by operator The device must be designed to allow 2 people to remove and store during summer

27 BEST SOLUTION DESIGN CRITERIA Criteria CategoryDesign Criteria Durability Material should be able to be repaired by patch kits Material should be air tight Material should be pliable and workable under negative 30 degree Fahrenheit temperatures Material needs to be resistant to UV rays Materials need to be abrasive and puncture resistant Materials needs to be water tight Inert material to resist a variety of chemicals Materials need to be heat and chemical welded to ensure an air tight and strong attachment points

28 BEST SOLUTION DESIGN CRITERIA Criteria CategoryDesign Criteria Standardization The manufacturing of the device must be able to be replicated. A proper design will allow the material to be mended together in a way that is consistent AestheticsThe device must not hinder the appearance of the trailer Cost The cost of the device must be designed to be under the price of the fine caused by the offense of not removing snow. Fines range from $75-$200. Law suits from accidents and workers compensation can be greatly expensive.

29 Paper ModelCompressor Model Preliminary Sketch - Bubble Preliminary Sketch - Coupling











40  Adjust the shape of the inflatable ◦ Inflate chamber down the middle first ◦ Include a rigid structure down the middle  Use a stronger material ◦ Thicker plastic  Pulsating air supply ◦ Could be accomplished through valves or computer control  Conduct testing in a cold environment (below freezing) ◦ Walk-in freezer  Teflon coating ◦ Use Scotchgard instead of cooking spray


42  Proposed material - nylon coated polyurethane ◦ Waterproof and airtight ◦ UV and chemical resistant ◦ Puncture and tear resistant ◦ Workable and pliable in cold temperatures ◦ R/F and chemically bonded for strength ◦ Smooth, slippery surface ◦ Can be custom cut to fit any pattern  Inflated by air compressor already on truck Source: materials-construction.php materials-construction.php

43  Bendix Compressors. (2004). Retrieved from  Bouchard, G. (2003). U.S. Patent No. 6654878. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Retrieved from  Ciscel, A. (2009). Truckers report: bad trucking laws. Retrieved from  Critical Freight Inc. (n.d.). Dry van. Retrieved from  Cyclone works. (2009). Retrieved from  Driver blames trucker for flying ice injuries. (2010, January 08). Retrieved from  Google Patents. (2010). Retrieved from  Haldex 2010 Catalog. (2010). Products/Literature/Brake--Suspension-Systems- Literature/Compressors/?pdf=%2fDocuments%2fhbsna%2fCompressors%2fL00118_Compressor s_4-10.pdf Products/Literature/Brake--Suspension-Systems- Literature/Compressors/?pdf=%2fDocuments%2fhbsna%2fCompressors%2fL00118_Compressor s_4-10.pdf  Kane, J. (2010, February 24). Bill would force drivers to de-ice vehicles., Retrieved from  Kostas, M. (1999, September 28). Self contained snow removal apparatus. Retrieved from

44  Meritor WABCO Compressors. (2007). Retrieved from  O'Connor, M. (2010, January 08). Pennsylvania motorists and tractor trailer drivers are reminded of snow/ice removal law. Retrieved from motorists-and-tra.html motorists-and-tra.html  Ramirez, M. (2010, January 6). Flying ice from truck severely injures motorist. Chicago Breaking News Center, Retrieved from semi-trailer-truck-snow-ice-injury-surgery-stitches-butterfield-road.html semi-trailer-truck-snow-ice-injury-surgery-stitches-butterfield-road.html  Scraper system. (2007). Retrieved from  Snow, ice make tractor-trailers over weight. (2010, February 16). Retrieved from  Steeley, E. (n.d.) What are whitewater rafts made out of? Retrieved from  (n.d.). Snow to liquid equivalent. Retrieved from  Thorton, J. (n.d.) What are whitewater rafts made from? Retrieved from  Top 25 causes of car accidents. (2010). Retrieved from advice/top-causes-of-car-accidents/ advice/top-causes-of-car-accidents/

45  Trego, T. and R. Brewster. (2009) Snow and ice accumulation on vehicles. American Transportation Research Institute. Retrieved from http://www.atri-  Trucking statistics. (n.d.). Retrieved from  Water – Density and Specific Weight. (2005). Retrieved from  Winslow, L. (2010, June 29). Business innovation - truck trailer snow removal prototype engineering advice case study. Retrieved from Trailer-Snow-Removal-Prototype-Engineering-Advice-Case-Study&id=4571909 Trailer-Snow-Removal-Prototype-Engineering-Advice-Case-Study&id=4571909  Why polyurethane? (n.d.) Retrieved from  Winter car accidents. (2007). Retrieved from accidents.html accidents.html  Yeaglin, W. (1998). U.S. Patent No. 5802654. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Retrieved from

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