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Truckwatch Security Platform Stops theft. Period..

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1 Truckwatch Security Platform Stops theft. Period.

2 2 Overview ● Autowatch’s Truckwatch platform is designed for driver and public safety with a comprehensive approach to security. This includes theft prevention of the vehicle, trailer and contents, as well as remote, real-time risk and crisis management. ● Autowatch’s modular approach means that security solutions are customizable and scalable to your specific needs including being:  Protected from vehicle theft  Protected at running idle if unattended  Protected from theft of trailer and contents  Protected from hijacking  Protected from hotwiring  GPS interfaced for tracking, geo-fencing and remote, real-time shut down  Parking sensor equipped  Alcohol interlock protected  Eligible for insurance discounts

3 3 End-to-end Platform ● The Truckwatch system has several modules for key functions:  A multi-circuit transponder immobilizer – approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and tested by Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada  A running immobilizer  An anti-highjack immobilizer  Telematics relay for GPS starter disable  Trailer Alarm with GPS interface and instant mobile alert capabilities ● These components may be used in combination or separately for various security requirements

4 4 Multi-circuit Transponder Immobilizer ● Automatic arming 30 seconds after ignition switch off – transponder code recognition ● Three vital circuit immobilization ● Patented anti-tamper security housing resists sawing, hammering, etc., prevents bypassing if located ● Safety feature prevents system arming while vehicle is driven ● LED display visual warning ● Four billion code variations for transponder ● All black wiring theft prevention ● Secure override code for lost or damaged key transponders

5 Running Immobilizer ● Secures truck when left to idle ● Vehicle shutdown triggered by up to seven trip points ● Automatic driver authentication transponder ● Multiple transponders can control one vehicle with master transponder for fleet management

6 Vehicle Ground – Starter Disable ● Telematics relay enables remote grounding of vehicles by dispatcher/supervisor ● GPS output will prevent vehicle from starting, including overriding authorized driver

7 Anti-hijack Immobilizer ● Automatic and/or remote GPS shutdown ● Automatic and/or remote GPS shutdown cancellation in real time ● One, two or three minute shutdown initiation option ● RPM delay for shutdown initiation option ● Select/deselect shutdown for vehicle service mode ● Five shutdown reset options ● Horn activation output ● Tracking output for unauthorized driver notification

8 Trailer Alarm ● Theft protection of the trailer itself as well as valuable contents ● Adaptable to multiple applications including truck boxes, trailers, campers and RVs, etc. ● When interfaced with GPS device is designed to trigger instant alerts to your cell phone in case of tampering or theft and track the trailer if stolen ● Installation can include multiple trigger points including motion detection, door/window switches and wireless leg sensors ● Remote and hardwired panic alerts for emergency situations

9 Truck and Trailer Parking Sensor ● Four-sensor waterproof system with high-bright LED indicators ● Light patterns seen in mirrors indicate various optical distances when reversing ● Plug in sensors for easy replacement ● Prevent costly damage to truck/trailer and property

10 Alcohol Interlock ● Prevents vehicle from starting without a valid breath sample ● Can request random breath samples while driving ● Can be calibrated to customer’s specification of blood alcohol content ● Immediate cell phone/e-mail notification for failed samples when interfaced with GPS device

11 About Autowatch ● Autowatch’s security platform was selected for testing by Homeland Security in the United States. Autowatch achieved the fastest remote shut down of a traveling truck and the security system when tested by the Federal Motor Carrier Administration. ● Zero reported thefts with more than 30,000 vehicles protected by Autowatch security systems. ● Autowatch introduced the first transponder vehicle security system to be approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and tested by the Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada in 1998 (S338 Standard).

12 About Autowatch ● Autowatch is the world-wide leader in approved vehicle security, with insurance-approved systems in 32 countries. ● Autowatch’s main business is government and insurance- approved security systems with override codes that enable a vehicle to start even if key fobs have been lost or stolen. ● Autowatch is an OEM supplier to Mercedes Benz, BMW, GM, and Ford. ● Autowatch products are manufactured in South Africa a factory with a roots in military electronic design production. ● Autowatch manufactured products meet the highest standards globally by government and insurance organizations for anti- theft devices.

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