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E-Zapper Mobilized Support for destroying IED’s 1/C Emison, 1/C McHugh, 1/C Merrick, 1/C Schnappinger, 1/C Tang, 1/C White, 2/C Schwamberger Mentors: Prof.

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Presentation on theme: "E-Zapper Mobilized Support for destroying IED’s 1/C Emison, 1/C McHugh, 1/C Merrick, 1/C Schnappinger, 1/C Tang, 1/C White, 2/C Schwamberger Mentors: Prof."— Presentation transcript:

1 e-Zapper Mobilized Support for destroying IED’s 1/C Emison, 1/C McHugh, 1/C Merrick, 1/C Schnappinger, 1/C Tang, 1/C White, 2/C Schwamberger Mentors: Prof. Nelson, Prof. Ziegler, CDR Hamilton, USN, CDR Nolan, USN, Steve Andrews of Technical Options and Mr. Delikat Funded by ONR/EOD NSWC-Indian Head (Scott Stewart)

2 2007 Project Objective Mobilize the e-Zapper system Design a platform on which the e-Zapper can be mounted. Determine the Power Requirements to run the e-Zapper These objectives have been divided into three sub-teams Vehicle Dynamics Power Generation Heat Transfer and Radiation

3 Problem Statement Loading and unloading the e-Zapper unit onto a platform suitable for transporting the system

4 Vehicle Selection Options CostAvailabilityMaintenance Weight Capacity Space Available Highway Capable Military Compatibility Ease of Operat ion Total Points For Factor (Take times Vehicle Values)55599738 5 Ton Truck44576384259 Trailer66399758365 Refrigerated Truck55399655324 Values ExplanationRange Assigned Vehicle Values1 to 9 1: Low Performance 9: High Performance Factor1 to 9 1: Low Importance 9: High Importance

5 The Trailer

6 Pace American: SHADOW SCXG8544TTA5K SPECIFICATIONS: Loading Height 17\" Attic Interior Height 32\" Riser Wall Height 45\" Sidewall Height 6\'3\" Lower Deck Box Length 35\'8\" GVWR 21,600# Payload Capacity 13,293# Axles 7200# Triple Rear Door Height 72\" Rear Door Width 87-1/2\" Rear Doors Ramp Platform Height 22\" Interior Width 8\'0\" Box Height/OA Height 8\'5\" Box Width/OA Width 8\'4\"/8\'6\" Interior Length 44\'0\" Overall Length 44\'6\"

7 Loading and Unloading the e- Zapper Using a simple ramp and track system, the e-Zapper can be placed on the tracks and winched up and down the ramp.

8 The Concerns Weight distribution within the trailer The weight of the e-Zapper on the ramp The strength of the rollers used Aligning the rollers with the track The angle of approach and high centering The winch requirements Fabrication of a front end support for e- Zapper

9 Trailer Layout 44.5 ft

10 Trailer Layout Moment Diagram Trailer Bed/Simple Beam Fulcrum Gooseneck Hitch Location F_e-zapper F_Power Cabinet X_Shielding F_Generator/Chiller F_Shielding F_Trailer Weight F_Control Systems 44.5 ft X_e-Zapper X_Fulcrum X_Power Cabinet X_Trailer Weight X_Generator/Chiller X_Control Systems

11 The Ramp System

12 The Ramp Selected Landsport company COMBO 40,000 lb. Capacity*, 16-foot Ramp Modular that doubles as 20,000 lb. Capacity Load Levelers (Plenty of strength to support e-Zapper) 4 segments, 8 feet long, 20 inches wide Price: $1995

13 The Rollers Swivel top roller dolly 5,000 lbs capacity each Steel 8 (length) x 6 (width) x 4.5 (height) in. $240.00 per roller 6 rollers needed

14 6.58 o 16’ ramp 23” vertical to the trailer bed Angle of Approach *Figure not to scale

15 Break Over Angle 42 o Giving a maximum angle of approach 48 o, without bottoming out on the interface of the ramp and the trailer bed. 22”

16 The Winch Requirements F_gravity F_sliding F_normal 16’ Ramp F_gravity= 9,200 lbs F_normal= F_gravity*cos(6.58)= 9,139 lbs F_sliding= F_gravity*sin(6.58)= 1,054 lbs F_total= 1785 lbs (F_sliding + F_static) *F_total is the force needed to move the e-Zapper up the ramp 6.58 o

17 Winch Requirements (cont’d) F_static friction=C_sf*F_normal =(0.08)*(9139)=731.12 lbs F_rolling friction=Crr*F_normal (0.05)*(9139)=457 lbs F_total=F_sliding+F_static friction (F_static friction is limiting factor) F_total=1785 lbs We will want to use a winch with a higher capacity so as to increase the speed of line and also make sure a certain level of safety is met.

18 The Winch $490.00

19 The Front End Support The need to design and fabricate a support for the front end of the e-Zapper Must be the same width as the rear supports in order for the rollers to align with the track. Bending and compression stresses need to be taken into consideration.

20 Front End Support Attachment Location Existing Roller Attachment Location

21 Front End Support: Display of Loads and Restraints Front End Support: Display of Deflection Front End Support: Display of Safety Factor

22 Shopping List Trailer to specification Ramp Rollers Jack Stands (for trailer support when loading/unloading/no_e-Zapper situations) Jack (for use with jack stands) Winch

23 To Be Done Front Support –Already engineered, needs fabrication –To hold front end of e-Zapper –Load Distribution U-Track System –Necessary for alignment of e-Zapper during loading and unloading –Precision is vital (1/16” tolerance recommended)

24 Experiment Results Current In Amps Line ALine BLine C Standby454042 Firing8581 Max Current Drawn: 85 Amps

25 Generator Requirements Sound Enclosure 208 Volts- 3 phase power 60 Hertz 100 Amps

26 Generator Selection Generator Selection Choices Caterpillar Baldor Cummins Kohler

27 Generator Selection Table Vendors Sound Enclosed PriceElectric Governor Warranty Caterpillar9506 Baldor8996 Cummins8006 Kohler8606

28 Final Selection Baldor IDLC30-JD Industrial Diesel Liquid Cooled Generators (IDLC) Standby / Prime Power Final Cost = appx. $10200 + shipping with sound enclosure

29 Trailer Layout 44.5 ft

30 Basic e-Zapper Coolant System Schematic Sump Coolant Medium e-Zapper Coolant Medium Sump Heater Sump / heat exchanger Centrifugal pump e-Zapper *drawing not to scale

31 Chiller Specifications VendorModel Dimensions [in] Weight [lbs] Capacity (H2O) [kW] Capacity (50/50 gly/H2O) [kW] Electric Load [V] Cost [$] LiebertPS096A77x69.25x38.575025.2 21 23015,490 General Air Products05029.3x53.1x42.947316.7 13.92 4608052 Cold Shot Chillers ACWC-60- E32x43x6050017.58 14.65 4606465 CHILLER TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENT: 13.3 kW

32 Ranking Factors for Chiller Selection For Chillers: 1=worst, 9=best For Factors: higher number=more important For Total: Higher number=best choice Cost Size (dimensions)Weight Electrical Load Cooling Capacity Total Liebert21199 4.65 General Air Products59962 5.20 ColdShot87766 6.30 weight of each factor0.5110.252

33 Selected Chiller Cold Shot ACWC-60-E $ 6465





38 mrem Electronics Cabinet E-Zapper Iron pipes Concrete Beamstop Simulated Operator Position ½ in lead 1 in lead

39 Deliverable Costs Chiller-$7,000 Ramp system- $3,000 Rollers- $1,500 Generator- $20,000 Trailer- $30,000 Radiation Shielding- TBD Load Cells- $1,500 Winch and Jack- $1,500 All money comes from ONR/EOD-NSWC-IH budget

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