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Making and Sharing Book Trailers Jennifer Shafer Wyatt Library/Instructional Media Specialist Region 3 ESC.

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1 Making and Sharing Book Trailers Jennifer Shafer Wyatt Library/Instructional Media Specialist Region 3 ESC

2 What is a book trailer?

3 A book trailer is a commercial for a book. They promote a book to readers through visual, audio, and textual media. This medium speaks to today’s 21st-Century Digital Natives.

4 Book trailers should: Promote reading to visual learners Encourage students to read the featured book Give the reader a “taste” of the book Leave the reader wanting more Conform to ethical use of information standards

5 Let’s look at some examples

6 The Roar by Emma Clayton Trailer by Lori Loranger, Walsh MS, Round Rock,TX

7 Unwind by Neal Schusterman Trailer by June Henderson, Downing MS, Flower Mound,TX

8 Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff Trailer by Amy Jensen, Waxahacie,TX

9 Firelight by Sophie Jordan Trailer by Jennifer Shafer, Victoria,TX

10 Blood on My Hands by Todd Strasser Trailer by Naomi Bates, Northwest ISD, Justin, TX

11 Those trailers were created by educators

12 but students can make them too!!!

13 Castle in the Attic by Elizabeth Winthrop Trailer by Zayn Bednorz, 5th grade

14 Heist Society by Ally Carter Trailer by Devyn Hamblin

15 Why should educators make them? We have to sell reading to Digital Natives. Book trailers speak their language using music, video, pictures, and other media.

16 Why should students make them? More engaging that pencil and paper. Provide opportunities to learn o information literacy o attribution o technology skills

17 How should we use them in the library? To promote certain books To encourage reading As a vehicle for teaching research As an opportunity to collaborate with teachers

18 Steps to create book trailer Read a book. Decide what elements are important to tell story in digital format. o Determine most important elements o Storyboard the book trailer o Create a plan for finding resources

19 Steps to create book trailer Decide on best creation tool. o Animoto o Photo Story 3 o Windows Movie Maker o iMovie o Sony Vegas

20 Steps to create book trailer Find images/video that tell digital story. o Personal collection o Take your own o Find in creation tool o Flickr o Creative Commons licensed o Other web-based photo sites

21 Steps to create book trailer Find music that sets proper mood. o Creative Commons licensed o Copyright free music o Music within creation tool o Original music

22 Steps to create book trailer Create text to enhance storytelling. o Text feature within creation tool o PowerPoint slides saved as JPEGs

23 Steps to create book trailer Insert music, pictures, and text into software. Tweak project for appropriate effect.

24 What concepts can we teach through book trailers? Media literacy evaluation Story analysis Research skills

25 Media literacy evaluation Read a book Have students find and watch a book trailer on that book Evaluate the effectiveness of trailer

26 Questions for evaluation What elements did creator include? Were creator's choices effective? How would you have done it differently? Compare and contrast two trailers for same books

27 14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy


29 Story analysis Evaluate the story for literary elements o Plot o Characters o Setting o Tone/Mood Create a book trailer focused on one or more of these literary elements

30 Explore poetry Students read and analyze poetry Create trailer for poem or poetry collection Illustrate poem with images, set mood with music, etc.

31 Zombie Haiku by Ryan Mecum

32 Research skills Create a research plan – What is your focus? What media do you need? Where will you find it? Do the research – Use searching strategies to find best media. Create citations – Make proper attribution for the book and the media you find online.

33 Adaptations for younger creators Have students brainstorm using a graphic organizer to plan their focus. Have students create a storyboard on a template or butcher paper.

34 Adaptations for younger creators Let students take pictures with a digital camera or draw the pictures themselves. If you have a Flip Camera or other recording device, students can create video clips to add to their trailer.

35 Sharing book trailers Loop them on a computer screen or television. Post on the library website. Create a Glog of book trailers by genre, reading list, or display.

36 Sharing book trailers Display trailers on digital picture frames at the circulation desk or as part of a book display. Add a book trailer sticker for the spine of books that have book trailers.


38 Sharing book trailers Create QR Codes for the trailers so students can access using their smart phone or QR code stations.

39 No time to make your own? Link to o YouTube o TeacherTube o SchoolTube Download from o Book Trailers for All

40 Need more resources?

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