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TRAILER-BASED ADVERTISING SOLUTIONS. the creative force of innovation driving brands forward!

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2 the creative force of innovation driving brands forward!

3 Who We Are4 Innovation5 Bluetooth Proximity Marketing6 Key Benefits7 free additional advertising services8 What We Can Do for You 9 Clients / Recent Projects 10 Maps13 Trailer Layout / Specifications 20 table of contents

4 MEDIA LINK ADVERTISING AND PUBLISHING established itself in the UAE as the pioneer of trailer based advertisements. Since our inception, we have prided ourselves on pushing the limits of innovation in the world of advertising. We currently serve clients in the UAE and the greater GCC with services including marketing, advertising, business planning, graphic design and event planning. Bringing the message to the customer is the goal of any successful campaign, and Media Link provides the solutions to drive home the message directly to our clients customers. At Media Link, we believe in “driving your brand forward”. We are confident that through our creative marketing and advertising techniques, consumer will remember the your brand for years to come. I personally look forward to building a successful relationship with your organization, and appreciate your time in discussing how we can assist you with your clients advertising and promotional activities. who we are “the driving force of innovative advertising” 4

5 Media Link Advertising is the marketing leader in delivering innovative marketing solutions in the UAE. Since our existence, our goal has been to offer our clients’ dynamic, non-traditional marketing solutions custom designed to help reach the targeted demographics. Media Link Advertising continues to stay abreast in the field of Advertising and Marketing. Our latest offering of “3 Sided Mobile Trailer Ad’s” delivers your message without missing any potential consumer. We are the first and only company in the UAE to introduce this form of marketing and will continue to promote brands through the latest innovations. In addition, you can enjoy our new Bluetooth Proximity Marketing that allows us to directly send your campaign message to nearby Bluetooth devices. Whether it’s a phone or a computer, we are able to reach a greater number of demographics and successfully deliver your message, which you are able to track through our reporting system! “our innovation is your key to success” 5 innovation

6 Bluetooth Proximity Marketing does the following:  Creates a buzz - around a promotion.  Tangible response - to your advertising campaign that increases the number of people who interact with your brand, and lengthens the amount of interaction time.  Measurability – the Hypertag stores a log of exacting how many people successfully interacted, and how many people were nearby with their Bluetooth activated.  Increase sales – using carefully designed mechanics, we can increase the sales of your products, either by a direct voucher redemption route or special promotions.  Management. - We always finish the campaign with a full debrief including a detailed usage report so you can see exactly what was achieved. Reaching all people with your advertising message is our goal. Not only do we accomplish this by our trailer-based advertising, but Media Link Advertising also achieves these goals by the use of Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. “adaptation is key to profitability” 6 bluetooth proximity marketing This enables us to send your message, whether it’s a small digital media files or a text message, to any suitable device (such as a mobile phone) via a transmitter located in our cars. This is a 100% FREE service offered to our clients!

7 In addition mobile media offers:  A 90% reach to groups of all demographics.  Car’s reach areas that cant be reached by other media.  Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 unique daily vehicle impressions.  Mobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard. There are many benefits with using trailer-based advertisements (mobile media) for advertising. It’s apparent that Classical media gives a company the basic reach, but if they desire to do something to stand out in the clutter, they will need to do something that is unique and innovative, that is where we come in. Mobile media can offer clients a highly personalized advertising campaign and give consumers the opportunity to interact with the brand. In general, mobile media can reach anyone who uses the streets; arguably, this is the entire population. With mobile advertisements, we remove the distance between the advertiser and the consumer by molding it into a part of practical day-to-day living. “our only goal is to grow your business” 7 key benefits

8 Media Link Advertising’s offers a package of free services when the clients advertise throw our car and trailers: 1.Email Marketing: Sending the advertising concept up to 70000 emails as free. 2.Bluetooth Marketing: Sending the advertising concept by Bluetooth. 3.Brochure distribution where the cars stop. 4.Drivers wear the uniform of the client company. 5.GPS tracking systems for vehicles. 6.After finishing the 10 hours, the car stops in any place selected by the client for the rest of the day. “we deliver your message to the customer” free additional advertising services 8

9 “we push the limits of ingenuity” 9 what we can do for you Media Link Advertising will engage in promotion efforts with clients conducting business with your organization. We are able to directly place your clients in front of the chosen targeted demographic. Our form of advertising will directly deliver the brand, promotion or message to the customer.

10 10 clients / recent projects Abu Dhabi Police GHQMazayaAl Ahli ClubAl Ain Distribution / Sadad Swedish Medical CenterEmirates FalconsLujain – Hawa StyleAl Ain Flower Market - 1 Lujain – Dar Al ZainRedesignSama Dubai TelevisionAD Traffic Management

11 11 clients / recent projects Italian PizzaHealth & Beauty PolyclinicAl Senara Restaurant Al Mahbob Travel Smart Fashion Educational Guide Civil DefenseAl Ain Flower Market Beauty GalleryRed CrescentEmirates College of Thechnology American University in the Emirates

12 12 clients / recent projects Al Ain MunicipalityLujain – eid AdhaRed Crescent – Eid AdhaSharjah Theatre Group The LoungeUAE Wrestling, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Federation

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20 20

21 21 trailer layout and poster specifications

22 P. O. Box : 99998 Al Ain, United Arab Emirates Tel: 03-7610590 Fax: 03-7610490 Mob: 50-7221366 E-mail : Website :

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