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Global Systems Management Surface Visibility Presented by USPS at July 10 Packages Subgroup Meeting.

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1 Global Systems Management Surface Visibility Presented by USPS at July 10 Packages Subgroup Meeting

2 Global Systems Management 2 Surface Visibility Overview  Surface Visibility Components:  Uniquely Identifying Assets (sacks, trays, mail transport equipment, trailers)  Tracking Assets at key handoff points (arrival, departure, interim points)  Quality Checks (preventing mis-loads and mis- routings in real time)  Electronic Forms (automate data collection)  Decision Support (improved dock management and advance notifications)

3 Global Systems Management 3 Tracking Assets Trailer Arrive Trailer Unload Ready to Process To Operations… Inbound Facility Scanning Outbound Facility Scanning Trailer Depart Container Load Placard Assign Container Build Container Close Container Stage (Optional)

4 Global Systems Management 4 Quality Checks  Quality checks are built into the scanning process  As scans are collected, the destinations are verified − Handling unit to container − Container to trailer  The employee is notified of potential mis-loads  Reduces missent mail

5 Global Systems Management 5 Electronic Forms  Electronic Forms will automate many of the manual procedures on the dock – Many values pre-populated – % loaded is calculated based on container scans – Arrival and departure times based on scans – Security seal is scanned; not keyed in  Electronic Forms eliminate redundant data entry – saving time and reducing errors

6 Global Systems Management 6 Decision Support  Visibility information enhances operational decision making  Facilities have real-time view of container status on the dock  Destination facilities receive advanced notification of inbound trailer status: –Containers by Type –Handling unit counts by mail class and type –Actual departure times, estimated time of arrival Red Circle = Containers in Process Yellow Triangles = Closed Containers Blue Plus Signs = Staged Containers Green Squares = Loaded Containers

7 Global Systems Management 7 Service Improvements  Dock employees have visibility as containers are being built inside the plant to help ensure that all available containers are loaded prior to trucks departing.  Ability to track trailers that are late departing or arriving.  Visibility as mail moves between origin and destination plants including interim facilities such as HASPs.  Visibility of inbound volume enables scheduling adjustments by destinating plant.

8 Global Systems Management 8 Mail Induction Scheduled appointments provide Advanced Notification of drop shipment mail volumes which facilitates the check-in, induction and processing of bulk mailings. Standing Appointment Advanced Notification Appointment Check-In MAIL.DAT WebServices

9 Global Systems Management 9 Mailer Volume  Drop Shipment appointments from the Facility Access & Shipment Tracking (FAST) system are displayed on the Surface Visibility scanning device.  Surface Visibility device is used to scan ‘Start- the-Clock’ events for FAST.

10 Global Systems Management 10 Mailer Bar Codes Unique container, handling unit and piece bar codes will enable Surface Visibility to track business mailings.  Customer SV bar code specification is on RIBBS Website:  Send samples for verification process to:  Enhanced Distribution Label uniquely identifies trays, tubs, and sacks  Customer EDL Specification is on RIBBS Website:  Web ATLAS ready in Spring 2007  4-State bar code uniquely identifies letters, flats and bundles  Will be used to provide piece level visibility to mailers Containers: Handling Units: Pieces and Bundles:

11 Global Systems Management 11 Mailer Visibility Placard Arrival Scan Placard Departure Scan Surface Visibility will track pallets through induction, cross dock operations and inter-plant transportation. Start-the-Clock CROSS DOCK WORKING Placard Arrival Scan ENTRY FACILITY DESTINATING FACILITY Processing Operations

12 Global Systems Management 12 22033 Falls Church Main Post Office Future – Mailer Visibility Surface Visibility is being enhanced to track the nesting of bundles and parcels into containers during processing. Bundle to Container Nest 10/31/05 TO: AFSM 100 #3 From: APPS #2 Signed: _____ In-house Processing Parcel to Container Nest

13 Global Systems Management 13 Future – Mailer Visibility Surface Visibility will scan the 4-State barcode on pieces to nest them to a flat tub via the Enhanced Distribution Label (EDL).

14 Global Systems Management 14 Surface Visibility Deployment Status The deployment of Surface Visibility Phase 1 is complete.  Surface Visibility Sites Activated  133 P&DCs  17 STCs  21 BMCs  Phase 1a in pilot in NY Metro Area  Phase II pending funding approval in Summer 07

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