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2 2 Graco Mobile Spray Rigs  Industry leading quality and design, leveraging years of Graco design and manufacturing experience.  Graco Mobile Spray Rigs are engineered systems built tough specifically for foam and coating applications. Rugged design handles extreme job environments  Graco Mobile Spray Rigs are configurable, turnkey systems that include everything you need to spray foam and coatings  Graco Mobile Spray Rigs are built and assembled by Graco at Graco Ohio facility  Graco Mobile Spray Rigs are backed by Graco warranty

3 3 Mobile Spray Rig Product Offering  20 foot Tag Along Trailer  A cost effective solution for starting a spray business.  28 foot Gooseneck Trailer  Trailer with the most space. Transport more materials at one time. Single or dual proportioner setups  Box Trucks  Customized trucks: – 20 ft to 28 ft –Single or dual proportioner setups Full line of options to meet every price point:

4 4 Industry Leading Construction  8’ high ceiling with 8” double I-beam construction with studs on 16” centers for added durability and strength.  Double axel rated for 14,000 lb and 16,000 lb GVWR  Structural durability.  2 lb spray polyurethane foam insulation on walls, ceiling and floor.  One piece aluminum roof.  Torsion springs,spare tire and built in door locks  Weight load is engineered for proper distribution, keeps tongue weight at safe level  Equipment mounted to rig using shock absorbing pads to reduce vibrations and prevent damage  5 year limited warranty trailer warranty

5 5 Industry Leading Construction  48” four hinge side door, 60/40 four hinge split rear barn doors  Adjustable and square double jack stands.  Epoxy floor to reduce wear.  Color coded drum restraints  Sound insulated generator room  Electrical system  24 circuit 150 amp electrical panel  110 volt, single phase shore power hook up  12 volt interior lights  Standard and GFI electrical receptacles

6 6 Industry Leading Components Generator John Deere 40 kW, 4 cylinder, 85 HP diesel generator engine Electronically controlled for loading and unloading 2 year / 2,000 hour extended engine warranty and repair at any authorized John Deere dealer 50 gallon integrated fuel tank EPA tier III compliant 12 volt battery Integrated Rotary Screw Compressor Combine with Morse 40kW generators. Compressor mounted in tandem w/gen. Save valuable trailer space with integrated screw compressor 40 CFM at 125 psi Air cooled oil cooler w/high temp shutdown

7 7 Industry Leading Components Champion brand compressors Available in base mount, horizontal and vertical configurations 5 & 10 hp units are available Single and two stage splash lubricated pumps Constant run control with head un-loaders 5 year national service coverage All air systems include refrigerated air dryer, regulators, quick disconnects

8 8 Industry Leading Components Air Drying Systems High inlet temperature or high ambient air temperature air drying system. 225°F inlet air temperature capabilities High efficiency spin on pre filter/moisture separator for aftercooler included – eliminate the need for external line filters Automatic electric drain on evaporator Standard electronic controls complete with LED readout

9 9 Industry Leading Components Breathing Systems Martech 4-stage breathing system OSHA Grade “D” breathable air 4-stage filtration removes water, oily gaseous hydrocarbons, dirt, rust, scale, and other contaminants System included breathing hose and full face supplied air respirator

10 10 Additional Standard Features Hose Hatch: allows you to keep main doors closed to maintains ambient temperature inside trailer Custom frame mounted hose racks – hold up to 410 ft of heated hose Bogey Wheels: offers skid protection to back of trailer Electric Breakaway Brake System: applies brakes on trailer if it were to come loose from hitch Proper Ventilation: Louver system keeps generator from overheating 5/16” plywood walls Double ¾” plywood flooring under generator Two ABC fire extinguishers First Aid Kit

11 11 Industry Leading Options Workbench with galvanized steel bench top w/vise Custom crafted wood frame cabinets Counter lighting 6 drawer tool box Rooftop air conditioning units Band heaters w/thermostat Frame mounted transfer pump rack Gun recirculation systems Machine recirculation systems Drum Mixers Drum Lids

12 12 20’ Tag Along Trailer Double axle rated for 14,000 lb GVWR Holds two sets of material Easy to pull with small trucks

13 13 28’ Gooseneck Trailer Double Axle rated for 16,000 lb GVWR Holds three sets of material Can be outfitted with one or two proportioners

14 14 Box Trucks Truck modifications can be supplied to Graco either insulated or non-insulated. New truck boxes can also be purchased through Kidron in 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, or 28-foot sizes. (Kidron is an industry-leading manufacturer of truck boxes, located near Graco Ohio). Customers can purchase boxes directly from Kidron The customer will provide the truck chassis to Kidron. Kidron will install the new truck box and Graco will pick up the truck from Kidron to complete the Graco Mobile Spray Rig installation.

15 15 Dual Proportioner Rigs Dual proportioner spray rigs can be configured in either a 28-foot trailer or in a 20 to 28-foot box truck Two different proportioner options are available: two Graco E-30’s with 10.2 kW heaters or two Graco H-25’s with 8.0 kW heaters Dual proportioners rigs have the following available options: two spray guns, two sets of heated hoses, two gun recirculation kits, two machine recirculation kits, two Martech breathable air systems.

16 16 Graco Products Reactor Proportioners: Electric or Hydraulic Fusion and Gusmer spray guns Heated Hoses (option to have hoses fully assembled) Transfer Pump packages Drum Agitators Graco’s Mobile Spray Rigs come equipped with the complete line of Graco spray equipment to meet any need.

17 17 Graco Configurator Custom spreadsheet walks you step-by-step though trailer configuration process Drop-down menus make selection process easy Smart menus make sure selections are correct Program will calculate final price and part number Program will generate both a Distributor Quote and End User Quote Configurator contains additional details on box trucks, detailed descriptions on components, list prices on spare parts, etc. Designing your Mobile Spray Rig is easy using Graco’s Spray Rig Configurator


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