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Global Consulting Services “ Where delivery is a commitment” A Unit registered with STPI – Software Technology Parks of India.

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1 Global Consulting Services “ Where delivery is a commitment” A Unit registered with STPI – Software Technology Parks of India

2 Global Consulting Services Profile

3 Contents About GCS Our Activities World Wide Clients Milestones GCS and Its Technical Resources GCS and its Influence on IT Market

4 About GCS Global Consulting Services is a young, vibrant and dynamic information technology consulting services company and business process organization that envisioned and pioneered the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value. We commenced operations in the year 2005 in Singapore & 2006 in India, now, with a presence of comprehensive range of services across diverse industries, we are one of the fastest growing Information Technology companies. For companies looking to better leverage technology towards their business goals, GCS provides consulting services to help them determine a strategy most suitable to their industry and their business environment. These include benchmarking of their current systems and processes, gap analysis, drafting of a future technology roadmap, Determination of systems and applications to outsource and improvement of their internal processes. We are more focused to provide the Solutions through SAP and we give solutions in all the areas of an Enterprise, right from Financials & Costing, Human Resources, Logistics, Sales & Distribution, Plant Maintenance with Work Clearance Management and to all new Dimensional products in SAP.

5 Our Activities Global Consulting Services operates under the umbrella of certain core values which is followed by all its staff and business associates- Client Focus- We as a team is fully focused towards delivering cost-effective solutions with client as the primary focus. Client stands above when it comes to delivering goods Transparency- Global Consulting Services believes in working hand-in-hand with the client to ensure that the solution and the technology behind are understood by the client, also to comfort the client that the solution provided by us is the best in the industry.

6 SAP Oracle Java.Net BPO/ ITES Staffing Network Engineering Other Technologies Our Services GCS provides the following services

7 Our Services Global Consulting Services offer the following Services:- SAPSAP implementation practice serves clients in a wide range of industries, including engineer-to-order and make-to-stock, discrete manufacturing, high-tech/electronics, batch and continuous process, Petrochemicals, Power & Desalination, consumer Packaged goods, retail, and banking & financial services. GCS is a specialist in SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) with Work clearance Management (WCM) module, where in Work permits, tagging & untagging, automated and integrated printing of Work Permits GCS provides the following services for various products of SAP Products Services  mySAP Business Suite SAP end-to-end Implementation mySAP Customer Relationship Management SAP - Post implementation Support mySAP ERP Extension and Integration mySAP Product Lifecycle Management Upgrade and Consolidation mySAP Supply Chain Management Portal Services mySAP All In One 3rd Party Audits for SAP implementations  SAP Business Information Warehouse Basis support  mySAP Enterprise Portal

8 Our Services Oracle:Oracle: Enterprises in every industry are gathering and managing more information than ever. Oracle technology helps your organization consolidate, manage, use, share, and protect that business information with reliability and security at a low cost. Oracle offers the industry's widest range of infrastructure software — from databases and middleware to enterprise management. GCS offers the following services for various Oracle products Products  Technology Products (Database, Berkeley DB, Data Hub, Middleware, Data Warehousing, Enterprise management, etc)  Application Products (Oracle ebusiness suite, Customer Relationship management, Financial Accounting, HR, Supply Chain)  Fusion Applications Services  Full Cycle Implementation  Extension and Integration  Upgrade and Consolidation  Support  Training

9 Our Services ASP.NET is a programming framework built on the common language runtime that can be used on a server to build powerful Web applications. The first version of ASP.NET offered several important advantages over previous Web development models. ASP.NET 2.0 improves upon that foundation by adding support for several new and exciting features in the areas of developer productivity, administration and management, extensibility, and performance Developer Productivity ASP.NET 2.0 encapsulates common Web tasks into application services and controls that can be easily reused across web sites. With these basic building blocks, many scenarios can now be implemented with far less custom code than was required in previous versions. With ASP.NET 2.0 it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of code and concepts necessary to build common scenarios on the web.

10 W o rl d Wide Clients (Present & Future) GCS has made its presence in Singapore, Oman & UAE and shortly it will be expanding its business activities shortly in Qatar & Saudi Arabia. We are open to partner programs with reputed technology firms from the European and Far East Regions. Some of the present & future GCS Clients: -  SOMC - Oman  SOGEX Group – Muscat, Oman  STI – Sohar Tower International – Oman  ALBA – Bahrain  SUEZ – Belgium, Europe.  SOHAR ALUMINIUM– Sohar, Oman

11 Client:Quality Polymer Pasir Gudang, Johor A SAP Nippon Paint Malaysia Rollout (chemical) Client: Aditya Birla Chemicals, Bangkok, Thailand (chemical) Client:SIA, Application Management Support (AMS)AerospaceClient Client :MINDEF (Phase 2 Navy) Aerospace & Defence Client:EON Malaysia Berhad Client:Shell Malaysia Trading Client:Petronas Y2K Project Client:Panasonic Semicon, Melaka, Malaysia (Semiconductor) Client: TECH Semicon Singapore (semiconductor) Client: Fujitec Singapore Client:Sembcorp Utilities Pte. Ltd., Singapore Client:Sembcorp Cogen Pte. Ltd., Singapore Client:Sembcorp Air Products Pte. Ltd., Singapore Client:Sakra Island Carbon Dioxide Pte. Ltdl, Singapore Client:GE Waters & Process Technologies, (GE Betz), South Africa Client:GE Waters & Process Technologies (GE Infrastructure) Client:Hitachi, Japan Client:GE Fanuc, USA Client:GE Silicones, USA The success of GCS also lies in the experience of Consultants working with us. Our consultants have implemented / supported various projects prior to joining GCS. Some of the projects where our consultants have worked are listed below. W o rl d wide Clients

12 Client:Canada Post corporation, Canada Client:Campbell Soups, Cananda Client:Ameco Beijing, China Client:Bosch Rexroth, Yokohama, Japan Client :Carrier Malaysia Berhad, Subang Client :Hitachi Transport, Kuala Lumpur Client :Subur Tiasa Holdings Bhd, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Client :Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Client:Carrier Malaysia Berhad, Subang Client:Hitachi Transport, Kuala Lumpur Client:Subur Tiasa Holdings Bhd, Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia Client:Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Client:AKTEL Corporation, Dhaka, Bangladesh Client:Indraprastha Gas limited, Delhi, India Client:Barista Coffee Company, Delhi, India Client:Vishal Mega Mart, Delhi, India Client:iBiLt Industries Limited, Delhi, India Client:Carrier Aircon Limited, Gurgaon, India Client:Bharat Electronics Limited - Bangalore, India Client:Bilag Industries Ltd, India Client:TATA Tele Services M Ltd, Mumbai, India Client:ISPAT Industries Limited, Mumbai, India Client:Balsara Group of Companies, Mumbai, India Client:TATA Tele Services M Ltd, Mumbai, India World Wide Clients W o rl d wide Clients

13 Milestones No Sooner, the Global Consulting Services was established, it bagged a total implementation Contract for mySAP ERP ECC 5.0 from a prestigious Power & Desalination Plant worth US$ 550 million, Sohar Operations & Maintenance Company of SPC, Oman. We have bagged this Order among the stiff Global competition. SOMC, our customer, was invited to view our past implementations in Singapore which were live and are running successful to customer’s satisfaction. The SOMC Project delivery will be a classic example of how Global Consulting Services can provide its clients a cost-effective delivery model which combines off-shore and on-shore activities

14 Our Technical Resources Global Consulting Services has a high component of intellectual capital behind its success. Continuous training programs, technology seminars and meetings keep our consultant updated of the market needs. Our resource pool comprise of highly experienced technical and functional consultants for SAP, Oracle &.Net. Global Consulting Services is also focusing on the SAP Net Weaver architecture consultants for serving the technology integration needs of its present and future customers Global Consulting Services believes in delivering quality solutions to its clients with a very cost effective model. Hence it has developed a delivery model based on the recommendations of the CMM Level 5 companies Global Consulting Services with a vision to become a global consulting firm, believes in keeping its infrastructure up to date with key hardware and networking facilities. Its facility in Hyderabad is connected with the rest of the World with a broad-band connection, VOIP phones and VPN sockets for secure network connection. For Global Consulting Services client’s security is primary and is always on the road to upgrade its facility to the state-of-art technology

15 Our Technical Resources Global Consulting Services is set out in this competitive world of Information Technology with a MISSION to provide its clients complete business solutions with a very cost effective and transparent model. With this mission as the power it is an endeavor of Global Consulting Services to produce some of the finest technical resources. It is towards this that Global Consulting Services always believes in empowering all its staff with the of the technology blends. For Global Consulting Services its core values are the fore runners of the business. It always instills them in its entire staff and believes in sharing the same with its business associates

16 GCS & IT Market Global Consulting Services is very strong in implementing Works Clearance Management (WCM) and is highly coupled with Maintenance Operations of Refineries, Power Plants, Chemical Industry, Petrochemicals, Onshore & Off shore Projects & all drilling operations. Our Consultants have implemented WCM in Singapore & Oman and are very keen to get handsome business in this area GCS is going to have a strong influence on the IT Applications market for the above implementations world wide. Its working to implement this component of SAP in the existing implementations where this WCM component was not installed. GCS expects a very good business in this segment.

17 End Of Presentation

18 GLOBAL CONSULTING SERVICES # 8-1-364/14, First Floor 10 Anson Road Deluxe Street, Tolichowki # 24-09, International Plaza Hyderabad-8, INDIA SINGAPORE 079903 Tel : +91 40 20030083, Tel : +65 82018094 Mob : +91 9866938552 Mob : +65 82018094 Fax : +91 40 23564341 Fax : +65 68385834 Email : GCS thanks you for providing this Opportunity of Presentation

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