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OPTIONS ► On website ► ► Year groups ► Y9 ► Options.

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1 OPTIONS ► On website ► ► Year groups ► Y9 ► Options

2 GCSE Courses ► Demanding in terms of time ► Limit curriculum to 9 subjects ► Between 10 and 12 GCSE level qualifications ► Controlled Assessments ► Or alternatives (OCR National, BTEC)

3 English Baccalaureat ► You will no doubt be aware of the recent and surprising introduction to the school league tables of "The English Baccalaureat". This is a measure which records the number of students with higher GCSE passes (C and above) in English, Maths, 2 Sciences, History or Geography and a Foreign Language. ► Our curriculum philosophy has always been one of encouraging choice, personalisation and specialism where appropriate. We will therefore not be making the above mentioned subjects compulsory as we value our curriculum philosophy and believe in its appropriateness for Corsham students. We accept that we will be disadvantaged by this measure in future league tables. However, if you value the message inherent in this governmental decision, your child may of course choose History or Geography and a Foreign Language in options. Maths, English and Science have always been and remain compulsory for all students

4 Choice and Responsibility ► Knowledge ► Research (very few affect future careers at this stage) ► Tutor work and Student assembly ► Ele – Student Bulletin – Connexions ► Discuss and take responsibility ► Individual personalised education

5 Choice and responsibility Positive Choice ► Realise it is a 2 year commitment ► Find out as much as you can ► Review your own strengths and read booklet ► See it as an opportunity ► Understand the skills you are gaining for later use Negative choice ► Copy friends ► Rely on gossip ► Choose a new subject as a negative choice ► Teachers change

6 2010-2012 Curriculum

7 The Optional Subjects: 4 from:- ► Art 2d, Business, Dance, Drama, Food ► French, GCSE PE, Geography, German ► History, IT (OCR), Media, Music ► Photography, Product Design, Resistant Materials, ► Spanish, Triple science ► BTEC

8 Accommodating Specialism ► Strong at PE/Science ► Expressive Arts ► New subjects ► Expect evidence of attitude ► All will be stimulated and challenged ► Help with future choice at 16+

9 Survey ► Before Christmas ► Enables us to build the blocks ► Most likely to accommodate choices

10 Difficult Factors ► Low Numbers ► Inappropriate Choices ► Budget/Specialist rooms: Only one class possible ► Reserve choice is vital ► Massive number of possibilities ► Tell me if your choices are not possible ► Change always possible if enough people ask for the same thing

11 The Choice Form 10Q10X10Y10Z ArtFoodArtArt BusinessFrenchBusinessDance DramaGermanDramaFrench HistoryHistoryFoodHistory Info Tech GeographyMusic Media Studies HistoryPhotography Gcse Pe Photography Product Design Resistant Material PhotographySpanishPhotography Science Triple


13 Problems ► Changes are possible if enough students have the same issue ► Fill in the problems box

14 Foundation Learning and BTEC ► More practical “hands on” or vocational learning. ► Choice of 2 BTECs in school (Sport/Art etc) each worth 4 GCSEs and one day a week short vocational courses such as Building, Hair and Beauty, Catering, Motor Maintenance, Animal Care. ► External providers such as Wiltshire College and Springfields school, Calne. ► We will talk in depth to some students about this option

15 Help! ► Y9 Parents’ Evening ► Y9 Interim Report ► Ongoing Contact with Tutors/YLM ► Talk to people this evening and beyond ► Connexions (Kate Hall) and ELE ► Optional Subjects represented here. ► Form return by Half Term ► I will let you know of any problems sooner, confirmation letters sent after Easter. ► Confident that the same teachers are teaching the same subjects that have given us years of excellent GCSE/BTEC results

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