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Military Training The uniform and equipment.

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2 Military Training



5 The uniform and equipment

6 Sooner, I had been flying in a “Black Hawk” Helicopter for half-hour to wild area, that trip was awesome ! Yes, the exactly helicopter model used in the movie “ Black Hawk Down”

7 Game Time:Click on the photos to shoot Caution: It is a real M16 Rifle with bullets

8 The moment of firing with M16 and machine gun was exciting, but after that, we got to clean the rifle for whole afternoon : break down into zero and clean every details, and assemble them.

9 The sleeping bag could not help in that night, I was in Field Training where was a wild area, but we were not allowed to setup a tent in order to prevent from reconnaissance from enemy, but only sleeping bag. It was below zero degree !!!, I was freezing all the night. You know, that kind of sleeping---- half in sleeping, half in alert. Next morning, I found the water canteens were frozen.

10 My teammates

11 I said to her,” I hope you would not lose your beauty, sorry for the accident “ We were firing the emery. She was too close to me, and my bullet shell from the rifle burned her face a line.Thanks God, it was a light burn. She has recovered her beauty now. There was a burn-line on her left face.







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