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© WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a Sneak Peak at ProfitGyan.

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1 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. a Sneak Peak at ProfitGyan

2 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Configuration Wizard Whenever your client logs into the application for the first time, he is greeted by a Configuration Wizard. The wizard helps your client enter all his financial data including cash in hand and his current holdings in the portfolio manager. “Did you know that we have redesigned the configuration wizard and now all you client needs to enter is his cash. Which means your client can setup his/her portfolio in 5 seconds.”

3 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. True 360° Portfolio Tracker ProfitGyan is not like any regular portfolio tracker it is much more advanced, yet simple to use. Your clients can not only track their stock positions but also futures, options, commodities, forex, mutual funds, ipo, fixed income instruments and more. All data is updated at the End of the Day. “Did you know that till date there is no portfolio manager in the world which can track all the Asset classes and manage them efficiently” Tracking your investments in commodities or for that matter in any asset class is as simple as ABC

4 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Transaction Statement All buy/sell transactions made by your clients are tracked in the transaction statement. It automatically keeps a track of your clients portfolio size and cash in hand and categorizes them according to asset classes. “Did you know you can make adjustments to your Transaction Statement and can withdraw or add funds to it” Transaction Statement works along with the Net Asset Module to give you a snapshot of your current Cash Position in different asset classes.

5 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Benchmarking & Analysis Your clients would have access to tens of charts which allow them to compare their performance with other clients and also keep a check on the market sentiments. They can also look up their equity curve and see how have they performed over a period of time. “Did you know that the Sentiment Indicator chart allows any client to compare his performance and also track the current market sentiment by judging the flow of money towards different asset classes ” Charts at ProfitGyan always give you the upper edge to know where and what other Investors are investing in.

6 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Loads of Goodies That’s not all, he would also get access to regular news articles, training sessions, online charting application, constant live market outlook and much more. In his free time he can also chat with his friends on yahoo, gtalk, msn and aim using our built in Online Chat panel or even initiate a discussion with other clients. “Did you know you as a sales pitch you can tell your clients all they needs to do in a day is spend less than 5 minutes to earn more than 25k per month easily. And ProfitGyan would ensure you stand on your word.” You can send messages to all the clients in your group using the Online Chat system or even start rooms to interact online.

7 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Group & Client Management You can create groups/plans and assign them names and descriptions. You can also switch clients between groups and assign them to more than one group. This allows you to manage your clients better and more conveniently. “Did you know that your clients can directly subscribe to your groups online and when the subscription expires they are removed automatically. Although the choice to display groups publicly is still with you” You can manually shift clients between groups and even add clients to multiple groups as well

8 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Advisory Panel A state of the art advisory panel which allows you to send trading alerts to your clients via sms, email or as an instant message to your selected groups, all at the touch of a button. Also display notices, send sms to your groups or look at your open positions. “Did you know that every value entered by you in the Advisory Panel is passed through a set of mathematical formulas in order to be customized for your clients” You can have a look at your Open Positions and also sort them according to the Asset Class or according to call type.

9 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Client Performance Look at the holdings of your entire group or even an individual client. Get a hawk eye view about the percentage investments your clients have in relevant instruments and help them make well informed decisions. You can also start new market recovery or PMS plans using this interface. “Did you know you can also rate individual assets, allowing your clients to know in advance your opinion on a particular asset class” Individual Overview module gives you the ability to start tons of new plans and services, which were never possible before.

10 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Registration Channels ProfitGyan allows you to invite old clients, add new clients and even accept online registrations for your plans. It’s a full 360° process whereby you can even look for other ProfitGyan clients, renew their subscriptions and even manually add new clients. “Did you know ProfitGyan allows you to collect customized payments from your clients at no additional charge. Just pay us the flat 8% gateway transaction fee” All we charge you is a fixed fee in the form of coupons of different frequencies which allow you to be connected to your client for the term of that coupon.

11 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. SMS Only Groups Generally in Tier II and Tier III cities people have limited or no access to the internet at all. You can add such clients manually via the SMS Only Module. Although they do not get any personalized services but surely you can send them messages from the same panel only. “Did you know ProfitGyan allows you to give trial calls to your clients at no charge and informs you if a client has popped up again for a free trial” Introducing a new client to an SMS Only Plan takes less than 10 seconds and you can decide the frequency for the client to remain in your SMS only Group. We charge a very negligible fee for SMS Only Clients, based on the number of paid clients you have at the end of the month.

12 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Snippets ‘@’ ProfitGyan You can virtually control your entire website from within ProfitGyan and we mean it. Based on your requirements our team creates snippets for you so that you can publish your past performance, demo portfolio, collect payment, invite free trial and more all from your website and your clients will never know about us. “Did you know ProfitGyan allows clients to subscribe to your Dummy Portfolio, and whenever you make any changes to it, ProfitGyan sends out an email to your subscribers informing them about the changes made” You can introduce any page using a built in editor and show to your clients what you can do with ProfitGyan. We give you the tools, imagination to use them is yours.

13 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Depend on Us ProfitGyan has everything you should look for in a company before signing up with it. The concept is unique and challenging and to meet the expectations of our clients and advisors we rely on five core elements. Delivering what is Expected Professional Services at Reasonable Charges Rapidly Evolving Processes Strong Team Constant Client Interaction & Feedback “Did you know there is always a saying which says ‘First Person’s Advantage’, so don’t wait up for us to launch, the sooner you join us the sooner you start benefiting”

14 © WaveCrest Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We thank you for your time and would be happy to hear about any suggestions, comments or improvements we can make to serve you better. You can mail us at Make sure you get in touch with us and ask for a free demo. We would be more than happy to provide you with the same.

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