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Hello!. I heard you happen to be EXPANDING And that you’re looking for help….

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1 Hello!


3 I heard you happen to be EXPANDING

4 And that you’re looking for help….

5 You’ll need who someone can

6 adapt to quickly si t u ta n oi any

7 and communicate Just how amazing and their mountain bike tours really are!

8 Someone who’s not just a

9 someone who

10 F L O A T S above the rest…. That someone is ME! (Jodi Welch)

11 I have experience Succeeding you know where you finish a ride and feel like Emily Batty or Geoff Kabush and of course failing where you take an unwanted soil sample, usually with your teeth

12 And I believe that

13 Why do I want this absolutely incredible opportunity? (you may ask yourself)

14 complete It’s simple really….

15 I want to work with you

16 and try and change the world One ride at a time.

17 Sometimes... There’s no place like When you what you do

18 So, let’s make it happen! For watching because Let’s face it…. Stay tuned for my cover letter and resume….

19 Dear Sacred Rides Team: Let me just say you had me at “We’re looking for a rockstar”! When I logged onto Facebook today and saw a call out for a Business Development Director position with Sacred Rides – I was definitely intrigued. When I looked a little deeper and realized you were starting a new Explorer line for noobs – I could not believe my eyes!! A chance for me to help and provide for people like me!! To give you some background, I love life to the fullest and feel I am presently stuck in an occupation that depresses and oppresses me by severely restricting my ability to be outdoors and on the trails! I long each day for the opportunity to get outside and explore! I had originally gotten into the mountain biking scene back a bit in high school and again approximately 10 years ago. Unfortunately living in Essex County, the land of only 30’ of elevation change and where there are only roadies, it became incredibly more difficult to travel to ride. I eventually stopped travelling and riding alone and got back into running more. I have participated in road, trail and adventure races and loved every minute – the more travel involved the better! Fast forward a number of years, I meet my soulmate – an avid outdoorsy mountain biker with excellent trail skills, who promptly upgraded my ride from the traditional 26er to a more fluid 29er and my love of this sport has been rekindled! I still love to run the trails but there is nothing better than ripping a great downhill on some sweet single track, tackling a technical climb or tearing only 1 pair of spandex on a trip – wheeeeeeeee!! I have spent the past couple of years trying to re-establish and hone my “line picking” skills. I have done lots of riding in Michigan (where I am in the process of moving to) and we have made an annual pilgrimage to Brevard and Asheville, North Carolina. As for previous occupational experience I can tell you I am considered a valued team player in my working environment and I also work well on my own. For the past ten-years I have had the opportunity to work within many different occupational settings. I am a Registered Massage Therapist by trade with the majority of my practice being involved with sport and rehabilitation. I was also a group leader in a local learn to run clinic leading a group of determined individuals on the start of their running journey and into their first 5k as well as head trainer with a few local hockey teams. These experiences have enabled me to enhance my assessment, judgment and organization skills within different environments, while refining my ability to select premium road trip movies. Accepting challenges is the foundation of my life experiences and something I also do with confidence. I am physically fit, enjoy running marathons and I am beginning to branch intro the Ultramarathon circuit while beginning my entry into the world of bike racing (to start at my age – the horror!!). I feel that I have excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skills that I have gained from my varied experiences working with people from diverse populations and age groups. I offer you an eager and kick-ass attitude, with a willingness to utilize my current skills and experience to the fullest – I have no problem taking the good with the bad! I love being able to discuss my experiences with people and assist people in making their initial experiences their best! I have experience working with and treating people of all athletic levels and abilities and continue to educate myself on different nutritional and training ideas. I have included my resume for you – and while there is not a significant amount of sales experience, I feel that I can make up my lack of experience with heart and hard work. I am willing to attend training courses to further these skills (as I love to chat with people, contacts are easy for me to attain). I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you, at your convenience, to discuss all of my qualifications further. Thank you in advance for your consideration (I only wish I had discovered you sooner). Sincerely, Jodi Welch

20 JODI L. WELCH 1092 King Louis St  Belle River, ON  N0R 1A0  (519)818-2805 WORK EXPERIENCE COLLEGE OF MASSAGE THERAPISTS OF ONTARIO November 2007 – Present Investigator – Appointed to investigate allegations of professional misconduct or incompetence within the membership; interpret legislation and collect all evidence related to the investigation, as it exists within a members practice or elsewhere and report findings back to the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE January 2013 –January 2014 Detachment Admin Clerk/OSU (maternity contract) – input files, charges, reports into NICHE/RMS; prepare Show Cause briefs/information; prepare a variety of correspondence, reports, expense claims; create and maintain computer and manual files; maintain the local attendance reporting system and perform reception and general clerical duties. ON-SITE SPECIALISTS November 2010 – September 2012 Regional Manager – Responsible for the recruitment and management of regulated health care professionals for placement within Long-Term Care facilities in Southwestern Ontario; maintain professional relationships with managing staff of same Long Term Care facilities and pursue and recruit new facilities as available. EVEREST BUSINESS COLLEGE March 2006 – September 2008 Instructor - responsible for the initial launch and formulation of lessons and updating course curriculum as required; the instruction of adult students in the pre-requisite level as well as anatomy and physiology during the full-course instruction. OTHER VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE October 2008 - Present Auxiliary Sergeant – co-ordinating the recruitment, screening, orientation and supervision of Auxiliary officers; provide periodic, on-going development, guidance and mentorship to members; ensuring members adhere to current standards as outlined in Police Orders and the current standards of practice manual while managing performance issues within the unit; planning, developing and implementing programs as approved and modified VICTIM SERVICES April 2004 – December 2008 Volunteer – Assisting local police within Windsor and Essex County by providing support and referral services to victims of a multitude of incidents. NEW BEGINNINGS – Butch Collins Residence October 2005 – March 2006 Volunteer Staff – Support staff with supervising residents in custody, ensuring they comply with facility procedures; assisting staff with programs and services offered within the facility to the residents, such as Anger Management and Moral Reconditioning Therapy; accompanying staff to ‘outings’ with the residents.

21 SPORTS VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE KINGSVILLE COMETS (Junior C Hockey Club) April 2005 – October 2008 Head Trainer – Responsible for player relations, general first aid, injury rehabilitation and general supervision of rehabilitation programs. BELLE RIVER CANADIENS (Junior C Hockey Club) June 2003 – March 2005 Head Trainer – Responsible for player relations, general first aid, injury rehabilitation and overall supervision of equipment/training staff. IIHF WORLD JUNIOR HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP (Ralph Engelstad Arena, ND) December 2004 – January 2005 Event Management – Worked with event management overseeing all aspects of the tournament; everything from security to hospitality issues, host management and general administrative duties. MORE BORING STUFF DURHAM COLLEGE – Law and Security Administration (Online Courses) May 2005 – June 2010 Oshawa Campus; Oshawa, Ontario ONTARIO BUSINESS COLLEGE - Massage Therapy Diploma April 1999 Windsor Campus; Windsor, Ontario ST. ANNE’S SECONDARY SCHOOL – OSSD Diploma January 1996 Tecumseh, Ontario INTERESTS Running, biking, hiking, camping, ANYTHING outdoors Surfing the interwebs – reading and learning TRAVELLING!! LESS IMPORTANT SKILLS Proficient with Microsoft Office programs. Experience with creating and displaying presentations to groups Dealt with internal personnel and associated issues Worked rotation shifts directly based on a platoon Map reading St. John Ambulance Child Seat Inspector/ Trainer for Ontario Provincial Police Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training Victim Services Volunteer and Communication Training First Aid/CPR Certified

22 REFERENCES Available Upon Request! ….Again, THANK YOU for your consideration!

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