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Managing a Cluster 1: Performance management systems and people management May 2012.

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1 Managing a Cluster 1: Performance management systems and people management May 2012

2 What will we do? Background Elements of PMS Interrelationship RTC (NZTC)/Prof Standard (CA)/RTLB indicators “difficult” conversations Discussion Where to from here

3 Background Appraisal is regular and evidence based. The principal has used the RTLB professional standards when appraising RTLB and has asked RTLB to bring evidence of their effectiveness to appraisal sessions. Feedback from clients (students, teachers, parents and principals) is also considered in the appraisal process. The results from performance appraisals are then used to identify professional development for RTLB.

4 2009 In 28 clusters, RTLBs were appraised annually. The quality of this appraisal varied greatly, with only half of these clusters implementing a comprehensive appraisal process likely to lead to improved practice. ……... Appraisal of RTLB was not carried out in four of the clusters; in a further eight, it varied …….in a few clusters some RTLB were appraised while others were not….

5 RTLB Integrated planning and delivery With others & Community, Whanau, Iwi Cluster governance & management Cluster processes and systems RTLB practice Learners and achievement Needs analysis, planning and reporting & advisory group Fund management and RTLB & practice leadership Performance agreements RTLB recruitment, training Teachers and schools Change Management & Leadership District/regional & national RTLB PLD Individuals Referral processes Communication & relationship leadership & local priorities National priorities, Ministry contract and support & federation

6 The Life Cycle of an Employment Relationship Establish Need Recruitment Advertising Selecting Terms & Conditions CA IEA Performance Agreement JD Prof Stds Professional Development Disciplinary/ competency Process NZSTA advice Appraisal Review

7 Legislative basis Legislation and contractual –Gazette notice –PMS 5 –CA’s

8 Working Relationships Good Faith “Good faith means dealing with each other honestly, openly and without misleading each other.”

9 QUOTES FROM WORK PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS.. or things you don't want to see on your appraisal "Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom, and shows signs of starting to dig." "His team would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity." "Works well when under constant supervision, and cornered like a rat in a trap." "When he opens his mouth, it seems that this is only to change whichever foot was previously in there." "This person has delusions of adequacy." "sets low personal standards, and then consistently fails to achieve them." "This employee should go far, and the sooner he starts, the better."

10 Overview Two of your main planning tools & vital for: –career aspirations of individual RTLB –require staff buy-in and motivation They also: – set cluster and individual priorities, – provide the opportunity for constructive support and feedback and –clearly identify expected standard of performance and what constitutes competency

11 Performance management is about Managers and employees having regular quality conversations about performance during the year, Employees getting clear, specific and timely feedback about their performance and Employees participating fully in the performance management process.

12 Performance management is more than Filling out forms, Leaving everything up to the manager, And is not limited to an end of year review / appraisal, It is about planning, quality feedback and monitoring throughout the year.

13 Performance management principles include (but not limited to): Fairness Transparency Role Clarity Participation Feedback Agreement Professional development

14 Performance Management Cycle Ongoing, annual process. Throughout year, ensure the following: –Set in place and advise RTLB of, a predictable annual performance management process, –Identify and communicate achievement areas and performance indicators, –Check and record progress, –Provide feedback where appropriate; and –Undertake face to face, progress review.

15 Professional Development At part of performance management cycle, and in consultation with each employee, Identify and set out individual RTLB professional development needs; Monitored progress and Review performance.

16 Measurement Tools Cluster manager and RTLB develop performance objectives and how they are to be measured. These may include surveys, feedback, observation, and qualitative, quantitative and cost measures. They may have regard, but are not limited to, the Key Indicators for RTLB (hand-outs).

17 Resources cationPolicies/SchoolEmployment/Employer s.aspx cationPolicies/SchoolEmployment/Employer s.aspx OECD Report Toolkit Denis

18 What are the next steps? Remember personal files Obtain delegation Other things…….

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