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INCIDENT REPORT WRITING 101 Safety and Transportation.

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1 INCIDENT REPORT WRITING 101 Safety and Transportation

2 JOB CORPS MACHINE JOB CORPS SYSTEM Center Director CSIM Safety Administration CTR Education Trade Residential Cafeteria Recreation CIRCULATORY SYSTEM

3 COMMUNICATION (the key to success) Face to Face E-mails Telephone Documentation


5 COMPLETING THE FORM (RULES OF AFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION) What you saw (eg. “I saw smoke….”) What you heard (eg. “then I heard an alarm & some one screamed fire.”) What you did (eg. “I proceeded to evacuate my wing.”) When it happened (eg. “It was after accountability at approximatly 9pm.”)

6 INTERVIEW ALL PARTICIPANTS & FIND OUT….. Narrative: Who? What? Where? When? How? Time Date location *NOTE: facts NOT opinions

7 Why is a statement important? Line of communication between you & those that weren’t present (ears & eyes) a)CD b)Safety c)SPO d)H.R. It will help determine if a violation was committed An account from all parties involved It is an official document that can be subpoenaed if Police are involved.

8 Generate statements as soon as possible! Facts get sketchy over time. The sooner a statement is received, the sooner an investigation can ensue. Goods can be returned FFBs Justice can be served Assistance can be offered (counseling, TEAP, etc.)

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