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2 PAYROLL HOURS, LOCATION AND MAIN NUMBERS LOCATION: 301D University Hall HOURS: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday MAIN PHONE LINE: 937-775-2249 This is the Payroll Department’s main phone line. It is normally staffed by our interns. They will take your general information and connect you with the appropriate staff member. FAX NUMBER: 937-775-2383 This is a dedicated fax line. It comes directly to the Payroll Manager’s office. The faxed information is only seen by the Payroll staff.

3 WHO WE ARE Theresa Brookins- Payroll Clerk for classified staff and student employees. (Bi-weekly Payroll) Phone: (937) 775-2893 Email: Teresa Pack, CPP- Payroll Manager Phone: (937)775-2388 Email: Tony Shreck, FPC- Payroll Accountant Phone: (937)775-2688 Email: Kimberly Thomas, FPC- Payroll Specialist for faculty, graduate students and unclassified staff. (Monthly Payroll) Phone: (937)775-2687 Email: Student Interns: Rebekah Kievlan and Jessica Wolford

4 WHAT WE DO IRS Social Security Administration – Wright State Employees contribute to Medicare only Department of Labor Office of Child Support Enforcement Department of Homeland Security Various State and Local Agencies Fee Remission taxability

5 The Payroll Process You Your Department Human Resources Payroll The payroll process requires collaboration between you, your department, Human Resources and Payroll. We work as a team to make sure you are paid accurately and on time. We strive to provide you with excellent customer service to meet your payroll needs.

6 HOW AM I PAID???? The frequency in which you are paid depends on what kind of employee you are……………..

7 HOURLY STAFF AND STUDENTS Paid bi-weekly Time submitted electronically the last day of the pay period. This is normally on Fridays, but holidays will affect this. Please subscribe to the announce list serv for messages concerning time sheet submission and approval deadlines. Time approved by supervisor and submitted to Payroll prior to 2PM on Monday. Money direct deposited to employees account on Friday, PAYDAY Vacation, sick leave and comp time reported on time card Schedule of submission deadlines on payroll website accessible from WSU home page

8 Faculty, Adjuncts, and Salaried Staff Paid Monthly by Contract Direct Deposit in Bank Account on Last Business Day of the Month Adjuncts and Grads paid over the length of the quarter in equal installments Vacation and Sick Leave Balances completed through online leave reporting

9 Services Required Deductions – Federal Taxes- withheld in accordance to your W-4 form. – State Taxes- withheld in accordance to your IT-4 form. – Local Taxes- check your paystubs regularly for accuracy and notify HR and Payroll of any change of address. – School District Taxes – Medicare – Retirement Withholdings OPERS, STRS, Alternative Retirement Plan

10 Services Voluntary Deductions – Weight Watchers – Parking can be deducted if you choose. – United Way – Sporting Tickets – University Advancement – 403 B Retirement Plans – 457 Deferred Compensation

11 Research regarding past employment and earnings for buy-back of OPERS and STRS service Contact Tony Shreck 775-2893 Management of Tax Treaties and Treaty exemptions for F1, J1 and H1B1 Visa Holders Contact Kim Thomas 775-2687

12 Fee Remission Benefit up to $5250 tax free for Employees Graduate Courses Imputed earnings added to pay Graduate courses taxable for dependents  Only Graduate level classes are taxable. Undergraduate courses are not taxed for employees or dependents.

13 Electronic W-2 W-2 forms for Wright State employees are available online. Electronic W-2 forms are available sooner than the printed versions. The electronic version can be printed out as many times as needed and are accepted by all tax municipalities. Receiving your W-2 electronically not only saves natural resources but also saves the University money. Printing the W-2’s requires paper forms, envelopes, printing supplies and postage. To opt in to electronic W-2 forms log in to your Wings E xpress account and check the box on the electronic W-2 consent form within the tax forms page. You only need to complete this step once. It remains in effect for future years.

14 Certification through the a.p.a. The payroll manager and payroll specialists are all certified through the American Payroll Association. The FPC letters stand for Fundamental Payroll Certification and CPP stands for Certified Payroll Professional. Both of these certifications require many hours of classroom work. A passing grade on the certification tests must be obtained to be certified. Many continuing education credits are required to keep the certifications. All members of the payroll department continue to attend education workshops to keep up to date with current payroll laws and regulations.

15 PAYROLL Works for America Employers are responsible for collecting and remitting almost all child support payments in the United States. Millions of dollars contributed to state and federal treasuries through payroll taxes every year. These taxes include both federal and state withholding, which go toward important civic projects, including roads, schools and parks. Taxpayers and payroll professionals are also partners in supporting the social security and Medicare systems. The American Payroll Association currently has over 21,000 members. Membership helps payroll professionals keep informed of all changes pertaining payroll.

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