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P14221: FSAE Aerodynamics.

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1 P14221: FSAE Aerodynamics

2 Team Members Member Major Role Tim Moran Mechanical Engineer
Project Manager Travis Newberry Electronics Megan Kagenski Aerodynamics Max Affleck Controls Shelby Acome Industrial Engineer Processes / Manufacturing

3 Problem Statement RIT has begun implementing aero, and the first two full aero cars were very successful. A senior design project focused on advancing the aero on the RIT car will allow more in depth research into improvements that may otherwise not be taken advantage of. RIT has chosen a drag reduction system (DRS) to be the focus of this year's aero development to allow the team to make more downforce without suffering the penalty of drag for fuel economy. The team has established this to be the most effective way to maximize its point scoring potential using a proprietary simulation of the FSAE competition. RIT's team believes that these aerodynamic advances will directly correlate to a more competitive and hopefully winning car.

4 History: F16 – F19 Undertray diffuser only
(Other teams had already started implementing full aero packages)

5 History: F20 and F21 Full Aero Package
Dual element front and rear wings, undertray diffuser F20: 370 lbs of downforce at 65 mph F21: 470 lbs of downforce at 65 mph

6 F22 Constraints Weight: 3 lbs Cost: $1500 Maximum power output
DRS Hardware only Cost: $1500 Materials Included Maximum power output TBD Meet SAE/FSG Regulations

7 Design Drivers / Challenges
FSAE Rules Existing car components Electronic limitations Challenges Limit electronic drain Control system complexity Knowing when / how much to move the wings

8 Engineering Requirements

9 House of Quality

10 Timeline

11 Key Deliverables The output of this project is to be a complete functioning drag reduction package implemented on the RIT Formula Car. The design is to be supported with thorough component and system analysis and testing to prove its value to the car.

12 Benchmarking UW Formula
Sooner Racing UTA Racing Formula 1 DRS Explanation

13 Benchmarking

14 Benchmarking

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