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Sourcing and Contract Management

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2 Sourcing and Contract Management
Achieving Cost Savings and Reducing Risk Cynthia Pavana, Cloud Procurement Product Strategy Mike O’Connor, Cloud Procurement Product Strategy October 2, 2014 Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. |

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4 Sourcing & Procurement Contracts Agenda
Why Sourcing & Contracts in the Cloud? Procurement Contracts Overview & Release 9 Highlights Sourcing Release 9 Overview and Demo Roadmap Q&A

5 Oracle Fusion Procurement Cloud Services Complete Source to Settle Solution
Supplier Management Supplier Portal Supplier Qualification Management Self Service Procurement Payables Procurement Contracts Purchasing Sourcing Security Analytics Social Collaboration

6 Why run Fusion Sourcing & Procurement Contracts in the Cloud?
Lower upfront costs & investment risks to gain rich feature set Shortened time to value: Take advantage of Cloud Technology and UI sooner Procurement Contracts Sourcing Minimal disruption to Financial processes & gain experience with Cloud prior to moving core ERP

7 Oracle Fusion Procurement Contracts Cloud Service

8 Procurement Contracts Cloud Service
Streamlined Authoring, Electronic Collaboration, Better Compliance Standardize Negotiate Comply Centralize corporate contract standards and enforce globally Implement controls with policy rules and flexible approval workflows Ensure effective use of standard clauses and contract templates Analyze use of non-standard terms to assess and improve standards Reduce contract cycle times as sales reps quickly draft standard contracts with Contract Expert Improve negotiations with MS Word collaboration and redlining Improve contract effectiveness with automated renewal management and amendment tracking Enhance regulatory compliance with deviations reporting and audit trail Provide global visibility to key stakeholders with a consolidated repository for all contracts Reduce contract leakage by automatically enforcing contract pricing across the enterprise

9 Procurement Contracts Cloud Service
Terms & Conditions Authoring

10 Leverage Standards and Negotiate in Word

11 Compliance and Deviation Tracking

12 Improved Contract Visibility

13 Release 9: New subject area for Procurement Contracts OTBI
Greatly increased custom reporting capability

14 Release 9: Workload Management
Reduce Days to Contract by actively managing work allocation Quickly action contracts sitting in work queues Balance workloads for faster turnaround time. Identify bottlenecks early to actively manage and reduce days to contract.

15 Oracle Fusion Sourcing

16 The New Standard for Work
Oracle Fusion Sourcing The New Standard for Negotiating Lower Costs Smarter Negotiation Reduce time by creating negotiations with ease Accelerate adoption of negotiation best-practices Improve standardization, collaboration, and compliance Minimize training and hands-on support Monitor supplier bidding activities in real-time Enhance negotiation strategies and improve results The New Standard for Work

17 Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Maximize the Value of Experts Simple Event Creation Guided Navigation, Intuitive Design, Negotiation Templates, Negotiation Styles Easy Collaboration Oracle Social Network, On-Line and Off Line Bid Submission and Analysis, Online Messaging Straightforward Oversight Negotiation Calendar, Activity Tracking, and Recommended Actions Suppliers Operations Product Development Category Manager

18 Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Release 9 Negotiation and Award Approvals Online Messages Surrogate Bidding Two Stage RFQ Prospective Suppliers

19 Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Negotiation and Award Approvals Route and Approve Negotiations/Awards Ensure accurate and policy compliant negotiations and awards by electronically routing award decisions for approval Obtain sign off from all identified approvers and record the approval Accommodate unique business requirements by configuring approval routing using flexible rules engine

20 Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Online Messages Communicate with ease Online communication among negotiation participants Extend the messaging capabilities of a procurement transaction Provides audit trail for future reference View messages across negotiation amendments . Ability to include attachments in a message

21 Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Surrogate Bidding Easily Register a New Supplier Enter Responses on behalf of Suppliers Accept offline paper responses from suppliers to comply with public sector requirements and to support suppliers with connectivity problems Enter the responses online on behalf of the suppliers, and seamlessly them along with all other responses Retain full audit trail of when the supplier responses were received Keep track of who enters Response

22 Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Two Stage RFQ Ensure fair evaluation Select “Negotiation Style” that includes Two Stage Evaluation Ensure impartial judgment of supplier responses in markets that require technical and commercial evaluation Evaluate technical merits of Suppliers’ bids in the first stage Disclose commercial details of bids that pass the technical evaluation in the second stage

23 Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Prospective Supplier Manage Supplier relationship Create new prospective suppliers to include in Sourcing and Qualification Promote Prospective Suppliers to Spend Authorized Suppliers during Award process Approve the promotion process to use suppliers in purchasing activities Define Business Relationship as “Prospective” or “Spend Authorized”

24 Oracle Fusion Sourcing

25 Looking Forward

26 Highlights- Future Directions Post 12 month planning cycle
Oracle Procurement Cloud: Current Release and Roadmap for Sourcing & Procurement Contracts Sourcing Sourcing Event Creation Web Service Sourcing Descriptive Flexfields Procurement Contracts Improved Deliverables Management MS Word 2010 Integration Security Enhancements Amendment Printing Enhancements Specify Location of Expert Clauses Re-activate Closed Contracts Digital Signature for ECM Contracts Release 8 Sourcing Surrogate Bidding Two Stage RFP Online Discussions Negotiation and Award Approvals Notification Subscription Procurement Contracts Procurement Contracts OTBI Contract workload and queue management Supplier Management Supplier Qualification Management Prospective Supplier Release 9 Sourcing Alternate Bids Projects Integration Additional Supplier Qualification Management Capabilities Customer Driven Enhancements Procurement Contracts Smart Alerts Microsoft Word Add-in to author contracts directly in Word Highlights- Future Directions Post 12 month planning cycle

27 Resources and Upcoming Events

28 Additional Release 9 Information

29 Oracle Value Chain Summit 2015
Register Today: Jan 26-28, 2015 | San Jose McEnery Convention Center Thought-Leading Speakers: Behind every successful Value Chain Innovation is a committed Agent of Change supporting new opportunities and driving business results. We’ll celebrate their achievements at this year’s summit – our best yet, featuring: More speakers New Hands-On Training Sessions Peer-to-Peer Networking Steve Young NFL Legend & HGGC Co-Founder VCP Release adds to its deep industry capabilities for life sciences, consumer Goods, Process manufacturing, and Natural Resource customers. Enhancements for Trade Promotions Management in Demantra, warehouse capacity constraints and shelf-life in ASCP, and Synchronous Make-Pack functionality in Production Scheduling are some examples. VCP R also provides expanded business flows for our EBS Asset Maintenance customers and JDE manufacturing customers. Additionally, you ‘ll hear about integrations to Primavera to enable Projects-driven supply chain. Andrew Winston Co-Author of Green to Gold and Author of The Big Pivot Sean Tucker Aerobatic Pilot, Team Oracle #ovcs Oracle Confidential

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