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UNIT 103 Consultation sheet Task C

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1 UNIT 103 Consultation sheet Task C
STYLING WOMENS HAIR UNIT 103 Consultation sheet Task C

2 Connect Activity Bingo choose 6 word write theme on your board
On base Off base Mousse Hairdryer Setting pins Rollers Straighteners Heated rollers Tail comb Elasticity Porosity PPE Pin curl Finger waves Curling tongs Barrel curls

3 Aims and Outcomes

4 Factors that could influence your choice of styling technique
There are many different factors that you need to take into consideration when you are deciding the technique you are going to choose to achieve the look the client requires. Face and head shape, life style, hair texture, hair density, hair elasticity, hair condition, hair length, hair growth patters, hair texture

5 Head and face shape Oval shape
This shape is the perfect shape for any style. You can add height and width, soft curls, straight and smooth.

6 Task 1 You are to research and produce a document showing the different head and face shapes. Oval, square, oblong, heart, round. You are to show images and a description of what style would best suit the face shape.

7 Task 2 Work in pairs to deliver a power point to the class about the following listed below. You will need to research Create hand-outs with your information on. Key points for hand-outs, images, information, interesting Hair texture Life style and how it can affect the choice of style Hair density Hair elasticity How do these influence the choice of style

8 Hair Conditions Task 3 You are to research the different hair types. Display your research in a table Normal Greasy Dry Dandruff Damaged Hair type How you recognise it Effect on the styling service

9 Hair Length The length of the hair can affect your choice of style and styling technique. The longer the hair the more work it will need to keep it looking nice. It will also take longer to dry so extra time may be needed. Very short hair will limit your choice of style. There may not be enough hair to do what the client would like. Long hair is heavier so the weight may cause the curl to drop sooner than it would with short hair.

10 Anagen, catagen, telogeon
The three stages in the hair growth cycle Anagen - Active or growing stage lasts for 18 month to 7 years. Catagen – Breaking down stage- lasts about two weeks Telogen – Resting stage lasts about a month.

11 Hair growth Hair grows on average 1.25 cm equal to ½ inch a month. Some peoples hair grows more each month than the average and some grows less a month. Some people can grow their hair very long while others cannot. How long the hair grows is decided by how much it grows a month and its life cycle.

12 Hair growth cycle Task 4 In a small groups
Determine what hair condition each member of the group has. Measure and record the length of each others hair. Make a note of whether the hair is fine, medium or coarse. After a month, measure the hair again and calculate how much it has grown. Did the fine hair grow more or less than the coarse hair??

13 Adverse skin, scalp and hair conditions
Contra indications – this is a reason why you may not be able to carry out a service or adapt a service. Any diseases or condition of the hair can affect your choice of styling technique and the style you decide to do. If you spot anything you are unsure of then you should seek advice form a senior colleague. If you are unable to give a service then an explanation may be required so the client understands why.

14 Hair skin and scalp conditions Task 5
Research skin and scalp conditions show your findings on a table Condition How to recognise it The effect on the styling service

15 Hair Growth Patterns task 6
What is a hair growth pattern? This is when the hair grows in places in a particular Direction or directions. This may affect how the hair is styled. Cow lick Nape whorl Double crown Widows peak

16 Recall and Review Wipe board list 6 factors that would have to be taken into consideration when styling hair

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