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TEFL Worldwide offers the opportunity for college graduates to teach English abroad.

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1 TEFL Worldwide offers the opportunity for college graduates to teach English abroad

2 Earn your Accredited TEFL certificate in the heart of Europe, experience the world and discover new cultures through teaching English abroad  Train in magical Prague for the 4-week 120 hour TEFL certificate course  The course is accredited by IATQuO and internationally recognized  Highly experienced and qualified trainers  Job assistance worldwide  Our graduates are working within 2 to 3 weeks after graduation, many times sooner  We offer great support before, during and well after the course.  TEFL Worldwide has over 1700 graduates who have taught in 60+ countries  Enjoy the low cost of living in Prague "Since that amazing month of inspiring lessons, life-long friendships and a whole lot of grammar, I have worked and traveled all over the world!“ Ginny Blair Taught in Prague, Spain, South Korea and Peru

3 Our TEFL graduates have taught in over 60 countries!! This reflects our dedication with training and job assistance Lithuania Poland Portugal Switzerland Cyprus Israel Lebanon Czech Republic Taiwan South Korea China Japan Vietnam Ecuador Peru Colombia Brazil Chile Argentina Costa Rica USA UAE Saudi Arabia England Qatar Tanzania Ethiopia Afghanistan Zambia Mexico Bahrain Indonesia Thailand Apply now and begin teaching abroad!

4 I was 27 when I first worked up the gumption to actually start my life teaching abroad. Within months of taking the course and staying on in Prague to teach business English at Radio Free Europe, I was in love with the city and a local. I've been lucky enough to do English business training in Prague and Germany as well as work as a Teacher Trainer for TEFL Worldwide. Peppered into those past six years has been a one year elementary teaching stint in rural South Korea with my now-husband and son and another year all- girls'-high school stint in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates. TEFL Worldwide has been the catalyst in making all of these things possible. I've recently begun my latest contract in rural Malaysia training local teachers. Perhaps Dr. Seuss never took a TEFL Worldwide course, but he certainly summed up the experience when he wrote "Oh, the places you'll go!" If you have any questions about the places it can take you, feel free to email me at “Perhaps Dr. Seuss never took a TEFL Worldwide course, but he certainly summed it up when he wrote “Oh, the places you’ll go!” Trisha Pospisil – Malaysia, Prague, South Korea, United Arab Emirates

5 "I can't tell you how much the coursework changed my life and made me feel more confident in teaching and working internationally. After a brief stint in Prague, I taught in Vietnam for the past year, and have recently signed a contract to teach middle school English at an International School in Warsaw. The value of my time with you all in Prague couldn't be overstated.“ Scott Benzenberg (January 2009) Taught in Prague, Poland and Vietnam

6 TEFL Worldwide Graduates Teaching Abroad

7 Jesse Richter – China, Colombia, South Korea I made the critical decision to enroll with TEFL Worldwide—Prague in 2007. I was looking for a career change but wanted to remain in the field of education and work internationally. I got rid of my car, my house, all other material items and bought a one-way ticket to Prague with three pieces of luggage. I must say I have been extremely happy with the quality of training I received in Prague and have worked very successfully in TESOL education ever since. Furthermore, after having earned three degrees—including two masters—prior to pursuing TEFL, I was pleased with the rigor and quality of the curriculum and methodology at TEFL Worldwide—Prague. My first EFL contract was in China for two years. After that I ended up in Colombia for three years and have also established myself as a TESOL teacher trainer in South Korea. I continue to receive job offers from all over the world and have made the decision to pursue my doctorate degree in TESOL professional development. I intend to work in this global industry indefinitely as I find it to be extremely exciting and refreshing. And, despite all the formal education, it is my opinion that travelling and visiting other cultures is by far the best education one could ever receive! TEFL Worldwide—Prague allowed me to begin this great journey. Feel free to contact me:

8 About the Course

9 Teaching Vocabulary Learning Styles Reading Lessons Teaching Young Learners Business English Teaching with Video Language Awareness Error Correction Pronunciation – Stress and Intonation Computer Assisted Language Leaning Using Music in the Classroom Writing Lessons Pronunciations and Articulation Speaking Lessons One-to-One Teaching Teaching with Course books Pronunciation – Connection Speech EFL Testing Lesson Share Teaching with Authentic Materials Some Topics covered during the course include

10 Brady Callander – Prague, Vietnam, Japan, Saudi Arabia I attended TEFL Worldwide Prague in 2005. I've been teaching English abroad ever since. The course provided the perfect platform from which to live and work in other countries. The sheer choice involved when contemplating a move abroad is testament to the fact that teaching English is popular and prevalent throughout the world. After I completed the course, I lived and worked in Prague for a year before moving to Osaka, Japan for 2.5 years. From Japan I moved to Vietnam, where I worked for 4 years, including 2 years as an academic manager. I've just been hired by the Saudi Arabia National Oil Company, so now i'm off to work in Jeddah! Suffice it to say that none of this would have been possible without the great guidance and skills I obtained during the course. I have lived the life I had dreamed of living. I wasn't even very good at teaching English when I was doing the course, and actually, I nearly didn't pass. But after my first year teaching in Prague and getting used to implementing the kind of skills taught throughout the course, I knew I was on my way. Now I teach a variety of courses from IELTS to TKT. Do the course, and then go and live wherever you want!...and never have to worry about being out of work.

11 Kaitlyn Mulcahy – Prague Kaitlyn Mulcahy - Prague My journey to Prague and TEFL Worldwide began with the desire to take a gap year after college to travel, along with a strong recommendation from a friend and fellow TEFL Worldwide graduate. After completing the September 2012 course, I was able to secure a job in Prague within two weeks of graduation. After the intense training we received at TEFL Worldwide, I was confident in planning and teaching lessons to my classes at different multinational corporations around Prague. Although I have only been here in Prague for a few months, I continue to fall in love with the city more and more each day, and I love the variety and creativity that teaching allows me. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to take a risk and move to another country, and having the help of TEFL Worldwide made every step of the way that much easier. I plan to stay in Prague for the foreseeable future, but now that I have these skills, who knows what country I will end up in! Feel free to email me at with any questions !

12 Visit these links for more helpful information: Read reviews from our graduates: testimonials/tefl-worldwide-reviews testimonials/tefl-worldwide-reviews Watch video testimonials of our graduates: testimonials/video-gallery-testomonials testimonials/video-gallery-testomonials See where some of our graduates have gone on to teach: See what our graduates are doing now in our “Life after TEFL Worldwide Prague Blog: TEFL Worldwide Prague – The Blog! - TEFL Worldwide Reviews Blog managed by graduates - Our TEFL Worldwide Prague Facebook Page - Worldwide-Prague/53355370684 Worldwide-Prague/53355370684 Follow us on Twitter -

13  Apply now for the 4-week TEFL course in Prague Apply now  After being accepted reserve the course and we'll arrange the housing for you.  Book your ticket to Prague and our coordinator will greet you and show you to your apartment  Attend the 4-week TEFL Worldwide Prague course. Receive job guidance from our job guidance coordinators and apply to the hundreds of teaching job openings worldwide  Decide on which job you'd like to accept and begin your adventure abroad!  Get in touch with us at anytime for continued job assistance. Many of our graduates have taught in 3 or more countries!  Join us now!  Any questions? Please contact us at or +420 603 486 830 It’s Easy to Teach English abroad!

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