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DESIGN THINKING What is it? How do you achieve it? How does it guide innovation?

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1 DESIGN THINKING What is it? How do you achieve it? How does it guide innovation?

2 Let’s never forget that whatever brilliant ideas you have or hear, that the opposite may also be true.” (Derek Sivers)(Derek Sivers)

3 “A world without Philippe Starck is as inconceivable as it is conceivable. His influence on the world of design - the process by which humans shape and meet their own needs - is at one and the same time ubiquitous and diffuse. It is at times visible in everything and simultaneously barely identifiable. His work embodies the principles of elite design - that the designed world must have its own aesthetic and spiritual identity both separable from and serving its function.”

4 Philippe Starck Philippe Starck is a legend of modern design. He's known for his luxurious hotels around the world -- notably the Peninsula Hotel restaurant in Hong Kong, the Teatron in Mexico, the Hotel Delano in Miami, the Mondrian in Los Angeles, the Asia de Cuba restaurant in New York -- designing the total environment from layout to furniture to linens. But he has made perhaps his most permanent mark on design through his bold reworkings of everyday objects. In reimagining and rethinking the quotidian, he has produced some of the iconic shapes of the 20th century, including his leggy chrome juice squeezer, the reimagined Emeco aluminum chairs, and the witty Louis Ghost polycarbonate fauteuil.leggy chrome juice squeezerEmeco aluminum chairs Louis Ghost When Starck turns his bold vision toward a chair, a shoe, a toothbrush, it's clear he thinks deeper than the glossy surface.

5 WHAT IS DESIGN THINKING? The experts speak::

6 Herman Miller C2C Design for Mirra Chair


8 How DfE Interacts with the Development Process C2C Protocol and DfE are innovative enabling processes, but they also generate innovation across the board…

9 INNOVATION TYPOLOGY FROM Doblin Group, Chicago FINANCE Business Model Change in cost structure, revenue from re- use Networks and Alliances Supplier cooperation, help suppliers with transition, DfE database PROCESSES Enabling Processes DfE senior managers for every function, Steering committee Core Processes DfE assessme nt OFFERINGS Product Performance DfE guidelines, training the designers, new materials Product System Can disassem ble, reduce waste Service Bring products back DELIVERY Channel Potentiall y new retailers Brand Enviro friendly PVC free Customer Experience Helping the environme nt What is missing in this keyboard for C2C to be fully operationalized?

10 PVC OR TPU? How to decide?

11 PVC or TPU for Mirra Chair PVC TPU too expensive, $6- $11/chair increase in cost Tooling requirements could delay launch. PVC is industry standard. No infrastructure for recycling Sets a precedent for other products. TPU TPU cost is trivial, $6 - $11/chair in a $750 chair is insignificant. Consistent with goal of zero footprint, and with values and culture of company. Advantageous PR by contrasting with competitors. Have to do it sooner or later.

12 Lessons Operationalizing a strategic vision Value captured through first-mover advantage by leveraging process capability Being part of the larger solution that incorporates coordination across industries and societies Designing process and product for betterment of society, not just a new chair What happened?

13 Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

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