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December 6, 2010 Chancellor’s Administrative Policy Council.

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1 December 6, 2010 Chancellor’s Administrative Policy Council

2 Exercise Science/Director of HPL Little known fact…

3 Tendency to react Established Initiatives – Faculty Involvement

4 – Representing the “voice of the faculty” – Academic Integrity – Course Evaluations

5 No position on a college campus that has changed more dramatically than that of Dean In last 10 years moved from directly overseeing student activity- curriculum- personnel Serious involvement in fund-raising 1980 average tenure 12-15 years 2009 average tenure 5 years

6 Conversely the role of faculty stayed static – Teaching – Research – Service Perhaps more emphasis on research/funding in some disciplines

7 November 11 th & 17 th Total of 175 faculty 75-100 E-mails

8 Money Space Communications Retention Growth


10 Salaries – Dr. Gearhart’s initiative – Merit Pay Stipends GA/TA – Not competitive- hurts recruiting Start up packages Travel Money Financial needs of students – Single Parents

11 Classrooms Labs – Supplies – Equipment Offices/ Conference Rooms – Educational access

12 Evaluation of faculty Evaluation of Chairs/Heads How decisions are passed along from Deans to faculty Open/Closed doors Part of the solution vs problem – Not part of the discussion

13 Faculty feel as though they know students yet the perception is we added ‘adjunct’ help not more faculty. Students don’t know they don’t know how to study Exposure to professors in major area sooner in their career FYE/ Intro to discipline

14 Clearly has allowed us to add significant number of faculty for the first time in almost 20 years.

15 For some of the faculty, growth and retention are at odds with each other. – Eg. Larger classes – Attendance – Advising – Honors students

16 Raise grade point average Respond to the needs of state Develop areas of potential impact – Gerontology – Sustainability Graduate vs Undergraduate If there is a ‘big picture’ faculty don’t see it

17 Increase in paperwork – Reports decentralized/resources centralized Feeling of doing more with less Clinical track or tenure track Faculty vs. Administrative growth On-line programs Fear of losing a line if tenure not awarded Accrediting agencies

18 Higher Tuition Attendance policy Better prepared TA/GAs Teach a large class help with GA Post tenure review Merit Raise to high performers Incentive grants Joint ventures with different depart/college

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